How to Make the Most of Your Youth: Lessons from My Former Boss

   My former boss was a strong woman with a rich life experience. I learned a lot every time I chatted with her. Once, a young man asked her: What was your first job? I have been interning in a bookstore during the summer vacation, but I feel it is of little value. I have always been afraid and cannot imagine the future.
   Her reply was as follows: I worked at Starbucks when I was twenty, does that make sense? Of course there is, you have to give it meaning yourself. Does it make sense to wash dishes in a restaurant? Yes, you need to figure it out yourself. Does it only make sense to save the earth? By the time you decide to do something meaningful, it may be too late.
   I agree with her point of view. When you were young, you should have struggled and fallen. Thinking too much is like building invisible walls for yourself. Before you can step out, you are locked in place. Many people hope to make a perfect life plan. In the end, neither this nor that will work; this is risky, what if that fails… I spend a lot of time analyzing and listening to suggestions, but my life plan can never keep up with changes, and change is the only constant thing in this world.
   When I was a teenager, my wish was very simple, that is, to be able to solve the problem of food and clothing and no longer ask for money from my family. change the world? I haven’t even fully seen what the world is like. Live your life? I didn’t even think clearly about what I wanted. I did whatever work was thrown at me at that time, such as looking for pictures, looking for news, doing PPT, auditing courses… I never thought about how these would help my future career and life, because I couldn’t figure it out at all. It was not until more than a year later that I mastered the routines and rules of these jobs and understood the basic logical thinking methods. My vision became broader with the accumulation of experience, and my horizons began to reach a higher level, and I started to think more deeply. Broad space for development.
   At that time, social media was just emerging, Weibo was developing rapidly, and various new media platforms were blooming everywhere. I deeply felt that this field has great potential for future development, so I decided to change careers without hesitation. The so-called value and meaning of experience are not given to you by life, but are figured out by yourself. Life is not planned, it is developed step by step.
   As we grow older and make enough mistakes, we must learn to “review”. The so-called review refers to reviewing the past actions and gains and losses at regular intervals, including missed opportunities, wrong decisions, successful experiences, as well as references and guidance for the future.

   When I was in college, I was led by my classmates to do MLM. At that time, I had no idea about MLM. I just felt that I had been taken to listen to several inspiring speeches. I looked at those who made a fortune through MLM, and marveled at those who became national sales directors at a young age. I just thought I could do it too. As a result, in the next two months, I didn’t find a single customer, and I even spent thousands of dollars on my own. Fortunately, I became vigilant at that time, stopped my losses in time, found a way to quit the team, and returned to my normal study life.
   This can be regarded as a small “detour” in my life experience. Looking back many years later, in addition to feeling that I was young and energetic at the time and thought success was too simple, I made several analyses: my personality and abilities are not suitable for sales, and I am very bad at managing people. relation. From now on, I will review my life every once in a while and record the mistakes I have made, the details I have not considered carefully, etc. The lessons and inspirations these “detours” have brought to me are far more than those brought by smooth sailing. achievements are much more valuable.
   The quality of life choices always matches your personal abilities. When people are young, their abilities are limited, and their choices are naturally limited. Grasping a choice and constantly trying and making mistakes is the only way to increase experience and ability. When you reach a certain age and your connections and experience have accumulated to a certain level, you will find that the choices in front of you suddenly become many, and every road seems to be a bright road. At this time, you no longer have the energy to try and make mistakes when you were young, and a review of past experiences can allow you to clearly understand your personal characteristics and desires, so as to make the best choice. At this time, choice begins to become more important than hard work. When you are not qualified to pick and choose, hard work is more important.
   When your ability is not enough to support your ambition, no matter which path you choose, it will be a detour, requiring training and hardship. In this case, it is better to actively try and make mistakes when you are young, accumulate experience, and then constantly analyze and review your life. This is more practical than listening to any plans, suggestions, and principles. No one is a saint. Only by experiencing the loss and regret caused by “mistakes” can you understand the standard and meaning of “correctness”.

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