The Complexities of Relationships: Why Women Cheat and the Aftermath

In ancient times, an emperor could have hundreds of wives, who were divided into queens, concubines, etc. according to their status.
Ordinary people can also have polygamy, but after entering modern society, the marriage law was reformed, and only monogamy complied with the legal provisions, otherwise it would be a crime of bigamy.
In private, the relationship between some men and women is quite confusing. For example, some men have many mistresses and are used to being called mistresses, mistresses, etc.
And for these people, men may commit crimes, but their relationships are often not strong, but it is true that the mistress and the mistress take over and become a formal couple.
So will women cheat on men and cuckold men? Of course there are, and there are quite a few of them. Not only young women do this, but some middle-aged women do it as well.

01 Human nature under the intertwining of multiple reasons

Some families divorce after one of the men and women cheats, some people get into a fight even though they are not divorced, and some people acquiesce.
For example, some women only covet their men’s money. As long as the man gives them money to spend, then they can do whatever the man does, as long as they are loyal.
Of course, some men and women cheat at the same time, but they don’t break up. Anyway, human society is full of strange things. Sometimes both men and women will regret it after cheating, and they will stop making mistakes, and their relationship will actually become warmer.

However, psychologists say that after a woman cheats, it is very unlikely that the man and woman will get back together. After a woman cheats, she often cannot brake and will run all the way until she falls off the cliff.
Why do women do this? Psychologists say there are three reasons why women have to do this.
First, know that there is no turning back.
In the traditional thinking of the Chinese people, or in other words, the entire human society believes that women are not allowed to cheat, because after a woman cheats, she will have relationships with other men.
This kind of behavior is unacceptable to most men, so when this kind of thing is exposed, women will either be beaten or divorced, and they will also be criticized morally. Instead of doing this, it is better to keep going and maybe find a new spring.

The second reason is that his original wife cannot meet the requirements.
The new role that enters your life can exactly meet your requirements and even provide better help. Some women choose to betray because their husbands are taciturn and not good at comforting themselves.
Some women feel uncomfortable looking at men because their husbands are too ugly, such as Pan Jinlian and others.
Some women do it because their husbands are too incompetent and make too little money to meet their own consumption needs. Such people prefer to have a sugar daddy. However, they did not have the opportunity due to various reasons at the time. Now that they have the opportunity, they immediately become cuckolds.
Some women do not send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day or red envelopes on May 20 because their husbands are not romantic.

These women are more likely to cheat when they think their husbands cannot meet their needs, and they generally don’t look back.

02 Unstoppable desire and greed

Of course, if her husband often commits domestic violence, or her husband has cheated on her, but she refuses to listen to her advice, then a woman will also cheat on her, and she will not look back because she does not want to face those cruel facts again.
The third reason is the pursuit of a satisfying sex life.
When it comes to the pursuit of sexual life, people generally think that men are lustful. In fact, the same is true for women. It is just because of the constraints of traditional morals that women are more repressed and do not easily reveal their psychology, but physiological needs are sometimes beyond psychological control.

In their 20s, women’s pursuit of sexual life is more obvious, and it becomes more obvious in middle age. People often use the word “tiger or wolf” to describe this kind of woman.
However, due to work, declining physical fitness and other reasons, men’s sexual performance is obviously not as good as before when they are in their thirties or forties.
They hope to find a man who can satisfy their sexual needs. It doesn’t matter whether he is an older man or a pretty boy. The closer the two parties are, the more rebellious the woman will be and determined not to go back.
What should a man do when faced with a woman’s cheating? Some people don’t want to get back together because they can’t face the fact that their woman slept with someone else’s man, but there are also some men who want to get back together.

Some do it because they really like the woman, some do it because they covet the woman’s money, and some men covet the woman’s appearance.
No matter what the reason is, the possibility that they want to recover is relatively low. At this time, some people will take extreme actions. In fact, it is completely unnecessary. They should let nature take its course. Forced melons are not sweet, and their hearts have changed. Keep it. What role do people play?
At this time, you should give up decisively, but when distributing property, you should punish the other party within the legal framework.
You cannot leave the house in a fit of anger. You must let the other party know the price of betraying you.

The other thing is to deal with the child’s problems well, and not to affect the child’s growth because of the woman’s betrayal or divorce, causing problems with the child’s mental health.

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