The World Doesn’t Revolve Around You: A Lesson from Japanese Writer Hideki Wada

   Japanese writer Hideki Wada has written many best-selling books, directed movies, and is a psychiatrist. He is often invited to give lectures and help people answer their spiritual confusions.
   During one speech, he conducted such an experiment: After speaking for more than ten minutes, he suddenly stopped, went backstage, put on his coat, and returned to the stage. He asked the audience: “Please recall, what kind of shirt did I wear just now?”
   Most of the audience were confused by the question because they didn’t notice; one or two people confidently gave the answer, but it was different from the real situation. Not relevant at all. For example, someone said that he was wearing a blue tie just now, but the truth is that he was not wearing a tie at all.
   Hideki Wada uses this little experiment to tell everyone: others’ evaluations of us may not be accurate. “Whether it’s your clothes or your every move, people actually won’t pay attention to you so seriously.” Many times, we take it for granted that we are the only ones
   . You are the center of this little world – at home, at work, on the street… there must be many people paying attention to you, observing your every move, and your every word and deed is also affecting other people. Actually that’s not the case at all. Everyone has their own life and world, and everyone is busy with their own affairs. Unless necessary, few people pay special attention to others.
   You see, even Hideki Wada, a bright celebrity who stands in the center of everyone’s attention, has been ignored by the audience – everyone comes to listen to his speech to get what they want, rather than to study him. of.

   Most people in our lives appear as passers-by; and you are not the center of their attention. Your appearance will be welcomed by others; no one will care about your disappearance. No matter who is missing in the unit, it will continue to operate as usual; no matter who is missing in the world, the sun will still rise as usual.
   So, don’t take yourself too seriously, you are not as important as you think.
   We are not the brightest pearls in the world, nor the most flawless jade in the world. We are just a drop in the ocean, an insignificant role… Maybe on a certain stage, you are the protagonist of the show and the star of attention; but when the colorful lights go out, you have to return to your own life. Living forever in fanatical illusions is narcissistic and ignorant. In the eyes of a farmer, you are far less important than his crops; in the eyes of a shepherd, you are far less important than his flock of sheep; in the eyes of parents, you are far less important than their children.
   The world is still turning without you. You are not the center of the world.
   If you take yourself too seriously, you will miss out on a lot of really important people and things. Because when you regard yourself as the center of the world, you only think about yourself and cannot hear the response of the world to you; or you care too much about other people’s attitude towards you and the way they look at you, and as a result, you constrain yourself and lose your original self. State and rhythm. When you understand that you are not the center of the world, you will find that you have put yourself among everyone, and your heart will naturally sink.
   There was indeed a time when we were the center of a small family and the center in the eyes of our relatives. Whenever we cried or made a fuss, someone would come over to caress and caress us, but that was during the infant and toddler period. Yes, we will also be evaluated and judged by the outside world many times and on many occasions. At this time, you should be self-aware. The outside world is only expressing their own opinions, inevitably carrying the perceptions and prejudices given to them by their past and present. And you are you, don’t rely on other people’s eyes and opinions to prove yourself.
   It is normal to have shortcomings and deficiencies. Who is the perfect God? After reading “The Great Gatsby”, the first thing you need to understand is: “Even if you try your best, even if you have all the luck, even if you do your best, you still can’t get everything you want.” Because the world It doesn’t revolve around you.
   You are not the center of the world. Therefore, accept yourself calmly, accept your own good points, and accept your own bad points. In this way, you will get out of the thinking circle and see the essence of things more rationally.
   We are social animals and none of us can live alone. Most of our troubles come from interpersonal relationships; a lot of happiness and beauty also come from interpersonal relationships. Each of us is a part of the larger social system, but we are not the center of the world. We can only successfully solve a series of problems and challenges in life and live a happy life by communicating, collaborating, helping each other, and constantly making our own contributions to life, others, and society.

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