The Two Types of Love: Ruthless Passion and Passionate Ruthlessness

Lovers often believe that their love is an unprecedented feat, unlike the common love between men and women. However, this is merely a phantom in the golden dream of love. In truth, couples are often as prosaic as doctoral dissertations written for the sole purpose of obtaining a Ph.D. General love can be roughly categorized into two types: ruthless passion and passionate ruthlessness.

When a couple first meets, they exchange an infinite number of lingering words, share countless kisses, shed tears of joy, and reluctantly separate. However, as time passes, the old impressions gradually fade, and new temptations appear. Eventually, the old relationship is replaced with a new one, and the cycle repeats. Alternatively, some couples maintain their original love, but their love becomes centrifugal, developing outward while secretly harboring all kinds of kindness towards the other. These individuals may appear to be in the vortex of love every day, but they are unaware of who they truly love. They are affectionate on the surface, with flowers and plants everywhere, but deep down, they are heartless, and their love only resides within them.

These individuals are in love with love itself, willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of experiencing love. They enter into love with the spirit of playing cards, and their creed is to “play and play.” They may sometimes pretend to be sincere, but only to make things more interesting. They may even become confused and believe that they are truly in love with their partner, but deep down, their subconscious minds know the truth. They are akin to actors in a play, forgetting themselves when they are in high spirits and believing themselves to be the characters they are playing. However, they always know that behind the stage lies a dressing room where they can wash off their makeup and take off their costumes. They play with the most precious thing in life—love—and make a mockery of it. They are so clever that they are almost fools. Such individuals are known as ruthless lovers, or what foreigners may call sentimental.

In contrast, other lovers are always seeking strange and magnificent scenic spots, trekking long and rugged distances, and walking along cliffs while holding their breath. They remain steadfast in their original intentions, gaining purer happiness from infinite hardships. They often test each other’s sincerity with difficult problems and may sometimes show a cold exterior. However, they feel that their hearts and minds are connected, and therefore, there is no need for unnecessary words. The passion in their hearts shines through their thoughts, and their feelings are as clear as their reasoning. These individuals are determined to be benevolent and righteous and always act calmly. They never panic, always walking in the same direction, and carrying the same goal. Their affection is as high as the bright moon and as stable as a mountain, and their steps are never chaotic.

These lovers have already understood each other’s hearts from moments of silence. They vow to never exchange unnecessary pleasantries, putting their entire lives into love. If love exists, it will survive, and if love dies, then it will perish. They do not use love as an ornament in their lives, for they have become the embodiment of love. They refuse to jump out of the circle to play with love, and although they may seem ruthless, they are truly affectionate. This type of love is known as affectionate and ruthless, or what foreigners may call passionate.

However, sentimental ruthlessness can gradually turn into ruthless ruthlessness. At first, a person may ignore appearances due to the white-hot emotion in their heart, but eventually, their heart may become cold and indifferent. People are inherently weak, relying solely on the courage in their hearts, and often collapse due to being overly confident. These individuals believe that love is more important than life itself and would rather die in love than give up for the sake of life. They are focused on the spirit and ignorant of appearances, and although they may appear ruthless, they are truly affectionate.

In conclusion, love should not be viewed as a stagnant and lifeless entity but rather as something that is constantly evolving and growing. The fire of love must be fueled with new experiences and challenges, or it may be extinguished by the cold winds of the world.

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