A Father’s Letter to His Daughter on Her First Day of Kindergarten: A Journey of Growth and Independence

 Upon my birth, my initial cry brought tears of joy; as I babbled, uttering “Daddy” for the first time filled my heart with love. Taking my first steps as a toddler marked the beginning of my worldly exploration… In the blink of an eye, my daughter turned three years old. With her entry into kindergarten, her life embraced not only family but also more intricate “social relationships,” entering a new phase. Contemplating her first day of collective existence, sleep eluded me in the night. Unsure if I was excited or worried, my partner mocked my needless concerns. Unable to sleep, I arose and penned the inaugural letter between a father and daughter.

  Dear daughter:
  Today marks your first day at kindergarten, venturing into a new environment. Dad extends his congratulations. You will forge new friendships and learn alongside new teachers!

  Grandpa and grandma escorted you to school. You appeared brave and joyful. I overheard grandma mention your smile and wave as you bid them farewell upon entering kindergarten. You are remarkable! Unlike some children, you didn’t shed tears on your initial school day due to your reluctance to part with your parents. Instead, you displayed a hint of hesitation, quietly joining your classmates, finding your place, and pondering…

  Dad holds great affection for you. You possess individuality and remain unswayed by others. Moreover, you are always ready to lend a listening ear and aid those in need. As for your “flaw,” to speak lightly, it’s simply a touch of shyness—a charming imperfection.

  Regarding your initiation into kindergarten, Dad feels somewhat perplexed and adrift. This line of thinking reverberates in my mind: “The bond between father-daughter and mother-son signifies an enduring connection in this lifetime. Watching him fade into the distance, you stand at this path’s edge, observing his gradual disappearance at the turning point, his back silently conveying that pursuit is unnecessary.” This plunges me into melancholy, even knowing that your independence lies far ahead. Nevertheless, Dad earnestly wishes for your gradual growth.

  This doesn’t imply that your father has no expectations for you. He hopes you acquire various skills at kindergarten, such as fetching water when you’re thirsty, expressing your need for assistance generously, expanding your vocabulary, and exploring the world with ease… Perhaps I overthink, and I implore your forgiveness for obsessing over petty matters and causing “care to lead to chaos.”

  Dear daughter, you haven’t fully matured, and yet, I find myself already reminiscing about your younger days…

  Love you, Dad
   September 1, 2023
  This letter is destined to reach you late. It will be years before you can read it, and even longer until you comprehend its essence. Nevertheless, I’ve captured my emotions in this moment, allowing time to transform them into amber. Whether it is my daughter or myself as a father who revisits this experience in the future, it shall remain constant.

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