Haruki Murakami and His Wife Yoko: A Love Story That Defies Time

  In the 1990s, the famous Japanese writer Haruki Murakami’s masterpiece “Norwegian Wood” was introduced to China, setting off a reading craze. As a writer who is good at writing love stories, Haruki Murakami himself is very shy and does not socialize much. But regarding his personal love life, when he was young, he once said: “In this world, there are always people who don’t believe in love at first sight, and it is indeed love at first sight.” Exists.” In 1968, when the plain-faced Yoko Takahashi with waist-length hair appeared in view, the 19-year-old Haruki Murakami was even more certain of this sentence.
  I was lucky enough to meet her.
  In 1949, Haruki Murakami was born in an ordinary teacher’s family. Under the influence of his father, he loved books and became a bookworm. When he was in middle school, he published articles in the school magazine and translated his favorite Western novels, but he didn’t need to study. He was often scolded by his teachers and his parents were disappointed because of his poor academic performance. As a result, he became rebellious.
  Although he was admitted to Waseda University in Japan with his literary qualities, he hardly attended classes. In the library, Haruki Murakami “wasted a year indifferently while dozing off.” He worked odd jobs here and there, was crazy about jazz, grew his hair long, went to bars, hiked, and even slept on the streets.
  Fortunately, Haruki Murakami met Yoko Takahashi in the school reading room. Seeing her, he softened inexplicably. He was pleasantly surprised to find that, like him, she also enjoyed watching the “World History” series. Yoko’s speed is one volume a day, but there is only one set of books, so those who come early will inevitably be preempted. In order to occupy the book for her, Haruki Murakami became the earliest student in the reading room.
  One handed it over and the other took it, everything was silent, as if it should be like this.
  Soon, it was time for Yoko to read the last volume. Haruki Murakami plucked up the courage to put a note in the book, which said: “I want to get to know you, I will wait for you at the door of the library.” Like
  . After waiting for a century, Yoko finally appeared at the door. But regarding the relationship requested by Haruki Murakami, Yoko said seriously: “If the temple bell rings 109 times, I will promise you!” Haruki Murakami’s heart suddenly fell to the bottom. Under normal circumstances, the temple bell only rings 108 times. .
  When the bell rang, he closed his eyes and prayed nervously. After the 108th sound, he was about to open his eyes when the bell suddenly rang again! He must have moved the gods, Haruki Murakami was ecstatic. When he opened his eyes, Yoko was looking at him with a smile.
  Love is so beautiful. Haruki Murakami has changed from a “problem boy” back to the “study boy” he once was. A shy, sincere and sunny boy is back. Even more fortunately, she also likes reading, jazz, and cats, his three favorite things, and he has found someone who understands him.
  In 1971, despite their family’s objections, they made a private decision to get married.
  Time has not left a trace, love remains unchanged.
  After that, the two went to work in a record store during the day and in a cafe at night. Three years later, they borrowed money from everywhere and opened a small bar with a jazz theme, named “Peter the Cat”.
  In 1981, 32-year-old Haruki Murakami decided to close the bar that had been open for many years and concentrate on writing novels. When everyone was against it, Yoko chose to support him, even though the bar business was booming and even though she never thought he would become famous. Doing what she likes is happiness to her.
  From then on, he immersed himself in climbing grids, while she took care of his daily life and made suggestions for his works. Because she had “very sharp opinions”, they would inevitably quarrel, but he would still obediently revise the draft in the end, sometimes having to revise a detail five or six times.
  In order to make a living, they also sold their houses and moved to the countryside. Two years later, the “Youth Trilogy” was completed. Haruki Murakami “was like swimming for a long, long time, and his hand finally touched the shore.” He finally stepped onto the stage as a novelist.
  Within three years, two novels, a collection of short stories, and several translations were published one after another. Among them was “Norwegian Wood”, which later established Murakami Haruki’s literary status.
  Haruki Murakami’s fame is growing. Every work he publishes is sought after by the world, and he has even been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature many times. But Yoko has always kept a low profile. She doesn’t like to appear in the mass media, and she even takes very few public photos.
  ”I, my wife, plus a cat, live quietly together.” After more than 50 years of marriage, nothing has changed over the years. Every midnight, Haruki Murakami would thank God for the 109th bell. On New Year’s Eve, in order to pray for the newly born babies nearby, the temple would ring the bell again after the 108th ring. There must be 109 rings, Yoko knew this in advance. “I love you, and you also happen to love me”, how wonderful! Love is sometimes doomed.

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