What Is Trump’s Real Purpose?

I thought about a question today, that is, what is Trump’s real purpose? Many people will say that Trump’s purpose is to win the election, but the problem is that after 2021, every act of Trump has alienated middle voters, Democrats hate him, and the latter two far outnumber his Republicans iron plate.
Although American society is becoming more and more polarized and voters’ positions are becoming more and more fixed, as long as the two-party system and the principle of simple majority exist, the middle voters will always be a force that cannot be ignored. Since the number of voters is smaller than that of the Democrats, the Republican Party actually needs the support of the middle voters.
In the two elections in 2016 and 2020, Trump won the popular vote lower than his opponents, reflecting Trump’s narrow voter base. In the 2022 mid-term elections, when inflation in the United States is extremely
After three failures, Trump should learn a lesson, but it is incredible that even after suffering so many failures, Trump still goes his own way and doesn’t care about opinions outside the iron plate.
I believe that with Trump’s IQ, he will not know the chance of victory. His abnormal behavior can only show that he doesn’t care whether he can win the election. What he really cares about is his status in the Republican Party. He enjoys the admiration of Republicans and has The thrill of power.
If Trump’s goal was to stay in the party, he’s been pretty successful. Trump is the only former president in American history who can still firmly control the political party after losing the election, and is also the only former president who continues to run after losing the election and still holds an absolute advantage.
It is difficult for any US president to maintain influence in the party after leaving office, and Trump has broken this spell. His knack is to not care about other people’s feelings, and to devote all his energy to curry favor with the party’s iron plate, even if the policies in it violate the constitution and the founding principles of the country.
The previous US presidents cared about the feelings of the middle voters because they wanted to win the election, and they did not dare to support radical policies. They were unwilling to break taboos because they cared about their reputation. Their words and deeds are restrained, and they dance under chains.
As the saying goes, if you don’t want to be strong, Trump doesn’t care about winning the election, and he doesn’t want to be the president of all Americans. He just wants to be a red-necked president. Politicians who speak for them.
This is also the reason why other Republicans cannot defeat Trump, because they all want to win the election, they all have bottom lines, and they all have reservations on key issues. For example, Florida Governor DeSantis acknowledged the legitimacy of the 2020 general election in an interview last week, believing that Biden is the legitimate president.
In the Republican primary election debate the day before yesterday, former New Jersey Governor Christie even publicly stated that he absolutely respects the Constitution, and he will never support a candidate who violates the Constitution.
These traditional Republican politicians can’t cater to the party’s voters without a bottom line. They all have greater considerations or principles to stick to. It is precisely because they have scruples and bottom lines that they cannot defeat Trump. As long as there are primary elections in the Republican Party, Trump will always be the Republican candidate, and Republican voters will always support him.
Let’s take it a step further, don’t say that Trump doesn’t care whether he wins the election, even Republican voters probably don’t care.
After 2016, the strategies of Republican voters are actually defensive. Their appeal has never been to defeat the Democratic Party on a national scale and seize the dominance of the country, but to prevent the federal government from interfering with them by controlling state-level legislative and administrative agencies life. The federal appeal of the Republicans has always been to reduce federal power and respect the autonomy of the states. They never want to transform the Democrats and blue states. It is the Democrats who want to transform them and make them accept “political correctness.”
Last year, conservative justices overturned the Roe v. Wade case. The purpose of the conservative court was not to make abortion illegal, but to allow states to decide whether to restrict abortion, so that conservative red states can retain their previous way of life.
In 2021, the reason why Yang Jin won the blue state of Virginia is also the slogan: return the right to education to parents, and let parents rather than teachers’ unions decide the lives of their children. Their attitude is also defensive. Republican parents only want to take care of their own children, and they don’t want to reform the children of Democrats.
DeSantis is popular in Florida because he restricts big companies and educational institutions like Disney from promoting the concepts of “political correctness” and “diversity” to children.
After 2010, the electoral strategy of the Republican Party also reflected this point, through the continuous division of constituencies by the jerry salamander, and the seizure of control at the state level through the advantage of voter turnout. In blue states controlled by Democrats at the federal level, the state legislatures are dominated by Republicans, which fully reflects the differences between Democrats and Republicans.
The purpose of the Democratic Party is to expand federal power, complete reforms across the country, and make the United States more progressive, while the Republicans just want to keep their existing lives. In this case, they do not have to seize the national power. They only need to control the city, The state’s government agencies have achieved their goals.
In fact, the difference between the two can also be deduced from the age. The supporters of the Democratic Party are all young and middle-aged, and young people naturally want to reform society. It will be buried in the ground in a few years. How could these people want to overthrow the status quo? If the young are aggressive, will the old be aggressive? If you want to make progress, you will not move forward.
Therefore, the United States, which seems incompatible to the outside world, actually has a tacit understanding. The elderly represented by the Republican Party are not competing with the Democratic Party for the future, but for the present. They seem to be saying: “You can do whatever you want, wait until I’m dead , I’m alive, it’s really hard to accept that America has become what it is now, I still like America as it was 40 years ago.”
When these old people die, today’s Republican Party will no longer exist. At that time, they will either transform or decline. However, judging from the flexibility of the two parties in the United States (they have changed their political views many times in history), they will sooner or later change according to the demographic structure. Adjust for changes.
The wave of extreme right-wing populism represented by Trump is not the direction of history, but only a short-term resurgence. After the tide ebbs, the United States will still move towards the trend of globalization and diversification. The world trend is overwhelming, and the red neck will gradually withdraw from the stage of history like the retired workers in the old industrial base in Northeast China.

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