We’re All Copycats Sometimes: Lessons in Overcoming Self-Doubt and Forging Your Own Path

  Although I am a human being, a long time ago, I often felt, “Now, I am imitating a human being.”
  For example, when I go overseas for work or travel, I often don’t know what to do on the plane. Everyone around me was expertly using headphones or inflating air pillows. I secretly glanced at everyone’s actions, and unconsciously began to put on slippers or take the blankets distributed by the flight attendants, trying to act “like I’m on an airplane.”
  Once, when I was about to imitate the people around me and watch a movie, my friend kindly advised me: “Sayaka, you don’t have to force yourself to watch a movie just because everyone else is watching it. You can do whatever you want on the plane.” I felt very embarrassed after hearing this
  . . I’ve since made an effort not to force myself to watch movies I’m not particularly interested in, but the feeling of “what to do on a plane” still lingers. Whenever this happens, I can’t get rid of the habit of unconsciously observing the actions of people around me.
  The same goes for restaurants. If I encounter a dish that asks “How should I eat this food?” I will wait to see how others eat it. When I saw others eating it, I began to carefully taste it in the same way.
  ”Can you eat the outside part as well? Can you eat it with a spoon?” I saw someone tilting his head and asking the waiter, and then I realized: Ah, just ask him frankly about things you don’t understand. I reflected on myself and found out that imitating others is a bit slippery.
  Ever since I was a child, I felt that everyone around me knew the rules and common sense, but I didn’t, so I always imitated others during self-study time and physical education classes at school. However, as I grew up, I gradually realized that there seemed to be many things that everyone didn’t understand.
  I’m also not good at handing out gifts to everyone properly. Sometimes when I’m having dinner with everyone, I’m preoccupied with thinking about the right time to take out the gifts from my bag. At this time, if someone takes out the snacks at the perfect time and says: “By the way, I went on a trip a few days ago. This is a gift for everyone.” “Now!” I will also take the opportunity to get it from you
  . He took out a gift from his bag and said, “Actually, I also went on a trip a few days ago…” But one time, everyone said one after another, “Actually, I did too” and “I also went on a business trip a few days ago.” When I took the gift out of the bag, I felt deeply: Oh, it turns out I’m not the only one who doesn’t know the right time to give gifts!
  So lately I’ve started to pay attention to people who “like me copy others.” After careful observation, I found that besides myself, there were many such people. A girl saw me taking out my slippers and said, “Ah, that’s right” and started looking for the slippers in the bag. Seeing this, I always feel relieved that there is some sense of connection between us. If this is the case, if someone on the plane does something that seems weird at first, but is actually a good thing, it will gradually spread to others, and maybe everyone will draw pictures on the plane or sleep in weird positions for some reason. . Could someone be planning such a prank? I thought excitedly and subconsciously looked around at the people around me.

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