Digital Detoxification: A Good Idea or a Disaster?

  Recently, I realized it. Let’s start with “digital detoxification”. The so-called “digital detoxification” means that people who once regarded their smartphones as one of their body organs begin to “return to their original nature” and switch to senior phones in an attempt to get rid of the bombardment of information.
  The first time I heard about this new term was on the second day of a new mobile phone launch. No one in my circle of friends seemed to care about the new appearance and new functions of this model except me.
  ”Don’t you usually line up early in the morning to get a new phone?” I wondered. “This is called ‘digital detoxification’. Who still uses a smartphone these days? All kinds of messages are bombarding me all day long. It makes me irritated. I feel like I have a bomb!” My friend Xiaowen replied, shaking a brick. Like a “big brother”, he continued: “Let me tell you, this phone is very easy to use. It has all the functions it should have and none of the things it shouldn’t have! I used to look at the red dots in Moments before, and I would check them out at night. It was two o’clock in the night when I started making short videos. Then one day I changed to a senior phone and the whole world became quiet.” After hearing
  this, I couldn’t help but curiously picked up Xiaowen’s senior phone and studied it carefully. The text messaging and phone calls functions were quite good. They all have it, but there are not many games, videos, and social software.
  ”Can I get used to this?” I wondered, and with the mentality of giving it a try, I simply switched to an elderly phone. Don’t tell me, it smells really good at first. For a few hundred or even dozens of yuan, you can find an elderly phone on a second-hand website. From now on, you no longer have to worry about a broken screen or broken buttons, and you will have to replace it in the worst case.
  Moreover, I was originally worried that I would miss hot events without my smartphone, but later I discovered that those hot spots that were maxed out could be heard from my colleagues even if I didn’t watch them at work the next day. It didn’t delay anything. The only thing I missed was Just some celebrity gossip and trivial matters.
  Just when I was immersed in the old age machine and couldn’t help myself, trouble suddenly came. Because I was using a purely senior phone, it didn’t even have the WeChat function. As a result, when I went to the company to switch to a smartphone on Monday, I found more than 100 WeChat messages and more than 20 voice calls from my mother. I quickly called back, only to hear my mother yelling: “I called you more than a dozen times on WeChat on Sunday night. Where have you been! Do you know how worried your dad and I were! I almost called the police!” “I quickly explained to my mother and told her the number of my senior phone and asked her to call her directly if she needed anything in the future.
  As soon as my mother was coaxed, my colleagues came to “care” about me again. “You didn’t reply to WeChat, Weibo, QQ, or DingTalk this weekend. I thought you were deceived into going to northern Myanmar.” Colleague Dayao joked. Just when I thought I had perfectly avoided the weekend rush and was secretly happy, I heard my colleague continue to say: “A few of us participated in a free barbecue experience over the weekend. If you don’t answer the phone, please take a look at the photos.” What? ! Looking at the dozens of barbecue photos on WeChat and looking at my senior phone, I was shaken.
  However, the most embarrassing moment was the day I invited friends to dinner. Because my friends had helped me out before, I took the initiative to treat them. After everyone drank and drank, I ran to check out, but suddenly I remembered that the senior phone in my hand did not have payment software, and it did not support downloading any software. I didn’t have any cash on me, so I quickly called my mother who was shopping nearby for help. Fortunately, nothing happened.
  ”Hurry up and replace your broken mobile phone!” On the way home, my mother gave me a harsh lesson. “You also told me about ‘digital detoxification’. I think it’s not the mobile phone that is poisonous, but your mobile phone that loves to play with it.” What’s wrong? How old are you? You can’t control yourself and blame your mobile phone!” Well, I admit that it is really those of us who use mobile phones who should detoxify, not the mobile phones themselves.

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