Weight Loss Culture: Is It Really Worth It?

  I found that almost all the female friends around me were losing weight. Both young and old people talk about losing weight. In order to lose weight, some people have not tasted meat for three months, and some have even stopped eating staple food for two years.
  At the dinner table, I always feel incredible when I see my female friends eating as carefully as kittens, so I advise: “Come on, eat more. Isn’t there a saying that says, love and food are the only things you can’t live up to? Lose weight.” How much delicious food will I miss? It’s not worth it!” They smiled slightly and said, half seriously and half jokingly: “You can’t live up to love and food, but if you don’t live up to the food, no one will love you if you become a fat person.” I felt even more Incredible. In fact, they are not fat, not even slightly fat, so why are they so stubborn about losing weight? What’s more, “If you weigh more than three digits, you will have no future,” and “Losing weight is a compulsory course for a woman’s life,” and so on.
  I really don’t understand. These people are not celebrities or models. They don’t rely on their faces and figures to make a living. Why are they so cruel to themselves? Besides, in this era, why are women so humble that they live to get love? Isn’t independent personality the support of life?
  Furthermore, no matter in life or in career, no one will look down upon you just because you have lost a few pounds. Such efforts to lose weight did not bring about any breakthrough or change in her life. Long-term weight loss not only misses delicious food and fails to live up to the beauty of the world, but is also harmful to health. As long as you’re not too obese, why do you need to lose weight?
  It was a female friend who revealed the secret. She said: “Don’t you know, weight loss has become a trend now, and everyone is losing weight. And weight loss is also involved, comparing who is thinner and who knows better body management. Many people have become obsessed with this trend. , there is no thinnest, only thinner, which has become their goal!”
  I suddenly realized that, as this friend said, many women just blindly follow the trend. They lost themselves in a wave, and perhaps they never thought about why they wanted to lose weight and how far they had to lose weight before they stopped. I just kept reducing and reducing again, going astray and stubbornly persisting.
  In this impetuous world, various trends will always come unexpectedly. In terms of weight loss, I thought of those parents of “chicken babies” today. Their “involution” over the years has reached an outrageous level.
  Some people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a class in order to improve their children’s grades. Some people sell houses and cars in order to let their children go to a good school. Some people move their families so that their children can go to school in big cities… In this trend In the story, the parents of the “Chicken Baby” and the Eight Immortals cross the sea, each showing their magical powers.
  But what is the final result? Not all your efforts will be rewarded, because children have different qualifications and talents. With such cruel twists and turns, many children who are not talented in this track are eliminated, and all the “investments” of parents are wasted. . And children who are lucky enough to go to a good university may not necessarily have a bright future as their parents expect. The vast majority of mediocre people in this world will eventually become mediocre. Even though you tried your best, you still failed to create brilliance and miracles. In the end, you just lived an ordinary life.
  In fact, many people understand this truth, but they are just wrapped up in the trend and become a grain of sand in the whirlpool, losing themselves, no judgment, and abandoning their individuality.
  In life, it is an ability not to be caught up in the trend. Have a clear judgment and understanding of what you do, don’t follow what others say, don’t follow blindly, know what you want, and always maintain your own personality. Only such people have the ability to control life and life.

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