Midlife Crisis Movies for Women: Relaxing and Enjoyable with Scenic Views

The term “midlife crisis” has been closely associated with men in the past. For example, when I first watched “American Beauty”, I was very young and ignorant. I had no idea that this movie was actually about the existential crisis of middle-aged men, trying to find reasons for their cheating and homophobia.

Men’s mid-life crisis was once a major creative theme for Hollywood filmmakers. Starting in the 1990s, middle-aged women in crisis gradually became the object of film writing. The husband, children, and middle-aged women who serve the family wholeheartedly, want to escape but have no way to escape, are certainly worthy of special mention. This holiday, I recommend a few movies about middle-aged women experiencing crises and trying to solve them. They are relatively relaxing and there are scenery to enjoy along the way.

When Elizabeth Gilbert published her autobiographical novel of the same name in 2006, she probably did not expect that the book would become the “Bible” for women of a certain age. Four years later, a director finally adapted it into a movie and invited middle-aged Julia Roberts to star.

This character has a naturally annoying quality because she has so many good fortunes that other women would be thankful for if they had just one. Her main job is to have someone pay her to travel around the world and write manuscripts, and someone will also pay her another sum of money. With this income, she can afford a house in New York; The man she could not forget; as a female writer, she wrote a script starring a very handsome actor, who quickly fell in love with her; in order to get a divorce, the female writer could boldly say to her husband, “As long as you want Li, you can do whatever you want.”

And this must be a good-looking woman. Regardless of whether she is, since they found the beautiful Ms. Julia Roberts to star, it must be.

It is difficult for the audience to find self-projection in such a character who may even be a bit self-righteous. But Ms. Roberts has a way of making audiences sympathize with her, even when she’s playing a true star in a movie like “Notting Hill.” In this movie, we also found that class is not important, what is important is experience. After reaching a certain age and experiencing certain things in the world, middle-aged female viewers will probably not doubt Liz.choice, and I will definitely feel for her sincere pain .

She said, I have never had a window period in my life. Ever since she was a child, she has been talking about boyfriends one after another, and sometimes she bumps into whoever she bumps into. Just like she has not been divorced yet, she quickly gets mixed up with male actors, without giving herself any window to breathe. At a certain moment, Liz finally realized that in her tireless desire for a relationship between men and women, she was unwilling to face herself.

This discovery made her determined to travel around the world to find herself. When I watched this movie ten years ago, of course I was filled with envy. When I watched it again five years ago, I thought it was a really pretentious woman. But when I watched it again this year, my feelings were different. I was still envious, and I can’t say that I didn’t feel pretentious at all. But more of it turned into admiration. I admire sincerity and bravery. How many people, especially middle-aged people, can give up their comfortable life in a big city and look for something very nihilistic?

However, in fact, many people have done this in the past two years. The aunt Su Min from Zhengzhou who has never lived for herself and finally went on a self-driving trip, and the aunt Li Dongju who found a way to save herself by riding a bicycle after her husband cheated on her was depressed. It’s another Liz.

Ms. Roberts, while not desperately hoping that viewers will like her, does invite viewers to understand the complexities and foibles of middle-aged women.

As a scenic film, “Eat, Pray, Love” is also a leader in its genre. Liz’s journey starts with “eat” in Italy, then goes to “pray” in a temple in India, and finally ends with a love affair in Indonesia. All three countries start with “i”, and one can fully imagine the clever structure of the original work.

Longing for independence and longing to be loved, these two things are contradictory existences at a certain period of time. You see, Liz finally met a man who resonated with her. Before she fully devoted herself to this relationship, She retreated again, as if returning to her old state of imbalance. She stopped moving forward, refusing to jump onto the ship full of symbolic meanings. This withdrawal makes me feel relieved, otherwise this would be a love movie, rather than a middle-aged woman’s journey of self-discovery.

You can also go to “Under the Tuscan Sun” to solve the crisis of middle-aged women. The original work of this story actually precedes “Eat, Pray, Love”. The original work of the same name was published in 1996 and has been on the New York Times bestseller list for more than two years. The movie is slightly different from the original work, but the overall story is about the female writer Susan Meyer, who traveled to Italy after her divorce. During the trip, she made impulse purchases and bought an old house in disrepair in the suburbs of Tuscany. , the story of Ms. Meyer making friends with locals during the renovation of the house.

Ms. Meyer’s book has almost become a shadow hanging over American travel writers of that era, because it was so novel and unexpected at the time, and crucially, too successful. It quickly made Tuscany a popular IP, and in 2003, it was finally adapted into a movie.

Whether it is “Under the Tuscan Sun” or “Eat, Pray, Love”, looking at it now, they are both classic travel movies of the previous era. Travel, as a way for confused and troubled middle-aged women to find themselves, will never go out of style. Recording such a process actually has something in common with the large number of rural life bloggers that appear on our current short video platforms.

Italy is an American pastoral. Our rural life bloggers don’t need to go abroad. The beautiful Jiangnan has a large number of villages and towns that provide cheap old houses and beautiful mountains and rivers, allowing them to live a self-sufficient life and live broadcast beautified life clips. . At the same time, it also creates a dream for the audience to live elsewhere. Looking at the country life of a young couple and the renovation of a middle-class female writer’s Italian country villa are the same to me. They are both examples of ideal life.

Blanchett plays a talented architect when she was young. Now she is in her forties and living in Seattle. She has a daughter with an equally talented engineer. The daughter is in high school. Bernadette has been in the past ten years. I have not worked for many years and have been trying to be a wife and mother, but not very successfully. Bernadette has a somewhat antisocial personality and is at odds with the mothers around her. Some parts of the big house are even a little deserted. In addition, she suffers from severe insomnia and social anxiety. The person she communicates with most is an online personal assistant named Manjula. in India.

The story is worth telling. She was known as a genius architect in the past and won a MacArthur Award. But after her most famous building was bought and destroyed by a celebrity, her family moved from Los Angeles to Seattle. , while also staying away from the architectural world. The starting point of the story line is that her daughter Bee plans to travel to Antarctica, and Bernadette makes several mistakes in her life and is dragged into an existential crisis. So, she “disappeared”. In a family, after the wife/mother disappears, the husband and daughter then embark on the road of search .

Underneath the icy Antarctic beauty and middle-class family structure, this is still a story of a woman searching for herself. It seems that the world does not realize that not every woman is suitable to be a housewife. Bernadette is obviously not suitable. Although she loves her daughter very much and the mother and daughter are as close as sisters, she is completely wrong in the kind of life of husband and wife.

What’s wrong? The psychiatrist hired by her husband concluded that Bernadette was suspected of having suicidal tendencies and must be hospitalized. Bernadette’s old friend said that you are a genius, and genius must create, “I am because of work.”

The audience saw it, and so did her old friends. Ms. Bernadette had a power stirring in her heart, and her talent was knocking on the door, so she almost poured out her words and finished speaking about twenty years in five minutes: The “20 Miles” architectural work praised by the world was bulldozed and built into a parking lot. After several miscarriages, Bee finally arrived. However, Bee suffered from congenital heart disease, so he devoted all his time and energy to his daughter’s life. . Her husband had a successful career and was highly valued by Microsoft, so the family of three settled in Seattle. But her husband couldn’t see it and thought it was a disease that needed to be cured.

The 20 years of a talented architect have passed by in a blink of an eye, but 20 years is really the limit. Now, the balance that has been established so hard is in jeopardy. The unrest came with a landslide following heavy rains. That section of the mountain washed away her neighbor’s home. Her husband and neighbors blamed her for this and wanted to send her to a nursing home to treat her “suicidal tendencies.” So, she escaped through the window.

This scene is very meaningful. Movie fans will smile knowingly when they see this. They have guessed it even before the husband breaks open the bathroom door. There is almost a tradition in Hollywood movies. Those runaway brides realize at the last moment before the wedding that this is not the man they want, and this is not the marriage they want. The awakened brides-to-be all escape from the bathroom window.

When the creator stops creating, the creative force will control the creator. Bernadette escaped to Antarctica, where she finally met an inspiring new student. She was completely attracted by the possibility of building a scientific research station in Antarctica. Her imagination was running wild. She said she was shaking, “the good kind of shaking” “. Creativity will be imprisoned by the family, but like J.K. Rowling or Monroe, they still cannot help but devote themselves to creation after marriage. Some talents cannot even be contained by their families.

For us ordinary people, those hobbies that have been hidden in our hearts for a long time, the interests that we seemed to be good at in childhood, are just a little bit of fluorescence in our hearts. If the stories of genius women have any inspiration for us ordinary people, it should be this, starting from the family Get out of school, learn (regain) painting, piano, tennis, play something you love, and use it to support your middle-aged life .

Last year, I was chatting with a young female director and talking about her mother and feminism. She said that her mother particularly liked the movie “Thelma and Louise” and that since she discovered it, she has watched it over and over again. She would ask her friends who were visiting her daughter’s house and ask them if they knew the consequences of smoking too much. “It will destroy your sexual desire.” It was a bit rebellious for that generation to say the word “libido”, and her mother loved to play this game.

This detail touched me very much, so I found some time to watch “Thelma and Louise” again. While watching it, I couldn’t help but imagine that if I went home for the holidays, I would also like to put my mother on the phone. On the sofa, let her watch the movie again with me. So this holiday, I especially want to recommend this movie to our mothers.

This movie released in 1991 is of course a very classic feminist work. It can be said to be a road movie. A pair of good friends, Thelma and Louise in the title of the movie, decide to drive out for a weekend. Among them, Louise is a little older and works as a waitress in a small restaurant in Arkansas. It is said that she has a boyfriend, but she rarely appears, while Thelma, who is younger than her, is married to a rude and domineering man. . When the two first set out on the road, they set off with the excitement of escaping.

So young Thelma carried two huge boxes and a lot of outfits, and they did have some fun, smoking, drinking and dancing. But something unexpected happened in the bar where they were having fun. A man kept hooking up with Thelma, dancing with her, and finally followed her out to the parking lot to rape Thelma. The man did not expect Thelma to resist, nor did he expect Louise to appear behind him and point a gun at him. Just when the two women turned to leave, the man refused and said, “I should rape you.” Louise became even more angry and fired. The two women’s leisure and relaxation trip suddenly turned into a journey to the end of the world. They originally wanted to use the weekend to briefly escape the predicament of their marriage, but unexpectedly it turned into an irreversible road to freedom.

Why is it called the road to freedom? Among this pair of friends, it was obviously the older Louise who was the backbone at the beginning, while Thelma was a young housewife who had never left the house. By the second half of the movie, she had changed, and even the look on her face had changed. The lines became firmer because she finally saw clearly.

“If you hadn’t stood up, he would have seriously hurt me. And he would have been fine – everyone would have seen us dancing and they would have said I brought it on myself, and the rest of my life would have been worse than it is now, and now, finally At least I’m happy . I’m not sad that that bastard is dead, I’m just sorry that it was you who did it and not me.”

The two had a conversation in the car. They had a big fight before that because Thelma had a “love brain” after meeting the handsome cowboy played by Brad Pitt, which not only caused them to lose all Louise’s savings and revealed that their destination was Mexico. They learned that the FBI was looking for them for murder. The two of them calmed down, especially Selma. She said that she felt that everything was different at this moment. They were obviously wanted fugitives, but this was the first time for her. Feeling hopeful.

Thelma’s husband is a very typical man in a patriarchal society. He is the head of the family. He is proud and satisfied with his role as a regional sales manager. Just the fact that it is impossible for his wife to go out with friends on the weekend can be judged. This is the “villain” of the film—what’s a road movie without a villain—but he’s not the only villain. The handsome cowboy who stole money is the villain, the slightly sympathetic FBI detective is also a villain, and the rapist who was shot to death in the bar is an absolute villain. These characters have names, but one of the writers’ intentions in setting them up is to present different versions of men’s unconscious “misogyny.”

When the screenwriter presented these male traits from a female perspective, the male audience seemed to discover for the first time that these were intolerable things. This is why many of my male friends claimed to like this movie very much. They were not offended. They “learned” a new perspective .

This is of course a movie made thirty years ago. The discussion about “how difficult it is to identify the crime of rape” is already a relatively mature issue from today’s perspective, but the spiritual power of the movie is very moving. I believe that people who live in rural areas or My mom’s generation in small towns can also see resonance in this.

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