How to Find Joy in Modern Life: 5 Steps to Cultivating Gratitude

In recent years, the pressures of modern existence have imposed increasingly onerous burdens upon the lives of men and women.

It seems that in addition to the ceaseless toil required by one’s profession, additional strains are heaped upon both body and spirit, leaving scant leisure for matters of greater import.

Most folks have scarcely any time to consider whether they find contentment or not in their daily rounds.

Pray tell, have you known happiness of late? What events, if any, have of recent occurrence brought you joy?

As the years advance yet expectations rise higher still, peace recedes further from our grasp.

All grow more estranged from joy’s warm embrace.

Bliss came easily in youth, within scholar’s walls.

The smallest pleasantries sufficed to set dormmates roaring,

Bringing gladness wherever few gathered.

Yet adult life is commonly a lonely road.

Each evening past duties done, alone I lie silent on my bed,

Occupy idle hands with phone or film, or stare blankly at ceiling’s weave.

And when dark humors seize me in solitude, assail my mind the slights and frustrations of each day,

Unchecked the tears will flow.

We wander ever more removed from delight not for want of days past or future’s promise,

But for fear of what the morrow may bring and hope that lifts us ever higher,

Dissatisfied with plenty we possess, busy ourselves with phantoms.

Indulging memories past or dreams ahead breeds only disquiet,

Causing us to neglect life’s greatest gift, the present moment.

Too oft we ignore joys that lie before us, obsessed with ghosts of what has been and what may come.

Scientific studies show the surest cure for melancholia lies not in rumination but in cultivating gratitude for fortune’s small kindnesses,

Gradually regaining health through daily appreciation of life’s blessings near at hand.

In most lives dissatisfaction clouds our sight,

Blinding us to wonders great and small around us,

Chances grasped with ease, delights that need no searching.

Only furthering our dejection, we see ill where good resides,

Doomed to trap ourselves in spirals of despair.

Each might ask if lately they have known true joy, felt gladness in their core.

Should answer be none, then view these comic scenes to lift the spirit.

Called “Adults’ Happiest Moments”, it numbers twenty pleasures great and small.

The foremost delight, as is only right for social creatures such as we, is finding perfect love and binding lives together.

According to Maslow, human needs form a step, from basic life sustenance to higher realms of self-actualization.

One must satisfy lower needs to reach for higher callings.

As life moves faster, small bounties slip our mind – winter’s snow, summer’s fragrances, rains of autumn, snows again.

Ever grateful souls note nature’s gifts and take delight where others find none.

Psychology calls gratitude the emotion least observed though most restorative.

It lifts both health and regard for others. Experiments show its power to boost immunity, improve rest, reduce stresss’ strains. Gratitude wards off despair and directs our sight to virtue in hardship. It strengthens bonds of fellowship through mutual thanks.

Each day try to acknowledge freely life’s comforts, even smallest. This will lead in time to richer joy.

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