2 Signs You Should Consider Leaving Your Job

In my opinion, with these two signs, you should consider leaving your job.


people are poisonous

At the 2023 Buffett shareholder meeting, Buffett and Charlie Munger talked about an interesting topic. He said:

Just stay away from those toxic people, even if you pay some financial costs.

If you encounter a “toxic” leader at work, it’s time to leave.

Who Are Toxic Leaders?

When you are about to leave work one day, the leader suddenly walks in front of you and says earnestly, “There is an urgent job, and it is very urgent. Can any of you handle it?”

Seeing that no one spoke, the leader looked at you: “Since no one spoke, then I will appoint someone, just you.”

You are stunned, not knowing why you were selected, but the leader quietly tells you: “You are the best in our team, this job is very urgent, and we can only rely on you.”

You looked at the time, it was already late, and there were still a lot of things at home. But you see the expectant eyes of the leader, and you don’t want to live up to the trust the leader has placed in you. You finally say, okay.

You put down your bag, sit down at your computer desk, and get on with your work. When you look up again, it’s almost early morning, you stretch, then scroll through Moments, ready to relax.

At this time, you saw your leader post a circle of friends, and he was sighing happily that he just caught a big fish.

You felt a little panicked in your heart, but after thinking about it, you didn’t say anything.

After a few days, you discover a problem, a bug, or a customer feedback.

You proposed several proposals to the leader, and the leader casually said, you have full power to deal with it.

You do things with the mentality of being the master, but in the end, something goes wrong.

At this time, he ran over angrily and asked you: “Why did something happen? Why didn’t you come to ask me for instructions? Why didn’t you do what I said?”

You wanted to defend yourself, but you only opened your mouth, and you didn’t say anything. The boulder on his chest sank a little more.

After another period of time, the company said that the company has insufficient management talents and needs to promote a group of managers.

You puffed out your chest at the news. You think of those nights you have spent, those overtime classes you have worked on, those achievements you have made, and those grievances you have suffered, and you think it is none other than you.

As a result, those who were promoted in the end were those who often flattered the leader, those who accompanied the leader to drink, and those who walked closest to the leader.

If you don’t understand, ask the leader: “Why Xiao Wang instead of me?”

The leader said: “Xiao Wang didn’t make any mistakes, but you, how many problems did you make? If you don’t promote Xiao Wang, who will you promote?”

If you disagree, Xiao Wang didn’t do anything wrong, it’s because he didn’t do anything.

You want to give feedback to the leader of the leader, but you also know that it is useless, because you find that your leader is also a related household, and they are all the boss’s “children”.

At this moment, you sigh. That big rock has been completely crushed.

Such a leader is a toxic person. You are very aggressive, but he does not recognize your efforts. No matter how hard you suffer, you can’t see hope, so it’s better to stop the loss in time.


toxic environment

What is Environmental Toxic?

You get off work at six o’clock, and you have finished the work at hand. At this time, you plan to leave.

But you look up and see that all your colleagues are still sitting at their desks.

You accidentally took a look and found that your colleagues are not working, some are watching videos, and some just started a game.

You ask them, why don’t they leave? They said tacitly, wait a little longer.

You think, then I might as well wait for a while, you have made the work plan for tomorrow, and you have done part of the pre-work for tomorrow.

It was already 9 o’clock in the evening, and I found that everyone was still at their workstations. As soon as you thought that you still had something to do at home, you left with your bag on your back. On the second day, as soon as you sit at the work station, the leader comes to you and asks you:

“Why don’t you work overtime? You were the first to leave our team, why don’t you care about your work at all?”

You say, all my work is done.

“That’s just saying you’re not saturated with work,” he said.

Later, you can only coerce it and work overtime with them.

Moreover, every week, a weekly report must be written. You have sorted out your core work, made a summary, and made a plan for the next week, and clearly wrote down the strategies and methods to achieve the goal.

But the leader found you again, and he said, what’s the matter with you? The attitude is not correct at all.

You’re baffled, and you’re thinking, is it because it wasn’t written clearly enough? No, you used structured thinking.

Is there no diagram? That’s not right, you still have data comparisons for several weeks in a row.

The leader sees that you are not enlightened, and tells you that the number of words is too small, and you don’t spend energy on it at first glance. What our company requires is that you must write 3,000 words.

For a moment, you are speechless. There is no other way but to follow formalism.

In addition to these, there are:

From top to bottom, the company always makes changes day and night, and adjusts the structure four or five times a month.

Up and down was a mess, seemingly very busy, but they were just carving out details. Not busy with business, busy with meetings. Not busy with business, busy checking attendance. It seems that carving on the details can give you a sense of peace of mind.

You also find that although you are only a grassroots, you have three or four meetings every day, basically all day long. But the biggest relationship between a meeting and you is being an audience. Listening to bosses and executives talking with eloquence lasts for hours. Instead, you have no time to do things, and it is impossible to grow.

Moreover, the operation of the entire company is not centered on customers, but on the boss. In the office, there are all quotations from the boss.

It all comes together, and you finally realize why you feel so stressed when you walk into the office. No one spoke, and a needle fell on the ground, and everyone could hear it.

The company has a problem or two, which is understandable because no business is perfect.

If all the problems appear at the same time, such an environment may be toxic.


3 final suggestions

Each of us will have the urge to leave countless times on our career development path. If the above 2 signs appear, you can consider resigning.

But if you really plan to leave your job, you must be cautious.

Here, I give you 3 suggestions.

First, if you leave your job, it must be because this job made you feel particularly uncomfortable and painful.

Uncomfortable, not because of a problem. Difficulties are precisely here to accomplish you. How does a person’s ability improve? It is to solve one problem after another that seems impossible to complete.

If you are suffering from being squeezed, you can leave your job at this time. You cannot have PTSD because of a job.

Second, every time you leave your job, it should be for better growth, not just because of escape.

The third, no matter when, you must have the ability to leave the job.

What does that mean? It doesn’t mean that you should leave immediately, but that we should not stop working hard, you must have your own core competitiveness.

Many people stop growing after working for a period of time, which is actually “self-defeating martial arts”. One day, you want a company, or are forced to leave, but find that you have no ability to leave, and you can’t find a good job at all. At this time, you will regret it.

Therefore, you must have the ability to leave at any time.

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