The Tragic Life of Noriko Sakai: From International Superstar to Struggling with Addiction and Abuse

   On August 2, 2009, this was the watershed in Noriko Sakai’s life. The day before, she was an international superstar. The next day, she became a suspect in absconding in fear of crime.
   On that day, Noriko Sakai took her 10-year-old son to a party at a friend’s house. Suddenly, the phone rang. On the other end of the phone was her husband Yuichi Kosang: “I’m in Shibuya, and I’m being interrogated by the police. They won’t let me go. Can you come here?”
   Noriko Sakai became nervous for a moment. At that time, she had only one thought in her mind: This matter is a secret that our husband and wife will guard to the death, and my husband must not be arrested.
   After arriving at the scene, the husband was surrounded by four or five police officers. To search the contents of the husband’s pocket. The husband quibbled and said: “It contains aphrodisiacs, which are medicines for treating private parts. It’s shameful!” After seeing Noriko Sakai, the husband immediately hid behind her and whispered: “Nori, I’m sorry.” The husband’s
   words , Let Noriko Sakai’s back feel cold for a moment, she basically concluded that her husband’s drug use has been discovered. She walked towards the policeman, looked at him with weak eyes, and said, “Hi, this man is my Noriko Sakai’s husband, can you let him go today? I will definitely take care of him.” The policeman is not a
   superstar Clan, how could it be possible to let go of a suspicious person? In the end, the police found about 1.5 grams of drugs in her husband’s pocket. However, what Noriko Sakai really panicked about was that she was afraid that the police would find out that she was also taking drugs. Fortunately, the president of her construction company arrived at the scene in time. take her away. and prepare for the next step.
   However, Noriko Sakai has heard nothing. She said in a panic: “I’m going to pick up the child, I will definitely call you.” After hearing this, the president put her down halfway. But instead of picking up the child from a friend’s house, she returned home, grabbed a carry-on bag, packed some clothes and belongings, and left.
   The next day, reports were reported all over Japan: Noriko Sakai’s husband was arrested for taking drugs, and Noriko Sakai’s whereabouts were unknown.
  Vigorous girl, longing for true love
   Noriko Sakai is popular in Asia. But after careful study, it is a victim of the patriarchal society.
   Noriko Sakai was born in Fukuoka on Valentine’s Day in 1971 and never felt the love of her parents. His father is a member of the Japanese underworld Yamaguchi-gumi. My mother suffered from domestic violence all the year round. Shortly after her birth, her mother eloped with the temple monks and abandoned her in the temple. The aunt couldn’t bear it and took Noriko Sakai away. It wasn’t until she was 7 years old that her father finally came to her and took her home.
   But this is the beginning of another kind of disaster. The father took a new wife and the stepmother was very vicious. A little carelessness, Noriko Sakai will be severely punished and beaten.
   In order to live a better life, 7-year-old Noriko Sakai endured everything and tried to please everyone. However, a violent father is also a violent stepmother. The family is once again at war.
   In the fifth grade, Noriko Sakai was again fostered by her aunt. A year later, he returned to his father again. At this time, she faced her new stepmother again, and the younger brother brought by her stepmother.
   Fortunately, this time the stepmother was gentle, and her childhood was easier.
   Because of the turmoil. No fatherly love, no motherly love. From an early age she longed to be recognized. She really wants to be a star. At the age of 14, she participated in the beautiful girl competition of “Lemon” magazine. She was chosen by the president of the “Sun Music” entertainment agency, and he hired her into the company, determined to cultivate her.
  Her acting career kicked off.
   At the age of 15, she made her debut. On January 11, 1986, Noriko Sakai participated in “Spring Breeze”. After the first broadcast, it instantly conquered the hearts of countless boys and girls. The company focuses more on training. She received the best entertainment training, from singing, acting to hosting.
   On February 5, 1987, Noriko Sakai released her first single “Being a Boy”. It was an instant hit and won numerous awards. Afterwards, the release of albums and concerts went smoothly.
   She gradually became popular in Asia. Many Chinese post-80s and post-90s also got to know Noriko Sakai. For everyone, she is an era and a symbol. Represents “Vitality Girl”.
   In terms of film and television, there are frequent successes. In early 1993, starred in “I Love Mermaid”. Later starred in “Golden Coins of the Stars”.
   Noriko Sakai was completely on fire. From three-dimensional, hot to two-dimensional, she has become an image that many cartoonists are vying to portray.
  The heroine images of many classic anime are based on Noriko Sakai. For example, Athena in “Saint Seiya”, and Ami Mizuno in “Sailor Moon”. And the field love in “Movie Girl” was drawn one by one according to Noriko Sakai’s image.
   However, Noriko Sakai’s youthful popularity brought enormous pressure. This kind of pressure made her fall into the trap of a flattering personality again. She strives to maintain her own perfection. She does what others say. She tries to please everyone and be everything others desire. This kind of excessive care also bury the cause of disaster.
   Because she has never been loved well, she longs for love very much.
  Two daughters and one husband, bear the burden of humiliation.
   In 1993, she fell in love with Shinji Nojima. He is a screenwriter. This beautiful relationship between a talented man and a beautiful woman only lasted for a short 4 years. In the end, Shinji Nojima proposed to break up.
   Later, she met Yuichi Kosang, who called himself a “surfer”. Within a few rounds, he fell into a new relationship again. In 1998, she held a press conference and announced her marriage to Ko Sang Yuichi. “I hope to build a warm family full of laughter all the time.” At the same time, Noriko Sakai said that she is pregnant.
   A few months later, the son was born. However, the person she had children for was actually a despicable liar. Not only is he not a surfer. Just the son of a surf shop owner. And the family situation is not good. The family is heavily in debt and of poor character. Most importantly, she is very playful, often going to nightclubs, spending time and drinking.
   However, Sakai’s method was overwhelmed.
   Two years later, her husband’s surf shop closed down, and Noriko Sakai returned to the entertainment circle. But with her return, her tragic married life was also exposed to the public.
   She obeyed her husband in every possible way. But her husband often drank heavily, beat Noriko Sakai, and fell asleep on the spot when he was tired from the beating, leaving messes everywhere for her to clean up. The most outrageous thing is that he also developed evil intentions towards Noriko Sakai’s best friend. He developed an affair with her boudoir, and even brought the boudoir back home, asking Noriko Sakai to serve her husband together.
   For the sake of his son, and in order for the child not to repeat his fate, he tried to endure it. She pleases her husband and accepts all his needs, except that he can continue to stay at home and play the role of a husband and father. Even though, this marriage has existed in name only.
   However, forbearance did not make the marriage better. The husband started taking drugs. She advised in every possible way. But the husband didn’t listen at all, and even got worse.
   One day, Noriko Sakai couldn’t stand her husband’s severe beating. She cried bitterly and shouted: “Suck it if you want, or I will suck it too, and I will suck it if you want to!” These words pushed Noriko Sakai into the abyss completely.
   The husband began to use all the reasons to try to seduce Noriko Sakai: “Just smoke a little, you won’t be addicted.” “If you smoke, you won’t have any more troubles.” It proves that you love me.”
   Finally, for an absurd reason, Noriko Sakai tried drugs for the first time. “When two people take drugs together, they have a common secret. I hope that the two people will be more closely connected and bonded.” For her, this turned out to be the last straw to save her marriage.
   After taking drugs, Noriko Sakai began to drag her husband to detoxify together. “I smoked it too, and I will quit it with you now, and we will succeed.” However, such a naive and stupid idea is bound to fail steadily.
   They smoke repeatedly, each time getting worse. She finally found out that this was not going to save her marriage at all. He even messed up his own life.
   It’s too late. What awaits her is an unstoppable and terrifying future.
   After the disappearance, Noriko Sakai turned off her mobile phone. She took a lot of cash and bought food and water for about 6,000 yen in the supermarket. After nightfall, she went to a small shop selling mobile phones and bought a new mobile phone.
   Panicked, she didn’t know where to go. At this moment, she thought of one person——the stepmother. At that time, the stepmother was seriously ill and needed to recuperate. Noriko Sakai, however, had no other choice. She told her stepmother that her husband was arrested by the police for taking drugs and wanted to find a place to hide. The stepmother, who was eager to protect the daughter, immediately took Noriko Sakai and set off to her aunt’s house in Yamanashi Prefecture.
   The brokerage company was afraid that Noriko Sakai would do something stupid, so he called the police. The next day, a press conference was held. Her scandal spread across the world in an instant. All countries are reporting her disappearance and mobilizing everyone to search for her whereabouts.
   Looking at the overwhelming reports, Noriko Sakai knew that he could not escape. A few days later, she returned to Tokyo. At this time, the chairman still didn’t know that she was also taking drugs. They did everything possible to help her avoid the media and arranged for her to live in another remote apartment.
   In this apartment, Noriko Sakai spent two tormenting days.
   On the fourth day, she traveled to Hakone.
   On this day, a piece of news that made Noriko Sakai almost faint was broadcast on TV. It turned out that her husband had already admitted that Noriko Sakai was also involved in drug abuse. The police found stimulants in the homes of the two, and also extracted her DNA from the smoking equipment.
   She thought of death: “Mom, I don’t want to live anymore.”
   The stepmother hugged her tightly: “If you die, what will you do with your son?”
   When she heard the word “son”, she collapsed instantly.
   Because of the misfortune of her family since she was a child, Noriko Sakai has been secretly determined that she must not let her son go back to his old path. She has repeatedly insisted on maintaining the marriage in order to give her son a complete family. She hopes that her son can have the family happiness that she never had.
   However, she still screwed everything up.
   After surrendering herself, the only thing she cared about was her innocent son. When all the affairs were settled, she was arranged by the police to be admitted to a hospital in Tokyo. In the hospital, she finally saw her long-lost son. While crying, the son ran to Noriko Sakai, yelling: “Mom.” Noriko Sakai hugged her son tightly, and then she heard him say in her ear: “Mom, don’t do bad things anymore Oh.” Sakai cried bitterly and said: “Mom is sorry for you.” The son responded: “Mom, it’s okay.” For many years
   , this 10-year-old child has been watching his father domestically abuse his mother. I also watched my mother endure all kinds of humiliation in order to protect herself. He knew his mother’s forbearance, and also his mother’s pain.
   On October 26, 2009, the case went to trial in Tokyo. There were 6,615 people waiting in line at the scene, trying to get the hearing seats with only 20 places. This is a huge scene that has never been experienced in the history of Japanese court trials.
   On November 9, 2009, the Noriko Sakai case was finally heard. The judge announced at the scene that Noriko Sakai was sentenced to one year and six months in prison, suspended for three years. In addition to the sentence, the brokerage company has to pay liquidated damages and damages, totaling up to 500 million yen.
  A generation of superstars, begging on Weibo
   Afterwards, Noriko Sakai made up her mind to break up with her husband. She came out of a purgatory marriage and tried to get back to being active. She enrolled in an online university to learn nursing knowledge. She reported in regularly and worked hard to get off drugs.
   However, can she really start over? I’m afraid it will be very difficult.
   In order to pay the huge compensation, she would not refuse any job. As long as you can make money.
   A pornographic film came to her door, and she took it without hesitation. Fortunately, the movie was aborted due to various reasons. But from Reuters photos, she appeared naked, which made people feel embarrassed.
   Later, she was reduced to singing to punters in some bullet rooms. The bullet room is a place that even the lowest-level entertainers in Japan are reluctant to go. However, she has no choice.
   Others saw Noriko Sakai singing for passengers on a cruise ship from Shanghai to Fukuoka.
   Since then, I have heard less and less about her.
   Just when the public was about to forget her, she did something jaw-dropping again. She posted New Year greetings on Weibo, but the attached link was a paid link.
   For a time, the news of Noriko Sakai’s “begging on Weibo” spread all over the world.
   Later, Noriko Sakai came out to explain, saying that he was not familiar with the rules of Weibo, so he did something inappropriate. But her apology did little to calm the incident. The public lamented that a generation of superstars had fallen into such a state.
   However, if some mistakes are made, there is still a chance to start all over again. However, other mistakes are destined to be irreversible.
   How can there be so many turning backs in life. Only hit the south wall all the way, bloody, and notorious.
   As for the tragedy written by fate, the source was planted and the foreshadowing was planted many years ago.
  It’s just the parties involved, there is no way to know.

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