Introverted Smart People: A Blessing and a Curse

We all live on the earth, but people are very different.
For example, in the same village, everyone’s living environment is basically the same. When it rains, everyone is likely to get wet.
When the weather is cold, everyone is likely to freeze and eat the same amount of food, but their appearance and personality vary greatly.
Some people are successful in their careers, while others are mediocre. How to explain this phenomenon?
Medical scientists have their own views, philosophers have their own views, sociologists have their own views, and psychologists have different views from the above-mentioned experts. Of course, sometimes there is overlap.

Psychologists have found that smarter people tend not to like to socialize, which means that their circle of friends is very narrow , and their willingness to socialize is inversely proportional to their social ability and their intelligence. The fewer friends they have, the less they like to interact with people, and the more likely they are to interact with others. Be smart. Why is this so?

01 Social needs and real roles

It may be that people who have less contact with friends have more time, so they have enough time to think and learn, and of course they become smarter and smarter.
In addition to having ample time, it is not easy to be disturbed by other people’s thinking, so that you can think about a problem repeatedly and deeply, allowing yourself to continuously gain experience and improve your discernment ability, that is, becoming smarter, which may also be a factor that cannot be ignored.

Why are there so few smart people? Maybe it’s because most people don’t like to be alone, but like to live in groups.
Humans are social animals with a gregarious mood, just like ants, hippos and other animals. Of course, humans are much smarter than animals. People who like to live alone, in addition to being smarter, sometimes see problems from a different perspective.
Of course, these different perspectives may sometimes appear to be extreme, but the solution to the problem may be simpler and more effective. Why are people who like to live alone smarter and have a more sophisticated perspective on problems?
This is because they are not easily influenced by other people’s thinking, so it is difficult for them to follow the crowd, so they have unique perspectives and can see far.
His unconventional views make it difficult to have common topics with others.

As a result, the longer the cycle lasts, the more vicious the cycle becomes and the more withdrawn the person becomes. Some people would say, don’t people with such a personality feel lonely?
Wrong, they do not feel lonely, because in the process of constant thinking, they can gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which can fill the emptiness in their hearts.
Of course, he didn’t have time to think about loneliness. This kind of smart person especially likes to think and looks for all events to think about.
Just like Newton, when he sees an apple falling to the ground, he will think about it. Such people sometimes experience a decline in their ability to live.

In other words, they have made countless achievements in scientific research, but they are in a mess in life. They cannot wash clothes or cook, and they often even make major mistakes. For example, the famous mathematician Chen Jingrun once hit a tree while walking. In the book, Newton once put the pocket watch into the pot like an egg.

02 High IQ: Behind loneliness is carnival

To be more precise, people who like to be alone have high IQ, low EQ, and tend to be introverted. Although his introverted personality prevents him from getting a lot of timely help from the outside world, his heart is very strong.
Regrettably, these often achieve great achievements in theoretical research, but rarely in practical inventions and creations.

Why might they be poor at researching practical products?
This is precisely because they are often alone, do not interact with others, and cannot understand the actual needs of others, so they can only think about problems that others do not pay attention to in a calm corner, or problems that have not yet been thought of.
Their ideas make people run ahead of others, but in the end their theories are often implemented into practical products and promote the progress of human society. For example, the smart equations proposed by Einstein eventually led to the birth of the atomic bomb and the advent of nuclear power plants.
Humanity needs this kind of indifference. Someone with a high IQ? It is so necessary. Nowadays, human beings’ ability to conquer and transform nature has improved significantly. The reason lies in the existence of such scientists.

Although in most cases, education can improve a person’s cultural level and cultivate many talents, this kind of genius cannot be cultivated through education.
They are born with this ability, that is, talent. For this kind of talent, we must serve them well, reduce their troubles in life, and enable them to focus more on thinking and achieve more achievements.
Of course, if there is an opportunity to improve their emotional intelligence, they should also do this, because doing so will enable them to reduce the interference of some factors in life.
It should be noted that although people who don’t like to interact with others may be smarter, there are also smart people among those who are extroverted and especially like to interact with others, and people who don’t like to interact with others may also be unintelligent.

No problem can be generalized. The so-called laws have both universality and particularity. If you do not realize this, anything you do will go to extremes, which is not conducive to personal growth and social progress.

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