The Dual Purpose of Jewelry: Enhancing Beauty and Preserving Wealth

What is jewelry used for? Jewelry has only two functions, one is to beautify a man or a woman, and the other is to store wealth.
Everyone knows that gold, silver and various gemstones have stable properties and will not be reduced in quality due to acid, alkali and hot and cold environments, so they can be used as an intermediary for material exchange, that is, currency.
Of course, because gold and silver jewelry is relatively bulky, banknotes or electronic money have been used to replace gold and silver jewelry. However, because gold and silver jewelry are relatively scarce and stable in nature, they can stabilize prices at critical moments.

For example, currently, countries are strengthening their gold reserves because the U.S. dollar, the world’s common currency, has suddenly depreciated.
Some time ago, even among the private sector, the price of gold soared. For both men and women, women are more likely to wear a variety of jewelry, including pure gold and silver, as well as jewelry inlaid with various gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.
In their opinion, wearing too much gold and silver jewelry will increase their leverage.

01 Colorful jewelry and emotional needs

One is to enhance the ability to save wealth, and the other is to make oneself look more jeweled, gain favor from more people, get help from more people, sell more products, and even get something for nothing.
It can be said that most people think that the more gold and silver jewelry a person has, the more social status they have and the more respect they deserve.

But psychologists say that we must congratulate those who never wear jewelry. They are the most valuable women and the most respectable women. Why do you say this?
First, increased security
Everyone knows that gold and silver jewelry are relatively valuable. If you always wear gold and silver jewelry, you are suspected of showing off your wealth, and may be missed by gangsters, which may endanger your life in serious cases.
Property losses are also relatively large, because gold and silver jewelry costs a lot of cash when purchased. Once it is robbed or damaged, it means a huge loss of wealth.
For wealthy people, it is nothing, but for ordinary families, it is as if the sky has fallen.

In addition to being robbed by gangsters, gold and silver jewelry may also be lost at work. For example, some gold rings are dropped into the bread during the production of food, and it is difficult to find them.
For sanitation workers, it is also easy to lose gold and silver jewelry when collecting garbage. Gold and silver jewelry is worn on the hands and hung around the neck. Sometimes it is dropped on the road due to damage to the hook, making it difficult to retrieve it, or even being disposed of as garbage.
Gemstone jewelry is the most prone to losses.
For example, if a piece of jade is dropped on the ground, it will shatter into pieces and become worthless, because it is impossible to glue the jade back together. Even if it can be glued, it will be completely different from the original jade.
Once the gold and silver jewelry is gone and the wealth level of the family drops, family conflicts will arise and may even lead to divorce.

Therefore, psychologists congratulate those women who do not wear jewelry, because their marriages may be more stable, they are less likely to suffer property losses, and they will not suffer from psychological diseases.

02 Rejecting jewelry = rejecting vanity?

Divorce and property losses may cause tremendous psychological stress, resulting in some difficult-to-treat mental illnesses.
The second reason is that people who don’t like to wear jewelry have no vanity.
Although some women say that wearing gold and silver jewelry can store wealth and make themselves beautiful, the core purpose is often to make others praise themselves, including gaining the favor of men or the envy of women.
This kind of vanity can sometimes lead to being deceived.

Sometimes the pursuit of gold and silver jewelry is too much, and you may change your mind when others give you gold and silver jewelry and cuckold your husband. The outcome of this kind of married life is conceivable, and criminal cases are also possible. There are many cases.
Third, protect your health
Wearing rings for a long time may cause deformation of the fingers, lead to skin necrosis, and result in blocked blood circulation. It may not be a big problem for ordinary people, but it is a big problem for people with diabetes. It may cause numbness in the limbs and accelerate the progression of the disease.
As for people who wear gemstones, it may be even more dangerous.
Nowadays, the types of gemstones have increased, and they are no longer limited to the five major types of diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and jade. Various novel gemstones have appeared.

In fact, many gemstones contain radioactive elements that have a radiation effect on the human body. Long-term exposure to such stones can cause radiation sickness in the human body and even cause cancer. There is no treatment at all.
In fact, if a woman wants to be valued by others, appearance is sometimes very important, but it is not a necessary condition. Although it is a bit exaggerated to have poetry and calligraphy, being full of knowledge can indeed increase personal charm, improve personal quality, and enable one to gain more. Lots of opportunities.
It is possible that you will get a salary increase or be promoted, it will be easier to find a job, and it may be easier to sell products, because it is easy to impress others with your eloquent remarks, thus selling a product that is not advantageous in the first place.

Just imagine, as a salesperson, one person is jeweled, but he can explain one sentence clearly for half an hour, and the other person is plainly dressed, but his language is non-repetitive when he speaks continuously for an hour. Which one is more able to move customers and sell the product? Drop it?
Therefore, don’t pursue extreme external things, just a little bit is enough. The connotation is far more important than the genome.

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