The Secret to Finding Time for What Matters Most

When I returned home from an excursion, I chanced upon a young couple engaged in a dispute on the second floor as I ascended the staircase. The woman vociferated, “Apart from your professional engagements, what endeavors have you undertaken for the betterment of our household throughout the day?” The man retorted, “I dedicate my entire day to my occupation; how can I possibly find the time to engage in domestic chores such as laundry and culinary pursuits?” These utterances abruptly prompted me to ponder a question: do we possess any spare moments outside of our work commitments?

The answer, undoubtedly, is affirmative. Huxley, the esteemed British naturalist and educator, once proclaimed that time is the most equitable bestowal, granting every individual a fixed span of twenty-four hours; yet, time is also the most impartial, denying anyone a surplus of twenty-four hours. My interpretation is that each day consists of twenty-four hours. If we allocate our time judiciously and prudently, we can accomplish more than what is typically achievable within that time frame. However, if we fritter it away aimlessly, our additional time may become bereft of significance. In a similar vein, many individuals bemoan the arduousness and fatigue they endure at their professions, failing to acknowledge that post-work hours should be designated for relaxation and leisure pursued in a conscientious manner. For instance, instead of idling away time by “lounging” with one’s mobile device, it is preferable to lend a hand in the kitchen to assist one’s partner in culinary endeavors or engage in meaningful conversations with one’s children to inquire about their homework. Such actions would undeniably contribute to the overall happiness quotient within the family. Once we become accustomed to contributing to our families, we will realize that, beyond our professional obligations, we possess ample time to share with our loved ones. We will suddenly apprehend that, in addition to our employment, we can also partake in a multitude of captivating activities. Therefore, when we exclaim “there’s no time,” it would be prudent to introspect and consider whether we are making the most of our fragmented leisure time. Are we spending hours engrossed in mobile phone usage during our leisure hours?

Not long ago, I contemplated enrolling for a professional certification exam, but I believed I lacked the time. Upon reflection, aside from my professional commitments, I am also responsible for attending to my two children’s homework, tending to mundane household chores, engaging in shopping expeditions, and indulging in television dramas. How could I possibly spare any additional time? In order to enhance my competitiveness within the workplace, I resolutely decided to enroll. As I began preparing for the exam, I gradually discovered that I did, indeed, possess the time. Once I commenced pursuing my aspirations, I effectively managed my time. Firstly, I curtailed my leisure hours and substantially reduced my usage of the mobile phone. I also engaged in discussions with my family, ensuring that everyone shared the household responsibilities. While assisting my children with their homework, I concurrently immersed myself in reading books. This not only enabled me to review and prepare for my exams but also set a valuable example for my children to emulate in their studies. The diligent bees, perpetually toiling, never find time for despondency. This adage holds true, as I managed to carve out time for myself.

Gorky aptly articulated, “If we desire to live, we must construct for ourselves a timepiece brimming with sentiments, thoughts, and actions, replacing the mundane, monotonous, soul-sapping, reproachful, and frigid clock that presently governs our lives.” Time relentlessly ticks away, and I concur with this sentiment. Time extends its impartiality to all, and as long as we earnestly seek it, we shall discover its presence.

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