The Kindhearted Flower Shop Owner and the Children’s Gift of Red Fire Roses for Valentine’s Day

   Mr. Wally’s small flower shop opened on the street of the Place de la Concorde. Paris is a city that never sleeps, and it happens to be Valentine’s Day. Young couples can be seen everywhere on the Place de la Concorde, embracing and whispering, or playing and chasing each other.
   Mr. Wally’s business was very good tonight, and before ten o’clock, all the flowers in the store were sold out. Only a bouquet of 36 fiery red roses is still in the store. It has long been reserved, and Mr. Wally is waiting for the reserved person.
   Red roses for Valentine’s Day are always the best sellers, but this bouquet is particularly different: its petals are like soft satin, soft and lustrous, and the bright red is like a burning flame. It has a special name called Fire Rose, which was shipped from England and is said to be a rare aristocratic variety in the royal garden.
   The price of such a fire rose is astonishing, the cost of a flower is twenty francs. If it wasn’t for someone making a reservation, Mr. Wally would never have rushed in so much.
   In fact, there were one or two wealthy customers who took a fancy to this bouquet of fire roses and offered to buy them, and even offered a higher price than the booker. But Mr. Wally didn’t want to break his promise, so he turned down other customers.
   The booker had told Mr. Wally on the phone that he would come to pick up the flowers before nine o’clock in the evening on Valentine’s Day, but it was already ten o’clock. Mr. Wally kept muttering in his heart, if the booker fails to make an appointment, he will suffer himself, not only will he lose money, but he will not even have the chance to deal with these flowers at a low price-the fire rose can only bloom for a short night .
   While hesitating, the store door was suddenly opened. When Mr. Wally raised his eyes, he saw seven or eight children walking in a file from the door, all of them were seven or eight years old, and their faces were flushed with cold.
   Mr. Wally was a little confused for a moment. He looked at the group of children, and they didn’t look like they came from the same family. So he asked curiously: “Children, what can I do for you?”
   Mr. Wally was stunned for a moment, and then joked: “You want to buy this bouquet? But do you know what day it is?” He thought this question would confuse those children, but unexpectedly, a chubby boy immediately replied: ” Today is Valentine’s Day.” Mr. Wally became more curious: “Wow, are you going to give these flowers to your lover too?” A small girl next to him continued: “We are going to give flowers to Teacher Marianne.”
   Wally The husband thought about the children’s teacher Marian in his mind, and asked again: “Is there no lover to send flowers to Teacher Marian?” The little girl nodded first, then shook her head and explained: “It’s just not today, because Mary Teacher Ann’s husband is not at home.” Mr. Wally asked: “Then where is he?” Another quick-talking kid replied: “He went to Africa, he is a doctor in the medical team.” “Oh.” Mr. Wally
   suddenly He nodded, thought for a while, and then walked to the back room. After a while, he came out with another bouquet of red roses, and said to the children, “I still have some red roses here, and you can give them to Teacher Marian.” It was a bouquet of fuchsia perfume roses. He deliberately left it for his wife.
   “But, can you sell us those fire roses?” said the little girl just now, handing over a bag of change wrapped in a handkerchief. Mr. Wally turned his face and asked in surprise: “How do you know it’s called Fire Rose?” The little girl blinked her eyes and replied: “Ms. Marianne said it in class. She is British. Every year Her husband will give her fire roses on Valentine’s Day.”
   This time, Mr. Wally figured it out eighty-nine times, but he was also very embarrassed. Looking at the change in the handkerchief, he estimated that there were only about forty francs, and he could only buy two flowers at most. The smart children also saw Mr. Wally’s hesitation, so a taller boy squeezed over, took out some coins from his pocket and put them on the counter, with a few tickets in the coins. Mr. Wally knew the kids had taken out the money for the car going home.
   Finally, Mr. Wally said hesitantly: “But… I can’t sell you the fire roses, because they have already been reserved.” The real reason he didn’t say was the price. The expectant children were immediately dumbfounded, you look at me, I look at you.
   Looking into those sad eyes, Mr. Wally waved his hands, as if he had made a decision: “Okay, okay, who made that unlucky guy not keep the time! The time has passed, and this bouquet of fire roses belongs to you. “Speaking, he quickly took down the bunch of fire roses and put them into a flower box.
   The door of the little flower shop closed behind the children, and the room fell silent. Mr. Wally didn’t take money from the kids, he lost money, but was happy.
   At this time, the store door was opened again, and a middle-aged man walked in. He glanced at the empty flower cabinet and said, “A few days ago, I ordered three fire roses by phone, and today I was late because the plane was late. Boss, you won’t sell the flowers I ordered to others, right?” Mr.
   Wally shrugged his shoulders, nodded and said, “I’m really sorry, I’ve been waiting for you, but things have changed…” While explaining, he took out the deposit from the cash register and returned it to the visitor, and gave himself as his wife The remaining perfume rose was taken out as compensation.
   The man listened very carefully and did not intend to accept the deposit or compensation at all. Instead, he pulled out a check, wrote the remaining amount due, and handed it to Mr. Wally. Then, he picked another card and said, “Just now you forgot to put a card in the fire rose.”
  Through the light, Mr. Wally saw that the man wrote a line on the card fluently – “Lover Fire roses of the festival, to my beloved Marianne”.

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