How Your Outlook on Life Is Related to Your Preference for Animals

There is a crucial thing in a person’s life. It affects, shapes and determines people. It not only reflects the environment in which a person grows up and the education he receives, but also reflects the person’s future development path.
This thing is exactly a person’s outlook on life – it consists of three parts:
The first is the purpose of life, which is the core of the outlook on life. It illuminates everyone’s way forward, guides people to move forward, and allows people to understand “why they live.”
The second is attitude towards life. Different people have different attitudes towards life. Some people pursue a stable and ordinary life, while others enjoy the process and fruits of struggle.

No matter what kind of attitude towards life, it actually reflects people’s thinking about how they want to live; the third is the value of life, which is the same as the attitude towards life. Some people regard promoting virtue as the meaning of life.
Having said all this, you may never have imagined that your outlook on life is actually related to your preference for animals. This may sound a little unbelievable, but it is indeed the case.
As the pace of modern life accelerates, people’s life pressure is also increasing day by day. Many people choose to keep pets as a way to relieve stress and add fun to life.

Studies have shown that people’s choice of pets may be closely related to their outlook on life.
“Shit shovel officer”
Most cat owners have a “calm” attitude towards life. In their view, one should enjoy life while they are alive, enjoy themselves in time, and eat and play until they grow old.
This is not unfounded. This can actually be seen from the fact that they choose cats as pets, because raising a cat does not require so much time and energy compared to raising a dog. They feed cat food and shovel the food when they get home every day. Just shovel shit and that’s it.
And raising a dog requires taking them out for a walk, which consumes far more time and money than shoveling poop at home. This is very consistent with their philosophy of living for themselves; in addition, “poop scrapers” actually admire the unique characteristics of cats. A temperament.

Most of the cats we see on the Internet are cute and appear to be “harmless”, but is this really the case?
No, in fact, this is just the appearance of the cats that the video author wants you to see. It is their deliberate work for traffic. But most of the time, cats are actually very cold and aloof behind the scenes, as if they don’t care about everything.
Even the majestic owners in the video often need to “warm the face and touch the cold butt”, but it is this temperament that deeply attracts countless cat owners to worship under the cat’s “pomegranate skirt”.
dog lovers
In people’s minds, whether they are swift shepherd dogs, ferocious Tibetan mastiffs, docile VIPs, or cute Samoyeds or huskies, they all have one most prominent feature in common, which is loyalty.

And what this reflects is the outlook on life of dog owners – that is, people need to be concerned and bound by something in this life, just like they are the only bond for dogs.
It can also be inferred from the dog-raising model that dog-raising people have relatively high requirements for the quality of life, and they have strong time management and planning abilities. They not only focus on separating life and work, but also never take work tasks home. .
After get off work, you have plenty of free time to take your dog for a walk and go shopping. On your days off, you also have enough time to take your dog to the pet store for cleaning and care.
Bunny fans
Although rabbits are not as good at expressing their emotions and emotions and interacting with their owners as cats and dogs, they still have a cute appearance, as everyone who knows rabbits knows.

Their hearts are just as gentle and lovely as their appearances. In fact, rabbit owners also have beautiful hearts like rabbits. They are filial to their elders at home, and are generous to others when they go out. They are always able to consider and take care of the feelings of others. Make the people they get along with feel very comfortable and warm, so they tend to gain good popularity;
They also have rabbit-like energy and always maintain a positive, optimistic and curious attitude towards the world, but they tend to focus on exploring the outside world and neglect to dig inward and introspect.
This leads to the fact that they do not have long-term and clear plans for the future, but tend to take one step at a time. They are very eager for a stable life and do not want to have to worry about life.
Perhaps it is more appropriate to use a word that is very popular at the moment to describe them – that is, “bad”.

Always positive and optimistic, they may feel depressed from time to time, but they will not be immersed in sadness for a long time. In addition, they often have one of the biggest shortcomings, which is that their mental endurance may be relatively poor.
Some major changes in life may cause them to fall into despair. Only by meeting a noble person by their side can they avoid ups and downs.

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