The Transformational Power of Adolescence: Awakening to Life’s Possibilities During our Formative Years

In the process of human spiritual growth, adolescence is undoubtedly crucial. Who has not experienced the wonderful mood when the magic of youth descends? Suddenly, a colorful world seemed to open up in front of my eyes, a new continent hidden with infinite treasures. Teenagers look at the world with a naturally idealized vision. The faces of the opposite sex, the friendship of childhood sweethearts, a compliment from the teacher, and a story or aphorism they read occasionally will make them full of good expectations for the world.

On the whole, teenagers are more spiritual than adults. They pay more attention to spiritual values ​​such as love, friendship, honor, and ambition, and pay less attention to material interests such as money and positions. Of course, due to their lack of experience in the world, their ideals are somewhat vague. As you get deeper into the world, there are nothing but two possibilities: either discard ideals as childish things and become vulgar and practical; It will be a more mature and conscious pursuit.

Which path a person finally takes depends on various factors and cannot be generalized. However, whether the spontaneous spirituality of his youth was effectively encouraged and cultivated is definitely one of the important factors.

In a person’s life, the middle school age is important, and its importance is often underestimated. This is also reasonable, because the authorities are too ignorant, and the people who have been here are too forgetful. When a person goes from childhood to adolescence, his body and mind undergo drastic changes, and good fortune takes the opportunity to reveal some of his secrets to him.

It is at the age of middle school that something essential in life begins to emerge in one’s mental vision. Therefore, I call middle school an age of discovery in my life. What did you find? Because of the awakening of curiosity, I discovered a world of books. Because of the awakening of sex, I discovered a world of the opposite sex. Because of the awakening of self-awareness, the self and death are discovered. In short, what I discovered were the most important strokes on the picture of life. In short, it can be said that I discovered life. Don’t underestimate a middle school student, even if he seems to be carefree and stupefied, there are so many huge and detailed events happening inside him.

Youth seems to have countless enemies, but in a sense, schools, teachers, parents, society, etc. are all imaginary enemies, and there is only one real enemy, which is hypocrisy. When a man becomes hypocritical, it is the day when his youth ends. In the process of growing up, it is a remarkable achievement for a person to resist the attack of hypocrisy and remain true.

At the age when love first blooms, it is not just the flowers of desire that bloom. How pure, how shy, and how spiritual the first blooming flower of desire is, in fact, it is also a flower of spirit. Therefore, together with youth, all the beautiful things in the spiritual world, including art and ideals, personality and dignity, are also awakened. It’s the same for everyone. The difference is that some flowers are short-lived, while some bloom undefeatedly and bear fruit.

Growth is a process of continuous learning, learning how to behave and how to think about problems. However, the place of learning is not necessarily in the classroom. In fact, accidental opportunities in life, unexpected encounters, goodwill or malice from others, and a few words from wise men will all be vivid lessons in life, and may even change the direction of our lives.

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