The Most Handsome Man in the Middle East: The True Story of Dubai Crown Prince Harmandan

At the conclusion of February 2023, overseas media disseminated news of the birth of another offspring to Dubai’s Crown Prince Harmandan, renowned as the “most aesthetically pleasing gentleman in the Middle East,” from Crown Princess Sheikha, acknowledged as “the most exquisitely stunning lady in the Middle East.” Interestingly, it was not originally Harmandan who held the esteemed title of Dubai’s Crown Prince, but rather his brother Rashid. Furthermore, his cherished wife Sheikha was initially engaged to his brother Rashid. How was it possible for Harmandan to abscond with his brother’s fortune and beauty? This tale commences with the narrative of childhood sweethearts Rashid, Harmandan, and Shekhar…

The “most aesthetically pleasing” individual fell head over heels for the “most exquisitely stunning” lady.

Harmandan, born in November 1982, hails from a lineage of distinction. His father, Mohammed, serves as the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and holds the role of Dubai’s Ruler. Harmandan, the offspring of Mohammed’s eldest wife, Princess Hed, is the second child in the family, with a brother, Rashid, who is one year his senior.

Both siblings possess striking appearances, endearing personalities, and share a harmonious bond. Their cousin, Shekhar, grew up akin to an enchanting doll. As Princess Hed’s niece, she received immense adoration from the royal family. The two brothers delighted in studying and playing with their cousin, and the three of them were inseparable childhood companions.

During the tender stage of first love, Harmandan became deeply enamored with Shekhar. However, Shekhar, still in her youth, had yet to grasp the concept of love. She held equal affection for both Rashid and Harmandan.

As the trio matured, Harmandan’s irresistible charm grew, earning him the moniker “the most aesthetically pleasing man in the Middle East.” Sheikha, too, blossomed into an increasingly breathtaking vision. Her celestial allure astounded onlookers, leading to her being hailed as “the most exquisitely stunning lady in the Middle East.” The coupling of “the most aesthetically pleasing man in the Middle East” and “the most exquisitely stunning woman in the Middle East” appeared to be a celestial match, a union forged in the heavens.

Prince Harmandan embarked on a relentless pursuit of Shekhar. However, at this juncture, Mohammed and Princess Hed had already decided to arrange a union between Rashid and Shekhar. Such intra-family marriages were not uncommon in Arab nations, designed to preserve the sanctity of noble lineage and firmly entwine the status and prosperity of both families. Mohammed and Princess Hed themselves were cousins.

Upon learning of his parents’ arrangement for Rashid and Shekhar’s betrothal, Harmandan sought solace in nightly visits to nightclubs, drowning himself in alcohol for six months.

Initially, Shekhar, too, felt discontent with the notion of a politically motivated marriage. Nevertheless, as time elapsed, her bond with Rashid deepened immeasurably. In comparison to the easygoing Harmandan, Rashid possessed a resolute and self-assured character, rendering him even more captivating in Shekhar’s eyes.

Rashid emerged as an exceptional young man, demonstrating outstanding academic prowess and earning repute within the realm of sports. His mastery of equestrianism was unparalleled. At the 2006 Asian Games, he clinched two gold medals in equestrian competitions, thus earning the distinction of Dubai’s “national hero.” Following his victory, Muhammad personally embraced him and even held his horse, a gesture of immense pride. Subsequently, Rashid established an international racetrack of his own and assumed the chairmanship of the UAE Olympic Committee.

The elder brother basked in the glory of being the crown prince, adorned with an illustrious halo and accompanied by a captivating paramour. Meanwhile, Harmandan, consumed by profound sorrow, perpetually appeared as a melancholic prince in the media’s snapshots.

Eventually, Harmandan likely realized the futility of his despondency, thus opting to follow in his brother’s footsteps and enroll at the Sandhurst Army Officers School for training. A reporter once remarked, “The failure of love has spurred Prince Harmandan to resolutely endeavor.”

Following arduous military training, Harmandan pursued academic studies at the London School of Economics. Upon his return, he assembled a distinguished think tank and employed the financial knowledge he had acquired to establish an investment foundation. In due course, he founded an online university devoted to the democratization of education, ascending to a position of leadership among young entrepreneurs in Dubai.

Notably, Harmandan possesses a multitude of talents and has ventured into diverse domains. Proficient in surfing, equestrianism,business, and philanthropy, he has emerged as a well-rounded individual, admired by many.

As the years passed, Harmandan’s transformation did not go unnoticed. His resilience, determination, and multifaceted accomplishments gradually captured the attention of the media and the public. With his newfound success and charismatic demeanor, he became a prominent figure in Dubai’s social and business circles.

Meanwhile, Rashid and Shekhar’s relationship encountered turbulence. Despite their initial deep connection, the demands of royalty, public appearances, and political obligations strained their bond. Reports of their frequent arguments and disagreements started to surface, leading to speculation about the stability of their union.

In a surprising turn of events, Shekhar, overwhelmed by her tumultuous marriage and growing disillusionment, sought solace in the company of Harmandan. The childhood friends, who had harbored unrequited love for each other, found themselves drawn together once again.

Their shared experiences, deep understanding, and undeniable chemistry reignited the flame that had never truly extinguished. Recognizing their profound connection, Shekhar made the difficult decision to separate from Rashid and pursue a relationship with Harmandan.

Amidst the gossip and controversy that ensued, the royal family faced a delicate situation. Ultimately, the decision was made to support Shekhar’s choice, acknowledging the strength of her feelings for Harmandan and understanding the difficulties she had faced in her marriage to Rashid.

In February 2023, news broke that Shekhar had given birth to a child, marking the beginning of a new chapter in her life with Harmandan. The couple’s union brought both joy and controversy, as it involved the crown prince’s brother and the dissolution of Shekhar’s previous marriage.

The intricate tale of Harmandan, Rashid, and Shekhar highlights the complexities of love, loyalty, and the pursuit of happiness in the face of societal expectations. It reminds us that even within the confines of royalty, individuals are driven by their emotions and desires, and sometimes, fate takes unexpected turns.

It is important to note that the narrative presented here is fictional and created for entertainment purposes. It does not reflect any real events or individuals.

   Until one day, a diplomat from the United States dropped a breaking news. Due to long-term steroid abuse, Rashid is emotionally unstable, prone to going crazy and unable to control his behavior. One day, he suddenly went crazy in the office, lost his mind, and killed his assistant.
   Although the Dubai royal family still strongly denied: “There is absolutely no such thing. This is a frame-up of the Crown Prince and the Dubai royal family.” But in December 2008, Mohammed still abandoned his elders and established a younger one, and suddenly announced that Harmandan would be replaced as the crown prince. The reason is simple and vague: Harmandan is more suitable to be the crown prince. In addition, Rashid’s other brother was appointed as an assistant to the sheikh.
   From that moment on, Mohammed was never seen with Rashid at any event again.
   The various behaviors of the royal family make people believe that all the previous scandals about Rashid are true. But what is puzzling is that just over a year ago, Rashid was a sunny, handsome, young and promising man. Why did he suddenly become so absurd and unbearable? After Rashid fell, Harmandan was the biggest beneficiary. The media and netizens have speculated that it was Harmandan who was causing trouble. This infatuated prince snatched the position of crown prince for love and did not hesitate to kill his brother.
   Indeed, soon after Harmandan came to power, his first request was to get engaged to his cousin Shekhar, whom he had loved for many years. This seems to confirm the rumors that he framed his brother.
   After the news of their engagement was released, Shekhar met with ruthless opposition. She once publicly stated: “I love Rashid, not the crown prince. I want to be Rashid’s wife, not the princess.” In her fierceness After resisting, Harmandan had to order someone to delete the news about their engagement.
   But Harmandan did not intend to give up on Shekhar. He had always refused to marry another woman.
   In 2011, since Rashid became the crown prince, he has become less constrained and his life has become more and more indulgent. He was unable to work well, and even his position as chairman of the UAE Olympic Committee was removed. Shekhar couldn’t bear it anymore and scolded him in public. Unexpectedly, Rashid slapped Shekhar: “How noble do you think you are, you are just a tool for marriage!” At this point, the two completely broke up and went their separate ways.
   Harmandan visited Shekhar’s house several times to comfort Shekhar’s hurt heart. But Shekhar could never forget Rashid and refused to accept Harmandan’s love. A friend of Shekhar revealed: “Shekhar will not accept other men. She still seems to be fantasizing about Rashid getting back together with her.” The
   turning point came in September 2015. Rashid died suddenly of a heart attack in his mansion. Only 34 years old, he will never be able to relive the dream with Shekhar.
   Rashid’s sudden death was so strange that many people blamed Harmandan for this. Because even if Rashid has lost his position as crown prince, as long as he is still in this world, it is impossible for Shekhar to be willing to be with Harmandan.
   “I hate all unfounded speculations!” Harmandan responded on the social networking site. “My brother and I grew up playing together and had a very good relationship. When he passed away, I was extremely sad. I lost a childhood friend and my best friend. Good friend.” However, at the funeral, it was Shekhar who cried extremely sadly.
   In June 2019, after a long wait of 20 years, Harmandan finally married Shekhar at the age of 37. This is not because Shekhar fell in love with Harmandan, but because of the pressure of family marriage. Just as a twisted melon is not sweet, a forced marriage is destined to be unhappy.
  Winning the sincerity of first love after many years For
   a long time, the Dubai media often broke the news that Harmandan and Shekhar were at odds. Although Harmandan once denounced this as “making things out of nothing”, the emotional text he posted on social networks betrayed him. He wrote with emotion: “If you don’t have heart-to-heart love, don’t choose marriage. Because marriage cannot bring love.”
   Shekhar ignored Harmandan’s affectionate remarks. She often went out to attend parties, and the couple spent a lot of time together. few.
   As the crown prince, Harmandan is highly valued and busy with official duties, but he is also willing to give her free space. But when the scandal spread back to the Dubai royal family, Harmandan couldn’t keep it on his face. It turns out that Shekhar attended a yacht party and drank a lot of alcohol at the party. Under the cheers of her friends, she began to take off her clothes in a daze, and finally danced in a sexy bikini to show off her figure.
   The Dubai royal family has always paid attention to face. The royal family members strongly suggested that Harmandan divorce his wife and remarry. This made Harmandan feel unprecedented pressure. He wrote a divorce letter by hand, but tore it up in public. He does not want to divorce the one he loves, and the royal family must find a way to save its face.
   The anxious Harmandan thought of an appropriate way to deal with it: send Shekha to India, thousands of miles away from home, where she would do yoga every day, drink vegetable soup, cultivate her body, and reform her behavior.
   Everyone saw it and were moved by Harmandan’s sincerity towards Shekhar. When a cousin of Harmandan attended the event, he said: “The crown prince loves the princess very much and is completely fascinated by her.”
   Unfortunately, Harmandan’s generosity and good intentions were not taken seriously by Sheikha. . A few months later, she returned from India, still going her own way and ignoring Harmandan.
   Perhaps, Shekhar’s usual indifference broke Harmandan’s heart. Furthermore, as the crown prince, Harmandan cannot be without heirs for a long time. Besides, Dubai is a place of polygamy. In grief and anger, Harmandan married the second princess in a low-key manner. There was no big wedding, and her name wasn’t even revealed. But the second princess had no regrets, she was willing to be the woman behind Harmandan, and dedicated herself to helping the crown prince.
   During a trip, the second princess was secretly photographed by the media. People found the second princess to be beautiful and gentle, and admired Harmandan very much. Gradually, the second princess became more and more favored.
   In May 2021, the second princess successfully gave birth to a pair of twins, a boy and a girl. Harmandan was so happy that he often took photos with his child in his arms and enjoyed family time. Netizens sent him blessings: “Start a new life.” In addition to their blessings, many people left messages: “Now, Princess Sheikha has completely fallen out of favor. The second princess is obedient, and the mother is more valuable than the son.”
   Keha Mandan’s next actions were unexpected. He never forgot Shekhar. Harmandan named the twins. The son was named Rashid, named after his brother who died young; the daughter was named Sheikha, after the princess.
   The naming incident caused a great sensation in Dubai, and people were praising Harmandan for his profound affection. He succeeded in impressing the people, and Shekhar, who had always been as solid as ice, was finally moved. After all this time, the couple’s relationship has finally softened. Occasionally, the two attend events together. A rare smile also appeared on Shekhar’s face.
   Of course, it doesn’t take a day for someone to freeze three feet, and becoming a close partner doesn’t happen overnight. Most of the time, Harmandan and Shekhar are still busy on their own, like two ordinary friends.
   What really made Shekhar let down his guard was Harmandan’s attitude towards twins. He tried his best to be a good father and often took his two children out to play. Take them to see horses, lions, alpacas and other animals. Let the children sit on your shoulders and say hello to the giraffes, and feed the giraffes leaves. When the weather is nice, he takes the children to fly kites. Harmandan likes to travel, and now he takes his two children with him every time he travels abroad, to grasslands and ski resorts…
   Seeing what Harmandan did, Shekhar once said to a friend: “I believe he will also treat us in the future.” The child is very good.”
   Harmandan, who was immersed in the joy of being a “dad”, did not ignore political affairs and handled everything properly, successfully hosting the World Expo and the Horse Racing World Cup. He has also flexed his muscles in business, adding labels such as “handsome and rich prince”, “infatuated husband” and “super dad”, and has become the spokesperson of Dubai’s national image.
   Muhammad is getting old. At 74 years old, he has to use a cane wherever he goes. Rumor has it that he is about to let Harmandan take over. Shekhar’s family felt the pressure and kept putting pressure on Shekhar. Shekhar himself also untied the knot in his heart and began to slowly accept Harmandan. At the end of February 2023, Shekhar gave birth to Harmandan’s legitimate son. Harmandan finally won the true love of his first love and couldn’t wait to announce the good news.
   In just over ten years, Harmandan, who was originally just an ordinary second prince, has now become the real big winner of the Dubai royal family: she has won back her brother’s empire, and she has also won back his brother’s.

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