A profound and thought-provoking essay on the nature of love

Knowledge is directly proportional to love, a great Italian formula.

Love is one of the countless possibilities of human nature.

Love is great, love is only a part of love.

How many people would know about love if they hadn’t heard about it.

I thought “Jane Eyre” was still good. First, it has noble sentiments; second, it is suitable for young people to read and is a good textbook on love. I didn’t like reading this book when I was young, so I was screwed – I couldn’t understand “Jane Eyre” emotionally, and I was a big idiot. If you can’t understand or don’t like reading romance novels such as “Young Werther”, “Jane Eyre”, “La Traviata” and “Iceland Fisherman”, then you are a layman in love. And I can tell that he is a bad guy and has no future.

Love is a lost proposition. Love is originally a great knowledge and a great talent; most people who have acquired this knowledge do not have this talent, and those who have this talent are even less likely to acquire this knowledge.

Love turns out to be a self-education. Please don’t ignore the word “original”. Some people here are loving, some are being loved, they are very happy, but also very troublesome.

Love, just embrace love.

Love is life, and then life can love.

When love seems good, it is not love, but wisdom and morality.

Love does not have much meaning in the first place. It relies entirely on wisdom and morality to create a magnificent landscape. If you lose your wisdom and morality due to love, you can judge: this is not love, but sexual desire and the wantonness of sexual desire. Anyone who loses wisdom and morality because of love always says: “Please see, for the sake of love, I did not hesitate to abandon wisdom and morality.”

Love is based on sex, transforming into all kinds of non-sexual fantasies and myths – it boils down to sex. It is said that sexual characteristics are the genitals, but in fact the first sexual organ is the face. I’m so sorry that human beings walk around with their sexual characteristics every day.

Sex is noble, unforgettable, and heart-wrenching only under the premise of love. Love without sexual desire is poor. With sex, it can be soulful and brilliant.

Love also has three realms. Teenagers are curious, youth is interested in aesthetics, and middle-aged people are interested in seeking knowledge. As old age approaches, there is no turning back. If the secular relationship is not exhausted, it is appropriate to conduct a metaphysical study of love, as in ancient Greece.

Love is like snow, the new snow is rich and beautiful, but the remaining snow is helpless.

The faces of the old couple always look alike, especially the way they walk.

The meaning of husband and wife is to live together based on morality, obligation, and keep their promises. They cannot ask for love. Love is youth, beauty, and mystery. Husband and wife share blessings and share hardships.

The reason why I can’t write love poems is because I sleep with you day and night.

When I first came to Switzerland, milk and ice cream tasted unprecedentedly delicious. Later, I just thought that milk was milk and ice cream was ice cream. Ask people who have recently arrived in Switzerland and they will tell you that milk and ice cream are very delicious. love?

When it comes to love, it is completely wrong to think that you can achieve success with just one heart! The attractiveness of the image is so cruel that it makes people want to fight for heaven and earth but can only remain silent. Through virtue, through complaints, in short, through everything that is not love, people can give compassion and respect, and then squeeze compassion and respect into love. Such wine cannot make you drunk, nor can it make others drunk. Such wine can only make you sour and bitter. Push away. You will also fall into the dilemma of pushing but not being able to push away and not being able to drink. Therefore, it does not mean that it is obvious to all, it does not mean that it is rare, but it means that the person I love must be a charming person. Ugly and cute is beautiful, and lovers are nothing more than a pair with unique eyes and hearts. Even, I feel that “others can’t see it, only me can see it”, proud and stable, what could be happier.

Beauty is an expression. Other expressions await reactions, such as sadness awaiting pity, majesty awaiting awe, and humor awaiting laughter. Beauty has no purpose and no purpose, so people are attracted to it involuntarily without any specific obligation to respond. In fact, they are moved. In fact, the expression of beauty means love.

I believe in love at first sight, not falling in love at first sight, and not falling in love with each other every day.

Only love at first sight, panic-stricken love, can be intoxicating and frightening. Only then can we be so happy that we are willing to die for it at all times, to know it through death, and to practice again and again. The laws of our own hearts evolve, and the fate of the world’s affairs unfolds unknowingly. I resented him with all my knowledge and awareness, and my resentment was so deep that my heart was filled with hatred.

Only love with all your heart, so much that you think there is no gap, and then drop by drop, half a thread, half a strand, from frustration to despair, everything outside you suddenly changes color and gnashes your teeth and says: You can go and die. At this time, it sounded to me like this: Only the one who once loved me can die.

If love can always be loved, it seems that it is really a deep love, deep to the point of infatuation – it is because the love is just shallow, so shallow that it is almost not love, so it can be sustained. Strong love must turn into hate, because otherwise it is death (otherwise because it is death).

Love and death are the closest. The happiest and most unfortunate love are both close to death. Love that is neither three nor four has nothing to do with death.

“Love” is close to “death” because there is no static love. The strong dynamic of love makes it surge to the extreme in twists and turns, but life has no ultimate, so the ultimate of love can only be death, and it must be death (France) Belle-Louis of Italy and D’Annunzio of Italy tried their best to write but unfortunately did not write it thoroughly). After entering the business world by accident, people who are greedy for life and fear of death are the best at talking about love. When talking, they just want other people’s good-looking faces, and they don’t want their own faces.

People need to be loved by others, otherwise there is no hope. People go to church or raise cats and dogs, but they just want to get a little feeling of love from God or from dogs. But real love should come from and be given to people.

The gate of heaven is a narrow gate, and it has always been thought that only singles can squeeze through. Now I understand that one person cannot squeeze through this door, but two people can squeeze in. If one person cannot enter, but two people squeeze in, it is the gate of heaven.

As long as there is still a pair of eyes that shed tears for you in the world, come and join this joyful banquet.

In the field of love, there is absolutely no strategy. Being a king or a slave are both empty and chasing the wind. The happiness that comes from plotting and plotting is all muddy water. If it does not enter the cup, it will be the same mistakes under the sun and old dreams under the moonlight.

After meeting you, the dark clouds of lust dissipated. I said to myself, look at this last love. Love is sin, a sin by which to atone.

Before you appeared, my life was peaceful, I walked grandly and grandly, and I always anticipated events like a god. Nowadays, I am confused and timid, like the melting spring water, the first stream will flow to you.

You are strong because you don’t love me. I am weak, weak because I love you.

It’s your kindness that makes me have endless aftertaste.

What is sweet and refreshing is the misunderstanding between the lovers that has just been explained.

Words that are said are equal to words that are not said are love words.

I love you because I suddenly feel that you love me.

No matter how thick the door is or how many trees there are, it will become my triumphal arch because of your support.

When a person is missed, knowingly or not, he is already in the arms of the person who misses him.

True love is valiant, Goethe clearly judged it.

I am not jealous of others laughing and chatting with you, I only love your silhouette.

What makes the stage of love colorful and chaotic are all kinds of abnormal love and second-rate and third-rate characters. A first-class lover never has to die, and will never fall out of love, because “I love you, and it has nothing to do with you.”

Dante was born in 1265. He met Beatrice at the age of nine, and love dominated his soul from then on. After another nine years of not communicating with her, Dante was still speechless when he met her again. Later, Beatrice married and died at the age of twenty-five, never knowing that Dante loved her. “Rebirth” is about this period of love – everyone has experienced a hopeless love, “Love is in the heart, death is in the heart”.

All eternal and great love must despair once, disappear once, and die once before it can regain love and know the value of life again.

People in the past were so serious about seducing and losing their virginity.

People who fall in love easily are drinkers who have no tolerance for alcohol.

Being indiscriminate is not sentimental, nor is it ruthless. Being indiscriminate is ruthless and is filled with emotion.

Being frivolous and falling in love with the situation is called indiscriminate love. Falling in love in many directions and without priority is called indiscriminate love. Exaggerating the truth and showing off tricks are called sentimental. Being unconditionally loyal to someone is also called infatuated.

When you love someone, you don’t have a chance to express your love, and then you decide not to love him anymore. Later, I heard news from time to time, and met occasionally… Fortunately, I didn’t say it out loud at that time, and fortunately, I couldn’t really be considered in love after all. I fell in love with another person, and I had many opportunities to express my feelings. Think about it, I became a friend after being lazy, and I am still a friend to this day… Time flies, we talk and laugh on the phone, I feel happy in my heart, it’s okay… otherwise it will be bitter.

When I met my former lover on the road, the scenery of the road changed.

With a holy heart, any recollection will appear to be indulgence.

I didn’t get anything. She has nothing to lose. She didn’t gain anything, and I didn’t lose anything. The most appropriate metaphor is: I picked up a ring in my dream, and I lost a ring in my dream.

It’s not good if love comes, it’s not good if it goes, it’s not good if it doesn’t come or it doesn’t go. Love is troublesome.

First love is mostly object-oriented narcissism.

In fact, every love is first love.

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