The Tragic Love Story Behind the Gucci Family Feud: How an Underground Lover Triggered Decades of Conflict

   After the release of “The Gucci Family” directed by Oscar-winning director Ridley Scott on November 30, 2022, it received complaints from the prototype Gucci family. The Gucci family publicly boycotted the film and announced that they would sue the entire production team. They said in a public statement that this was an “untrue farce”, an “insult to the family” and a “serious and malicious attempt to vilify the family figures”.
   Gucci was founded in 1921 and is a world-renowned luxury brand. The Gucci family has now gone through three generations, and each leader has a bizarre family dispute: founder Guccio ran away from home when he was young; Aldo, the second-generation successor, loves beauty more than the country; Paul, the third-generation successor, plays the role of father and son. hatred. The family feud between Aldo and Paul stems from a woman named Bruna. This female subordinate, whom Aldo had loved for many years, had been an underground lover for 25 years. Once she came to power, she became the trigger for Aldo to be sent to prison by his son. Bruna accompanied Aldo through glory and decline, but because of the 31-year age difference, her final ending could only be to die alone… Love was determined at a glance, and
  I was already old.
   In 1953, Gucci luxury goods had entered the market The era of the second generation leader Aldo. Aldo is a rare business wizard. When his father Guccio was still alive, Aldo was his right-hand man. He not only helped the family borrow money from the bank to open Gucci stores, which facilitated Gucci’s development around the world, but also personally managed the brand. Style positioning, Gucci later became popular all over the world, and Aldo played an important role.
   Unlike many prodigal second-generation ancestors, Aldo can be called a model among heirs. He has excellent business acumen and design talent. Gucci’s double G trademark, which everyone knows today, evolved from Aldo’s inspiration and the double G in his father’s name “Guccio Gucci” as the main element. The Second World War triggered a wave of bankruptcies among luxury European brands. Aldo used his keen vision to lead the Gucci brand out of the crisis. In addition, the Gucci brand was able to cross the ocean and enter the American market. It was Aldo who used his advanced star effect to upgrade Gucci from an Italian brand to an international brand. With these great achievements, Aldo stood out from the family competition and became the successor of Gucci after his father Guccio without any doubt.
   Aldo, who worked hard for his career when he was young, although he had a mediocre relationship with his wife Olwen, he still followed tradition, had children, and was considered a qualified father and husband. His wife is a virtuous woman who takes care of the housework and has given birth to three sons and a daughter. She is deeply loved by her parents-in-law. It can be said that Alwyn’s position in the Gucci family is very stable. But in Alpha’s heart, the marriage life with his wife is like useless, because although Alwen is virtuous, he cannot resonate with him in his career. The daily interaction between the two can only stay at the level of daily necessities, rice, oil, salt and children. If he goes one step further, Aldo will immediately feel bored and embarrassed.
   Olwen had no way of knowing Aldo’s troubles, because in her opinion, socializing and working hard were men’s business. She only needed to be a wife, mother, and maintain the crown of the CEO’s wife. . As the children grew up, Olwen’s mentality became more and more stable. Her identity as the president’s wife, blessed by her three sons, became her armor to protect her marriage. At that time, she probably would never have thought that the son she regarded as armor would one day personally send her father to prison.
   Middle-aged people have a lot of money and their careers are booming, but they can’t hide their loneliness. Aldo’s heart was once depressed, even empty. Because of his identity, Aldo deliberately hides this state of mind. However, the more repressed the emotion, the more fanatical it will be once it breaks out.
   What ignited the passion in Aldo’s heart was a pure and beautiful girl – Bruna. At that time, she desperately needed a job that could support herself. One day in April 1954, she went to the Gucci store on Via Condotti in Rome for an interview. Bruna’s fate was rough. Her father died of illness when she was very young. She has always been dependent on her mother, a seamstress. The poor living environment made Bruna extremely cautious. When she put on her most decent dress and walked into the Gucci store, she felt as if she had discovered a new world and secretly exclaimed: It’s so luxurious! This is simply a new world!
   Perhaps it was the arrangement of fate. On that day, Aldo happened to go to the store to inspect, and happened to meet Bruna who came to apply for a job. Looking at Bruna’s young face, especially the tip of her nose, which was so nervous that she was sweating slightly, Aldo suddenly felt excited: “This is such a lovely girl!” In order to relieve Bruna’s nervousness, Aldo tried his best to use his best words. He asked her in a gentle tone: “Would you like a cup of coffee first?” Bruna shook her head. Aldo motioned her to sit down and decided to interview her in person. Aldo asked her why she applied for the job, and Bruna replied: “Because my mother is a tailor. I also know a lot about leather goods and have a special interest in clothing and matching.” Bruna’s answer made Aldo very satisfied. .
   During the communication, Aldo’s maturity and stability also left a good impression on Bruna. Her nervousness slowly dissipated and she gradually became more confident. After some conversation, Aldo was moved by this young, enthusiastic and beautiful girl, and Bruna was admitted.
   This year, Aldo is 49 years old and Bruna is 18 years old. Because of work and Aldo’s deliberate arrangements, the two had more contact from then on. Bruna is young, motivated, and enthusiastic. Although she is young, she has a very keen sense of fashion. She also has a unique young person’s perspective on the new fashion trends after World War II. This impressed Aldo with her, and he quickly promoted her to his side as a secretary.
   The more contact Aldo has with Bruna, the more fascinated he becomes. He often leaves gifts on Bruna’s desk – flowers, chocolates, even the latest expensive leather goods. That was a temptation, and it was also the intention that Aldo wanted to give unconsciously. At first, Bruna would reject Aldo very seriously, saying: “This is too expensive, and it is not acceptable for a person of my status.” Aldo smiled: “I said yes, you are naturally worthy. “The proper domineering CEO style makes the young girl feel a little sweet in her heart.
   In order to give back to her boss, Bruna became more enthusiastic about this job. She was already diligent and motivated, but as she became more proficient in her business, she became more confident and attractive. Aldo gradually fell into despair, and he was shocked to realize that he had lived for 50 years before he knew the taste of love. Knowing that Bruna was 31 years younger than him and that he already had a family, Aldo couldn’t care less and confessed his love to Bruna enthusiastically.
   The boss’s confession made Bruna very conflicted. On the one hand, she was impressed by Aldo’s status, talent and ability; on the other hand, Aldo’s married status deterred Bruna. In hesitation, Bruna did not accept Aldo’s pursuit, but followed her mother’s arrangement and prepared to get engaged to the young man chosen by her mother.
   Aldo was very disappointed, but still planned to try again. The night before Bruna’s engagement, Aldo made an appointment with Bruna regardless of his status. As soon as they met, he hurriedly asked: “Can you not get engaged?” Bruna was shocked, then her eyes wet with tears, she shook her head and said, “No, I can’t destroy your family.” Looking at
   Bruna As Na left, Aldo gradually calmed down. He suddenly realized that love is not about manipulation and control. Flowers wilt easily. If you love a flower, you should let it bloom on the branch instead of breaking it and inserting it into a vase.
  As low as dust, he was willing to be an underground lover for 25 years
   . After Bruna got engaged, Aldo quietly retreated and decided to keep a distance from the girl he loved. Unexpectedly, Aldo’s actions made Bruna more fond of him and thought he was a gentleman. At the same time, Bruna regretted her engagement more and more, because her fiancé often drank too much and had a bad temper. He tried to control Bruna’s mind and did not allow her to put on makeup or wear high heels. Even normal social interactions were required. With his consent, if Bruna resisted a little, he would punch and kick her. Bruna once asked her mother for help, but her mother advised her to accept the status quo.
   Aldo soon discovered that since Bruna’s engagement, the smile on the girl’s face had disappeared and was replaced by a looming sadness. Aldo couldn’t help but take the initiative to have a long talk with Bruna. After learning about Bruna’s plight, he felt distressed and anxious, and persuaded Bruna: “Don’t be anyone’s dependency, leave your tyrannical Fiancé, don’t let your mother control your life. Believe that you can live a great life on your own!”
   Bruna, who was bruised and bruised by her fiancé’s abuse and frustrated by her mother and mud, listened to Al Lots of suggestions. Thanks to Aldo’s strong financial assistance, Bruna and her fiancé broke off their engagement in early 1956 and left their conservative native family. If Bruna concentrated on her career from now on, she would be able to become an upright and independent woman based on her abilities. However, the influence of her native family on Bruna was still too profound. She did not have the courage to break out of her cocoon and become a butterfly, and finally committed herself to Asylum to Aldo.
   In this way, Bruna became Aldo’s lover. Just like when she accepted a rough fiancé under the arrangement of her mother, now Bruna is even more immersed in Aldo’s tenderness. Aldo came from an old-school Italian family and did not have the courage to violate Italian social customs and family traditions and file for divorce from his first wife, who had no fault at all. And Bruna seems to have no desires and desires, and is willing to become Aldo’s underground lover, never daring to show up in public easily.
   In July 1958, Bruna found out that she was pregnant, but she didn’t even have the courage to tell Aldo, so she secretly went to the hospital to have an abortion alone. Seeing Bruna lying alone on the hospital bed without a single complaint, Aldo was greatly stimulated in his heart. At that time, they had been together for more than two years. For Aldo, Bruna was no longer a temporary impulse, but the love he kneaded into his bones, and the lover he wanted to stay with forever.
   Italy around 1960 was no longer the era under the shadow of Mussolini when divorce was regarded as “social death”. As Aldo expanded Gucci’s business territory to the United States, his views on marriage also broadened as his horizons broadened. A lot has changed. As a result, Aldo began to unscrupulously take Bruna out of the “golden room” and brought her into the social circle as a formal partner. Regarding Aldo’s courage to admit love, Bruna was submissive at first, but in the end she couldn’t resist the temptation of the sun and the glamor of the CEO’s wife. She quickly adapted to those public appearances and behaved with ease and grace.
   Aldo was very satisfied with Bruna’s performance. After all, as a traditional housewife, his wife had no ability to participate in his business situations, and Bruna just filled this gap. Seeing Bruna’s increasingly vivid face, Aldo decided to formally divorce and marry Bruna. When Aldo told Bruna his decision, she was so surprised that she didn’t say a word for a long time. She felt guilty about Aldo’s first wife, but in the end, her desire for superiority prevailed.
   Aldo’s wife Olwen has actually heard about Bruna’s existence. However, she knows how to assess the situation. In her opinion, Gucci cannot have negative news about divorce, and she herself is reluctant to lose her position as the CEO’s wife. In this way, with Olwen’s acquiescence, a marriage that was supposed to only allow two people to exist turned into a ridiculous threesome. As Aldo paid more and more attention to Bruna and determined to give her a legal identity, the threesome situation was broken, and Olwen’s forbearance also lost its meaning.
  Once you rise to power, it ends miserably.
   After Christmas 1960, Aldo began working on a divorce. He found a lawyer to discuss, but the lawyer shook his head after hearing this, because Aldo’s wife Olwen was a victim without any fault and had given birth to several children for him. The lawyer had to tell him bluntly: “I’m afraid this matter It will be a huge trouble.” The lawyer’s advice did not make Aldo flinch. His eyes were firm: “I must give Bruna a status.” Aldo decided to go to the showdown with his wife in person. He said straight to the point: ”
   No I don’t want to endure a love marriage for a day anymore!” Alwin, who had been mentally prepared for a long time, persuaded Aldo in turn: “We are already over sixty years old. Don’t you think it is unfair to me to divorce me at this time? “When the children heard that their father was divorcing their mother, they were shocked and came to persuade him, but Aldo remained unmoved and even broke up with his wife completely. The innocent Olwen got the support of his children, became tough, and warned Aldo: “You are a cheater with conclusive evidence. Once you enter the divorce proceedings, please consider the face of yourself and the company. As for the family property, I Of course I have to get everything that should belong to me!”
   The children accused their father of being ruthless, and the second son Paul even openly stood against Aldo. Because Aldo could not accept the double price of property and family affection, the divorce matter reached a deadlock.
   With Aldo at a loss what to do, time came to 1980. When Aldo’s lawyer was sorting out a piece of information, he suddenly discovered a shocking fact: Aldo and his wife Olwen had not registered their marriage. It turns out that Olwen once worked as a maid to a Greek princess, and she and Aldo met and got married in England. At that time, Italy was in political chaos. The two held their wedding in a traditional way, but they did not register it in accordance with the law. In other words, Aldo and Olwen have only been living together for decades and are not a legal couple from a legal perspective.
   As a “single” in the legal sense, Aldo is free. He can marry Bruna at any time without paying a financial price. This discovery made Aldo ecstatic, and Bruna even cried with joy: ” So, I haven’t been a real third party all these years?” When Bruna said this, her guilt towards Olwen had long since disappeared. And Aldo solemnly responded to her: “Yes, you are not a third party, you are my lover!” In
   March 1981, Aldo notified his family without hesitation and quickly completed the marriage registration with Bruna. , officially became husband and wife. Bruna waited for 25 years and finally got a status, and the two soon had a daughter, Pamela.
   Aldo took advantage of legal loopholes and abandoned his first wife of decades. What he did chilled his and Olwen’s children. Although Aldo was ruthless to his ex-wife, he was still very partial to his three sons. Because of this preference, he made a decision that he regretted throughout his life.
   In order to appease his sons and win back their hearts, Aldo kept 40% of the company’s shares for himself, divided the remainder equally among his three sons, and promoted them to senior executives of his own company. However, money and future cannot win over the hearts of sons. They never forget the hurt and humiliation their father has done to their mother, and they openly and secretly oppose their father. Especially the second son, Paul, repeatedly openly defied his father’s authority and made Aldo unable to stand down in public at various meetings. Once, when Aldo was speaking at a meeting, he had a public fight with his uncle Rudolf due to disagreements. Paul, whose face was beaten with blood, ran to the street and complained to the passing crowd that his father not only abandoned his first wife, but also beat him. Seeing Paul’s nonsense, Aldo was furious and “assigned” him to the US market.
   As a result, the conflict between Paul and his father intensified. After Paul arrived in the United States, he founded the brand “Gucci Plus” without authorization. Both the image and the works were very similar to the family brand, and the brand was marketed under the banner of the Gucci family. Aldo couldn’t bear his son’s imitation of the family brand. After his persuasion failed, he simply took Paul to court and personally extinguished the spark of this “personal imitation”. At this point, Aldo and Paul, father and son, have completely turned against each other. Paul refused to do anything and decided to give it a try. He sued his father Aldo to court in the name of tax evasion.
   Paul’s desperate efforts made Aldo anxious. He knows very well that the company’s accounts cannot be scrutinized at all, because the company takes advantage of multinational groups in its operations and evades taxes all year round. As a company executive, Paul has also been in charge of the docking business in Italy and the United States, so he naturally knows everything about the inside story. Chu. With the mentality of killing a thousand enemies and damaging himself eight hundred, Paul revealed his father’s scandal, which made Aldo pay a heavy price. Although he was only sentenced to one and a half years in prison, all of Aldo’s properties were auctioned. The Italian government imposes very severe penalties on businessmen for tax evasion, and all Aldo’s shares must be transferred to others. Because tax evaders do not have good qualities to engage in business, Aldo is not a qualified taxpayer.
   The hard work of a lifetime was forced to be transferred to others. The commercial building that was finally accumulated fell apart overnight, and Aldo collapsed. Before the trial, he handed over all the company’s core information and stock certificates to Bruna – at this time, Bruna was the only person he could trust. During the year and a half that Aldo was serving his sentence, only Bruna and her daughter came to visit him, while his other relatives were completely cut off from him and became strangers to him.
   After Aldo was imprisoned, Gucci’s business plummeted and its brand image was greatly damaged. By the time he was released from prison, he had nothing. After experiencing ups and downs, the 81-year-old Aldo is only worried about the future life of Bruna and his daughter. Therefore, after he was released from prison, he auctioned many real estate properties to pay off his debts. In order to leave enough property for Bruna and his youngest daughter, Aldo also sold all his stocks.
   After being released from prison, Aldo spent the last days of his life with Bruna. In 1991, at the age of 85, Aldo Gucci closed his eyes forever. Before his death, Aldo still could not let go of his unyielding lover who had been with him for half his life. Just like himself when he pursued Bruna with great vigor, he once again wrote a passionate love letter to Bruna: “Love is better than love.” Mountains are high, love is deeper than water, thank you for everything you have done for me, and kowtow to my eternal love.”
   Aldo’s death caused a huge blow to Bruna. They had known each other for thirty-seven years, but their days of legitimate and truly happy life were numbered on their hands. The sad Bruna kept recalling everything about her and Aldo: she met Aldo at the age of 18, became his underground lover at the age of 20, and only got a marriage certificate at the age of 45 as she wished. However, all the gifts of fate have been secretly marked with a price. How could she have thought at that time that the happiness she longed for would come at the price of Aldo’s imprisonment and having nothing left.
   Shortly after Aldo’s death, Bruna also passed away in loneliness and pain. In the eyes of the two people who are in love, this year-end love must be sincere. However, in the eyes of the world who are watching indifferently, this love that spans half a century may just be a disaster…

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