My Cross-Species Love with Two Birds: How They Heal Me and Teach Me to Love Nature

  I haven’t needed an alarm clock in years. Because there are two birds at home, one is a parrot, which was abandoned because of a broken leg. When he came here, he was already suffering from depression and always tore his wings until they were bloodshot; the other was a gray magpie, whose parent bird could not be raised. I don’t know why he died outside the nest. This orphan was sent to me after the rain. He was extremely weak and I thought I couldn’t save him.
  The perception of small animals is more sensitive than that of humans. If you give it a little love, it will have endless power to survive. Their efforts are actually healing me.
  Every morning when the two birds wake up, they must see me, so as soon as it gets light, the gray magpies start kicking at the door, and the parrots yell in cooperation. No matter how deep I sleep, I still have to open the door for them and put them in the bedroom. They rushed in, one went to sleep on the curtain rod, and the other lay down directly next to the pillow, like a person. The noise finally disappeared from my ears, and I planned to sleep for a while. But how long they sleep depends on when they wake up. These half-brained animals sleep very short periods of time. Parrots often stand in my ears and shout “Mom”, “Baby” and “Hello, little baby”, while the gray magpie uses its long beak to pry my teeth, or simply presses its nose on my face and jumps on my eyelids. . There was such a big movement that anyone pretending to be asleep had to get up.
  After the parrot’s sweet words, the gray magpie had already placed all kinds of food it usually hid around my body. When I stood by the bed, I looked at the bed again. There was a human figure like a sacrificial altar, surrounded by small walnut skins and dry Egg yolks, bird food, cucumber heads, cherry stones, dirty toilet paper, coins… Well done! This is the bird expressing its love. Can I criticize others? cannot! Sweep the bed and throw it all away. The gray magpie shouted “Ahhh”, not understanding why I let it down so much.
  In order to reduce my debt, I had to get up early. At least there was movement in the living room. As soon as they started barking, I would get up and wander in front of their eyes. This way, they don’t have to worry about preparing messy breakfast gifts for my “little baby”.
  It’s not unusual for a parrot to be able to speak human language, but what’s strange is that this bird has become particularly house-keeping since recovering from depression. It likes paper boxes and stores all the things it likes in the boxes, layer by layer, so that I have to go to its box every day to get my glasses, my door keys, my pens, etc. , but nothing can be lost.
  The gray magpie stayed at home firmly after being released again and again, and worked harder to deliver things to me. It will stuff everything it thinks is delicious into me. If you don’t want it, it will put it into your hair, cover it up, and step on it twice with its feet. Or it may look at me sitting and directly lift up my clothes. Delicious stuff tucked into the waistband of your pants.
  The cross-species love between mother and child makes me have to check whether there are bird droppings in my hair or shoulders, and whether there are bugs or rotten fruit in my shoes every time before I go out.
  Sometimes there is no one at home and I happen to be on a business trip, so I can only chat with them through the camera. It wasn’t until one night a few days later that I found the two birds sleeping next to the camera when I opened the door. Probably because they thought their mother’s voice was coming from here, they kept waiting beside the camera and refused to leave. When they saw me coming in, the two birds immediately flew over, and the wind under their wings was full of love.
  Every animal is giving me life education, how to treat life, companions, food, and love. Their pure eyes are like a filter, filtering out human arrogance and greed. After being with animals for a long time, I yearn for nature even more. I always wanted to see the free and unrestrained life in their natural habitat, so I started my daily bird watching in the wild and began to inspect the biodiversity of many nature reserves.
  Year after year I wait for the migrating birds, which is their commitment to life for thousands of years. Every time I see the brand-new breeding feathers, I see them performing artistic courtship performances in the forest or on the lake. Everyone will feel the magic of nature.
  I am also like a bird. I wake up naturally at dawn and drive to the wilderness in the nearby suburbs to observe birds with a telescope. If I am lucky, I will encounter snakes, weasels, hedgehogs, hares, muskrats, etc. When I returned to the city at seven or eight in the morning, my body and mind were fully charged. Because of small animals, I think the world is cute.
  Summer is the time when most birds are picked up, and chicks always stumble when learning to fly. Nature has its own laws, and sometimes ignoring them is the greatest help. Many people ask me what to do if they find birds. Some people even drove eight magpie chicks to my place. I always say, “Give their babies back”! As long as the birds are not injured, are not exposed to harsh weather conditions, and their vital signs are not threatened, do not show love. You can place the chicks on a higher, more secluded platform or tree branch to avoid stray cats. You can also call the local wildlife protection department as soon as possible, and they can also guide you on what to do.
  In fact, I have always felt guilty about the gray magpie at home, even though it was dying when it arrived, kept pulling water, could not stand, and could only wait to die if it was not saved. But after it is rescued, it will have imprinted memories of people and treat people as its parents. If it returns to nature, its survival rate will be very low. I have been trying to take it to socialize with a flock of gray magpies in the wild, but I am reluctant to do so. The other party rejects and attacks it, and it also looks down on birds that look like it. I can only let it enthusiastically bring me all kinds of delicious food every day at home. The guilt often makes me feel like a knife. I hope that it can integrate into the flock of birds and have children in nature.
  The uncertainty of nature is fascinating. In the same wetland, you will see different stories every time you go. Nature education also belongs to aesthetics, allowing us to understand the beauty of nature.
  I hope that more people can start by watching a bird and go to many places to experience the gifts of nature through the bird species records with distinct seasons. Go to the mountains and climb trees to eat wild mulberries, stand on tiptoes to eat wild cherries, bend down to break off newly sprouted bamboo shoots, gently pick out fresh fungi from the soil… When you enter nature,
  you will find beauty everywhere. All things have spirits, let us protect each other with love.

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