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Did the US Government Really Cover Up Evidence of Alien Life? A Breakdown of Shocking Testimonies from UFO Hearings

  A few days ago, the U.S. Congress held a hearing that shocked the world on UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). Three witnesses gave shocking testimony.
  One of the witnesses, former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer David Grush, frequently broke the news, claiming that the United States has concealed the truth about “alien creatures” and “UAPs” from the public for decades. He pointed out that the United States possesses alien remains, hides alien spacecraft, and even gave a vague answer to the question “whether relevant agencies have harmed insiders to keep it secret.”
Will alien visitors “finally see the light of day”? What happened at the UFO hearings

  When you see a huge, twinkling luminous object floating far in the sky, it is not the moon, but it is bigger and brighter than the stars. At this time, what will you think of?
  Jimmy Carter, a former U.S. senator and governor of Georgia, witnessed this “mysterious flash” on his way to get off work in 1969 and believed he had seen a UFO. For the next four years, Carter was obsessed with this, but kept it secret until 1973, when he decided to submit a report to the International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma.
  The verdict? Very boring. Some basic astronomical evidence showed that what Carter saw on that date and location was Venus – whose extreme brightness has fooled many UFO believers. Carter is not the only U.S. government official interested in “unidentified aerial phenomena.”
  In 2016, then-US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was asked about UAP in an interview, and she responded: “There are a lot of (UAP-related) stories in the world, and I don’t think every one of them is just people sitting in their kitchens. Made it up.” In 2021, Barack Obama responded to a similar question, saying: “We have photographed and recorded some airborne objects… At this time we cannot explain how they move, including their trajectories. Therefore, I think people are always trying to conduct formal investigations to find out what this is.”
  Recently, the U.S. Congress has provided another opportunity for those who believe in the existence of UAP. The one who stood out the most during the day-long conference was the aforementioned David Grush.
  In 2019, Grush was asked to lead a government task force on UFO sightings, and it wasn’t a dry job – so far, U.S. Navy pilots and other U.S. military personnel have reported more than 650 flying objects. Examples of various unconventional ways of moving. These motion trajectories defy traditional aeronautical physics. They rotate and reciprocate, changing the direction of motion with an agility that is unmatched by existing technology. Moreover, they all produced no detectable exhaust fumes, and occasionally they swerved a little suddenly. But in common sense, such a movement must produce fatal g-forces for anyone who may be in the cabin.
  This time, Grush’s testimony went beyond mere sightings. According to him, the United States has had the remains of crashed UFOs for decades and has been trying to reverse engineer them. Not only that, but the government has treated “non-human organisms” and has been aware of “non-human” activities since the 1930s.
  However, at the meeting, when Grush’s testimony unfolded, people discovered that there were frequent loopholes in it.

  David Grush claims that he has interviewed 40 “informants” over the past four years and is certain that the federal government has UFOs. During his tenure, he also led the Department of Defense’s analysis of UFO sightings and learned that the Pentagon had a “decades” project to collect and reconstruct crashed UFOs. The project is “not subject to congressional oversight” and the funds used are “misappropriated funds”, that is, funds that were originally used for other projects. However, he also specifically stated that although he was informed about the crash recovery and reverse engineering project, he was “denied access” to the actual project.
  According to Grush, he has not personally spotted a UFO, but he told the committee that he has interviewed people who treat “non-human organisms” and is aware of multiple colleagues who have been injured in UFO investigations. . The wording is quite vague, as if he refers to the creatures in the aircraft as “non-human” rather than aliens or extraterrestrial beings. You know, some space programs will also send animals into space. It is very likely that these wreckage and “non-human beings” are just a failed space experiment of a certain country.
  ”It was discovered that the UFO accelerated to ‘supersonic speed’.” Another witness, former US Navy Commander David Fravor, also provided eyewitness testimony. In 2004, he and three comrades discovered a white tic-tac-toe-shaped object hovering under their plane over the Pacific Ocean. As he prepared to land for inspection, he discovered that the unidentified aircraft had no visible rotors, wings or exhausts and began to ascend toward his fighter. He claimed that the unidentified craft then disappeared and reappeared seconds later, but this time it was detected from 60 miles away. Fravor told the committee that the aircraft and flying technology he and his team saw defied logical explanation. “Their technology is far more advanced than anything we have now, or plan to develop over the next decade or so,” Fravor said.
The folk “contact history” of extraterrestrial creatures is weird or true? Romantic or realistic?

  This hearing still leaves many doubts unresolved, but at least it sends a message to people: there will be more reports about the UAP in the future, and more official information about the UAP will become transparent.
  In fact, people’s imagination about UFOs has been around since ancient times and has never stopped.

  As early as the Song Dynasty, Su Shi suspected of encountering extraterrestrial visitors, and wrote this in “Visiting Jinshan Temple”: “There seemed to be torches in the river, and the flying flames shone on the mountains, and the birds were frightened. I lay down in despair, and I couldn’t recognize it. It was neither a ghost nor a human being.” What is it?” This flame-like thing flew around in the air, frightening all the birds in the mountains. But he couldn’t see what it was, and he didn’t know where they came from or why they were flying in the air. .
  Similarly, in the West, there are also relevant records in ancient Europe. In April 1561, a strange celestial phenomenon occurred over the German city of Nuremberg. Citizens at that time saw many objects of different shapes and colors appearing in the sky, which seemed to be colliding and fighting with each other. Finally, one of the round objects fell to the ground and started a fire. At that time, there was a woodcut artist named Hans Glaser. He drew a picture based on the eyewitness’s description and attached a text description. This painting is considered to be one of the earliest images documenting alien events.
  In modern times, the most sensational UFO sighting incident is the Roswell incident in New Mexico, USA. In July 1947, a mysterious explosion occurred on a farm near the small town of Roswell. Farmer Mike Bledsoe discovered some strange debris, including metal pieces, rubber strips, wooden sticks, and paper. He thought it was a crashed plane and reported it to local police. Soon, the U.S. military quickly dispatched and took control of the scene, took away all the wreckage, and claimed that it was just the wreckage of a weather balloon. However, this statement aroused doubts and protests from UFO enthusiasts around the world. They believed that the United States had covered up the truth. In fact, it was a crashed alien spacecraft, and they even said that alien corpses were taken away.
  The Roswell incident has not been conclusive to this day, but in 1994 and 1997, the U.S. Air Force issued two reports explaining the incident. The report stated that it was not a weather balloon that crashed at that time, but a highly classified military project called Project Mogel. The plan was to use high-altitude balloons carrying sonar equipment to detect Soviet movements. The report also stated that the rumors about alien corpses were actually caused by misunderstandings caused by some experiments using dummies to simulate falling from high altitudes.

  Most of our country’s folk sightings of aliens are similar to “absurd comedies” and appear in the public eye. For example, once, a villager in Shandong claimed that he had caught an alien. The reporter who went to interview him was full of curiosity, but only saw a low-quality silicone model in his freezer. In the 1980s and 1990s, “UFOology” was once popular in the world as an “explicit science”. The folk magazine “UFO Exploration” was also established. It regarded itself as a popular science journal, but it published a lot of curious content: human ancestors are aliens, the principle of movement of flying saucers is the same as that of electric fans, and people hold a pot on their head. It can be used to receive information from the universe and help the human body achieve “sensation between heaven and man”…
  So, behind the many speculations, do aliens really exist?
Do aliens really exist? How difficult is it to reach the Earth from space?

  The vastness of the universe is currently unknown. But what is now known is that there are as many as 400 billion stars in the Milky Way alone, each star is surrounded by at least one planet, and many stars are surrounded by multiple planets, just like the solar system. Then, the Earth should have at least 20 billion brothers and sisters in the Milky Way, let alone outside the Milky Way. Therefore, some scientists believe that there must be life outside the earth.
  Recently, the American magazine “Popular Science” claimed that in 2002, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) sent a radio signal to the probe “Pioneer 12”. At the same time, this signal also reached a place about 27 light-years away from the earth. star. If aliens intercept the signal, they could contact us as soon as 2029.
  Although some scientists have expressed doubts about this and believe that the probability of success of the experiment is extremely low, it has also been confirmed from the side that some professionals believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. Some experts said: “The possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life is 99%. Because humans have observed many terrestrial planets with environments similar to the earth. Since life exists on the earth, there is also reason to believe that there will be life on some planets. .”

  As the world’s largest single-aperture radio telescope, the “China Sky Eye”‘s 500-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) will lock into space outside the solar system and search for planets with a magnetic field like the Earth within a range of about 100 light-years from the Earth. , to help search for extraterrestrial life. According to Science and Technology Daily, “China’s Sky Eye” has received multiple signals from suspected aliens after officially launching its search for extraterrestrial civilizations. These candidate signals all have suspicious technical traces, which also means that these signals are most likely “artificial signals” rather than generated by natural causes.

  In addition, NASA has established a special UFO investigation team, and Rogozin of the Russian Space Agency also said in an interview that “aliens are observing the earth.” This has made people expect that we are no longer far away from the truth. But even if extraterrestrial creatures really exist, can they reach the earth through the stars and be seen by us?
  Our galaxy is about 100,000 light-years in diameter, and the distance of one light-year is nearly 9 trillion kilometers. Unless there are some other units of measurement unknown to us, nothing can exceed the speed of light, and simply getting close to it would require astonishing technological achievements. Now multiply all those numbers by 2 trillion—the number of galaxies in the universe as seen by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. This would require a visiting spacecraft to travel through countless planets and much space before reaching our little world.
  Although humans claim to be intelligent life, the only signs of this “wisdom” in the boundless universe are radio and other electromagnetic transmission systems. Since the first radio signal was sent in 1895, scientists have been sending similar signals into space. Although these signals propagate at the speed of light, even today they cannot break through the “envelope” of the universe, which is extremely close to the earth – about 128 light-years. So, if visits from extraterrestrial beings are real, how can they detect us? The only answer is the overwhelming power of technology.
  Maybe such “intelligent” cosmic neighbors do exist, maybe they really have invented technology that approaches the speed of light, maybe they have been visiting us since the last century. But if these are true, is it a good thing for human beings?

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