Unveiling the Shower Musings of Women: A Journey into the Realm of Self-Care and Creative Inspiration

What do girls usually think about when they take a shower?
This was originally a curious and serious question. However, the style of painting in the comment area became more and more crooked, making tens of thousands of netizens laugh. So, how did the girls respond?
There is a group of narcissistic girls in a steamy shower room.
Seeing their beautiful bodies, they couldn’t help but sigh: “I don’t know which man this body will benefit from in the future.”
There are also those who are intoxicated with their own smooth skin, which makes people laugh.

Another group of girls is exactly the opposite of this type of narcissistic girls. When they see their bodies, their first reaction is: Why is there so much flesh?
Of course, there are also women who take the unconventional route, and these women can be classified as fantasy types.
Some fantasize that the shower head sprays not hot water but spiders, some imagine that they can see ghosts as soon as they close their eyes, and some girls even imagined a “tyrannical president is in love with me” while taking a shower. “Romance drama.
There are also a group of women who revealed in the comment area all kinds of strange habits they have while taking a shower.
Some people listen to music while taking a bath, others watch dramas while taking a bath, and some say they can brush their teeth with water in their mouths.
It has refreshed people’s knowledge time and time again. Under every comment, there are girls saying that they have found the organization.

I have to say, girls are really cute creatures, and they can have so many strange thoughts popping up in their heads.
Initially, for humans, bathing was just a way to clean the body.
However, with the development of society and the progress of civilization, bathing has gradually become a way for people to enjoy life, and the feelings it brings to people have become richer.
In psychology, there is a concept called the “bath effect.” It refers to a way for people to gain inspiration through rest, and bathing is a typical one.
This has also been proven in scientific experiments and studies. During the bathing process, people’s body and mind will be greatly relaxed.
The worries of work and the pressure of life will be released and relieved during this rest process, and people’s brains have also entered a rare rest stage. This is also the time when people are most likely to get inspiration.

Therefore, bathing has become the first choice for many artists to obtain creative inspiration.
For example, Agatha Christie , the famous British female detective novelist , liked to sit in the bathtub, eat apples, and conceive of her novels.
Another famous writer, Nabokov , also combined writing and bathing.
As a dad, Nabokov had limited time to write, so he decided to write in the bathtub.
In addition to these two writers, famous German musicians also like to get inspiration from bathing.
Research shows that during the bath, the human brain will enter a relaxed state, but this does not mean that the brain stops thinking. On the contrary, the right hemisphere of the brain will become more active at this time.

Compared with the left brain, the right brain is responsible for space, image, and memory, which will play a major role in art, music, and imagination.
In other words, in this state, people’s imagination is brought into play, which often brings unexpected creativity to people.
This is also a rare time for people to relax in the busy modern society. It is also an exclusive time for individuals. They do not have to deal with and face the complicated work and life for the time being.
These seemingly strange little habits are actually a way for people to relax themselves.
Because, in such an environment, people’s thinking is not as tense as when working, but enters a scattered thinking mode.
Human minds can roam at will, bringing many different possibilities to people.

As cognitive neuroscientist John Kounios said, people don’t have that much to do when taking a shower. It’s a bit like the white noise we are popular on the Internet now, just a background.
Under such circumstances, human thinking is thinking and colliding in a chaotic way.
This kind of talk actually emphasizes to people the importance of proper rest.
Unlike their parents’ generation, today’s young people hear more about “what you should do.”
“You should read some world famous books.” “You should exercise three to four times a week.” “You should get up early so that you will be more efficient.”
In the era of self-media, such “shoulds” are everywhere in young people’s lives.
However, the vast majority of young people are unaware that they are being oppressed by various “shoulds”.

They want to achieve their ideal selves in this way, but when they fail to do so, they continue to criticize themselves.
This is also the reason why many young people cannot tolerate any boredom.
The specific manifestation is that even during rest time, they have to find a so-called “meaning” for themselves.
Han Byung-cheol, a Korean-German philosopher, wrote in the book “The Burnout Society” : “Human achievements in the field of culture, including philosophical thought, are all due to our deep and single-minded attention.
Culture can only arise in an environment that allows for deep attention. ”
Han Bingzhe believes that in today’s era, people’s deep attention is getting less and less, and it is replaced by another thing called “hyper-attention”.

This is a kind of distracted attention that allows people’s attention to switch back and forth among multiple people, information sources, and work procedures. What hyperattention cannot tolerate is deep boredom.
Therefore, many young people find that they can no longer stay focused on a seemingly boring thing like they could when they were children.
In the past, they could play in the mud all afternoon, but now, even when eating, they have to find themselves a documentary to enrich their lives, thinking that they are “taking advantage of fragmented time.”
Therefore, in such an era, bathing has become one of the few remaining ways for adults to relax.
At this time, they no longer have to pursue the so-called meaning, get rid of the “shoulds” that fill every corner of life, and allow people to return to their most primitive instincts.

Therefore, in this era, the most important thing we should learn is how to rest.
Reducing the time spent on electronic devices isn’t just about allowing people to use that time to do something more meaningful.
People should also use this time to rest in the true sense, empty their brains, stop searching for meaning, slow down their pace, and feel themselves.
Just like Chinese landscape paintings, we must pay attention to “white space”.
This is an aesthetic, but it is also a philosophy of life.
Only by “blank space” in your life can you find a balance between appropriate tension and relaxation and avoid being overwhelmed by social trends.

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