A Moment of Blossoming: Love and Romance in the Springtime

  Flowers bloom for just a moment, but what blooms is a season of romance.
  It was a spring day not long after I graduated from college, and I had to pass a small road every day when I went to work. I always meet him, we look at each other, I walk to the left, he walks to the right, leaving only the passing turn and the aftertaste of a startled glance.
  The first thing I noticed about him was his big eyes, which were deep and reserved, restrained but resolute, always shining with the light of wisdom and knowledge. That reserved look gives people a feeling of purity and tranquility. Every morning, this look would pass over my body peacefully, like the dew in the morning sun, carrying refreshing greetings. Between the brows and eyes, and the perception of the soul, although he didn’t say a word, it seemed to express a thousand words.
  Gradually, I began to reminisce about it inexplicably, savoring all kinds of strange, warm, and incomprehensible tastes. The world that flickers in those eyes is filled with friendliness and frankness, and what is looked forward to is sincerity and kindness. My intuition convinced me of this. So, all I could do was give him the same silent greeting in return.
  Every day, we pass by each other, looking back and understanding each other tacitly. I wondered about his age, job, name, everything about him… and whether he thought of me the same way.
  We met quietly like this countless times, as if we had become strange old friends. The tacit understanding conveyed in the familiar eyes cannot be blocked by time and language. The language that spans time and space is silent but shocking, invisible but always accompanying. My gut tells me: He must be good, outstanding, and full of good intentions.
  Occasionally one day, he dropped a business card when he turned around inadvertently. I was about to pick it up, but it had already scattered in the wind and rain, dancing like a butterfly. I chased it, and it was flying. The misty rain and fog were hazy, and in a blink of an eye, the business card had already disappeared…
  The days flowed by like water, as always. We have no story happening. On the last weekend of spring, I collected all the stories, became the most beautiful bride, and rushed to my own rose date.
  After we got married, when I appeared on the way to work wearing a red suit and carrying a red handbag, we still met, but this time the look in my eyes was different from any previous one, which I still remember vividly: he expressed surprise at first; Then came the loss, and when the loss fell heavily, there was a “sudden sound of breaking glass” in an instant. At that moment, I was convinced of my previous feelings and judgments, and I confirmed that I had a sixth sense.
  Later, I changed my route to work, took another route, and started over. Sometimes, giving up can often lead to broader possessions. With no distractions in mind, I just watch the flowers blooming and falling in front of the court, and the clouds roll and relax in the sky. Happy days flow by like water. Because of regret, another kind of beauty has been achieved.
  Later, I finally learned how to love, and finally understood through tears that some people will never be seen again once they are missed… Whenever I sigh, I always think of the sunshine of spring and the encounter in spring. How will he remember me, with a smile or silence, with regret or sentimentality. Because of memories, another kind of beauty has been achieved.
  Later, I finally realized that when the moon is shallow and the light is deep, where can I find the clouds in my dreams? At that time, it was just commonplace.
  Every spring comes as expected, and every good thing comes as promised. That memory in spring, many years later, is still blooming like a flower. There are often fluttering butterflies in dreams, dancing lightly…

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