The Inspiring True Story of Sivan Ziris, Elon Musk’s Business Partner and Mother of His Twins

   A few days ago, Walter, the biographer of Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, posted a “family photo” of Musk on Twitter. In the photo, Musk is sitting on the sofa with a woman named Sivan Ziris, holding their twin children Strider and Azure. The “family of four” looks very harmonious.
   In fact, Musk and Ziris are not a couple in the traditional sense. They are simply “cooperating to have children” through in vitro fertilization. The man wanted a child, and the woman felt that the man was a high-quality man, so they hit it off and decided to join forces to have a child. So, what is so special about Ziris that allows Musk to conceive a child with him?
  Hard work, a strange woman in the world of ice hockey.
   In 1986, Sivan Chilis was born in Ontario, Canada, to a Punjabi Indian mother. Ziris inherited her mother’s black hair and blue eyes, as well as the excellent Indian genes. She was smart and studious since she was a child, a self-motivated academic elite, and a natural athlete.
   Canada has a high latitude, especially Ontario, which is close to the Arctic Circle and has long and cold winters. With its unique natural environment and geographical advantages, ice hockey has unique development conditions. Canadian teenagers participate in ice hockey, and their love for ice hockey seems to be unconscious and natural.
   Ziris also has a special connection with ice hockey. Her father’s biggest hobby is playing ice hockey. From his first “toddling” on the ice to free pursuit and play, Ziris gradually developed a strong interest in ice hockey, a project that combines speed, technology and strength.
   When Ziris was 10 years old, her father sent her to a coach he knew well to start professional training. Ice hockey is a high-physical sport, and the training process is arduous and full of dangers. On the ice hockey rink, a piece of equipment, from helmets to protective gear, weighs more than 10 kilograms.
   Playing at a temperature of more than ten degrees below zero, your back will still be soaked with sweat. Falling, scratching, and sprained feet are all normal things, but Qilis never complains, let alone rejects it. Instead, he feels like this Training is so fun. The coach also hoped that Ziris could become a professional ice hockey player, but Ziris’s interests were too wide-ranging. He was good at singing, dancing, playing drums, and playing guitar… he was good at everything.
   Ziris is particularly fond of reading and has a wide-ranging reading list. Among them, her favorite is Ray Kurzweil’s “The Age of Mental Machines”. This book gave her a strong desire to explore the field of artificial intelligence, and also gave her a strong interest in high technology and her dream One day I can fly into space on a spaceship and dance with aliens on a certain planet.
   At the same time, American businessman Elon Musk also has the same high-tech universe dream as Zilis. Musk, who was born in 1971, has been very smart since he was a child. He taught himself programming technology when he was 9 years old. When he was 12 years old, he designed a space-themed game called Blastar, which was published by “PC and Office Technology” The magazine was purchased for $500.
   In 2002, 31-year-old Musk founded the space exploration company SpaceX and began to use private capital to develop, build and operate rockets and spacecrafts to realize the dream of space colonization and Mars exploration.
   In 2003, Musk further explained the purpose of founding SpaceX in a speech and said that his ultimate goal was to build a heavy-lift spacecraft to send humans to Mars. Musk’s speech was ridiculed by many people, saying that he was whimsical and wishful thinking. Even teachers and students at Ziris’s school are discussing this matter.
   A classmate of Ziris said to her: “This is really a crazy guy. If he can develop a manned spacecraft and send people into space, I can grow a pair of wings and fly to the moon.” Argument: “If you can’t do something, others can’t do it. Everything must be realized step by step. I think this guy’s idea is great, and I also believe he can realize it. In the future One day, humans will definitely land on Mars.”
   “So you will also work for this company in the United States in the future? Help this dreamer build a manned spacecraft?” Qilis understood that the classmate was using sarcasm His tone was joking with her, but in her heart, she had become more curious about Musk and his company.
   In 2004, Zilis was admitted to Yale University in the United States with excellent results and began to study economics and philosophy. Prior to this, Ziris had always been very good. Not only did he receive an athletic scholarship for his ice hockey, but he also received an academic scholarship for his outstanding academic performance in high school.
   After entering Yale University, Zilis did not give up ice hockey because of her heavy coursework, and was even selected as the goalkeeper for the school’s women’s ice hockey team.
   Ice hockey is the most difficult team sport in the world, and the ice hockey goalkeeper plays a vital role in the game.
   Ziris is bold and careful, with good physical strength, perseverance and dedication, so he is known as the best saver in the history of the school team. However, Ziris also put in unimaginable hardships for this hobby. During the training camp, she could only sleep four or five hours a day. Once, Ziris went into shock during training. Afterwards, the doctor told her that she might have been hit on the head during training and the concussion caused shock, and suggested that she take more rest. Ziris didn’t care: “This is just an accident. I will pay attention to it in the future. The joy and satisfaction that ice hockey brings to me far outweigh these dangers.” Aggressive,
  work like playing ice hockey .
   Ziris’s original plan was to go to college. She returned to Canada to work as soon as she graduated. However, something Musk said in an interview changed her plan again.
   In 2007, Musk predicted in an interview with reporters: “In the future, the development of the Internet and the exploration of space will be the two fields that have the greatest impact on mankind.” Ziris was convinced of this, and she decided to stay in the United States. Join this high-tech enterprise that can change the future of mankind.
   At the end of 2007, Ziris got a job at IBM, an American multinational information technology company, as he wished, and was assigned to be a member of the team responsible for IBM’s microfinance program. As you can imagine, working in such a large company involves unimaginable pressure and intensity. When he was busy at work, Ziris had no time to eat or sleep. Sometimes he would work for more than ten hours in a row, and when he felt sleepy, he would make do in the office.
   Moreover, this kind of information company requires the power of a team, and one person’s efforts often do not see any results. Many people in the team couldn’t stand this pressure and chose to change jobs. However, Ziris enjoyed it. She combined her working state with her experience as an ice hockey goalkeeper, and quickly adapted to the intensity of the work.
   Due to his outstanding performance, Ziris was appointed team leader. In 2009, she was sent to countries such as Peru and Indonesia to help develop systems to provide financial services to organizations and small businesses in developing countries that lack traditional banking services.
   In 2010, while working in India, Ziris met Musk by chance. This was their first meeting, and Ziris seemed extremely excited and excited when facing this business tycoon. They talked from mines to solar energy, from space to the moon, and from the universe to spaceships, and they had a great time talking.

   During the chat, Musk discovered that this smart and talkative girl had too many similarities with him. They both like reading, sports, and have a yearning for space… Musk, who has always been paranoid and mean, actually didn’t respond in front of Qilis. Become soft-spoken, gentle and generous.
   When talking about how to face difficulties at work, Zilis said proudly: “I like to play ice hockey and was once the ice hockey goalkeeper in school. This hobby continues to this day. No matter where I am, whether it is work or life, as long as I have an unsolved problem, No matter what the problem is, I will go to the ice hockey rink and play a game.”
   Musk is an impatient person. When he heard that Ziris could play ice hockey, he immediately took her to a nearby ice hockey rink. Seeing Ziris wearing protective gear and fighting on the ice hockey rink, Musk was completely conquered by her heroic appearance.
   When parting, Musk said to Ziris: “I hope to be a colleague with you one day. I believe we will become the best partners.” Ziris responded with a smile: “I prefer challenges to taking refuge under your command. job, so I have decided to start a business. However, I still hope that we can be friends.”
  Soon after, Ziris chose to resign from IBM, and in March 2011, he established Bloomberg Beta with two other partners. Engaged in early-stage venture capital funded by Bloomberg. Zilis’ career development has been smooth sailing. In 2015, at the age of 28, she was included in Forbes’ list of 30 venture capitalists under 30 years old. It was also in this year that Musk established Neuralink, which would once again bring the gears of their destiny together.
   In 2020, Ziris, who is already a member of the board of directors of several organizations such as the Vector Institute in Toronto, Canada, and the Machine Intelligence Institute in Alberta, Canada, joined Neuralink Company on the recommendation of his mentor. His research direction is brain-computer interface technology, that is, Study how to implant very small electrodes into the brain and use electric current to “interact” between computers and brain cells.
   Ziris’ daily workload is very heavy, but she is energetic, easy-going, and seems to have endless energy. So much so that even Musk, who is known as a workaholic, paid attention to her and lamented how a girl could be so tossing. Zilis said proudly: “You forgot, I told you before that I like ice hockey, and my achievements today are also due to this. Especially the experience of ice hockey goalkeeper, not only taught me how to Looking at problems from a macro perspective, more importantly, it taught me persistence and patience.”
   At this time, Ziris has become Musk’s friend and business partner. After work, they occasionally play computer games together. Ziris also often takes Musk to participate in ice hockey. On the sports field, they are like two carefree children, thinking only about winning or losing on the field.
  Take risks and choose a rough road.
   Not only did Ziris have a deep friendship with Musk, but he was also very good friends with his girlfriend at the time, Grimus. Glamus often invited Ziris to her house for gatherings, and they had nothing to say. Don’t talk. In May 2020, Grimes gave birth to her and Musk’s first child.
   Grimes is lively and active, but he often has disputes with Musk and shares his restless nature. Ziris, on the other hand, has a gentle personality and can always resolve Musk’s anxiety. So, whenever they had arguments and conflicts, Ziris became the glue between them.
   Always busy helping his friends solve their emotional problems, Chilis is a firm believer in not getting married. A colleague once asked her if she didn’t have anyone to love. Ziris replied: “I love the universe, I love all mankind, and I am willing to contribute all my energy to this world.” Coincidentally, someone
   once asked Musk, among the women he has dated, which one is his favorite? who is it? Musk’s answer was: “I love human beings the most.” This answer, which leads to the same goal through different paths, is destined that the two people will not be just friends.
   As we all know, Musk advises smart people to have more children. He believes that the biggest threat to human civilization is low fertility. Without more children being born, civilization will collapse. After learning that Ziris was a non-marriage advocate, Musk specifically talked to her: “You can not get married, but you must not have children. Especially for a smart person like you, if you don’t have more children, you will be in trouble.” It’s a waste of good genes.”
   At first, Ziris disagreed. She felt that raising children was a troublesome task. She had too many things to do. Even if she went to the ice rink to play ice hockey, she would be more interested in taking care of her children at home.
   One day at the end of 2020, Grimus invited Ziris to his home. Musk brought his and Grimus’ son to Ziris and asked her to play with the child for a while: “Look, how cute the child is, he will always bring you unimaginable happiness. So, as a Woman, you must be a mother once in your life. And today, when the birth rate is getting lower and lower, you should regard giving birth to a child as a social responsibility.” Under Musk’s persuasion, Ziris finally felt motherly in her
   heart impulse, but she still has concerns. After all, Musk has a different interpretation of human reproduction than ordinary people. Musk’s sister Tosca is a successful film producer but has never been married, and Musk has been encouraging her to have a child. Tosca couldn’t resist Musk’s repeated persuasion, so he nodded and agreed. As if afraid that Tosca would go back on his word, Musk helped her find a clinic, select an anonymous sperm donor, and pay for the surgery the same day she agreed. Musk himself is even more of a “fertility maniac.” In 2004, he and his first wife Justin gave birth to a pair of twin boys, and in 2006 he gave birth to triplets. In May 2020, he gave birth to a son with Grimus again. Could such a person’s life advice really be the right choice?
   The hesitant Ziris had to excuse: “It’s not that easy to have a baby. First of all, I need to find someone who is willing to provide me with sperm. But I don’t know the person well, so I don’t dare to try it.” Unexpectedly, Musk was so happy
   . Said: “I can become a sperm donor so that the child can inherit my genes. I think if we combine the genes of the two of us, we will definitely give birth to the smartest child in the world.” Just like that, not long after
   , Ziris became an expectant mother. But she loves her work, even though she is pregnant with two babies, she still does not stop working.
   In November 2021, Ziris gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Although the father’s column on the birth certificate was registered as Musk, the children took Ziris’s surname. The boy’s name was Strider Seton Sehar. , the girl’s name is Azul Astra Alice. So for a long time, no one knew that Musk was the father of two children.
   Ziris initially thought that Musk would not interfere too much with the two children’s affairs. After all, he was just a “donor.” But unexpectedly, Musk was very attentive to the twins, visiting them at least once a week, feeding the children, playing games with them, and telling them stories about the stars. The two children gradually developed feelings for Musk, and their relationship became closer and closer.
   In April 2022, Musk and Ziris submitted an application to the court to add Musk’s surname to their two children, and the judge approved this request. As the news spread, people learned that the father of the children was Musk.
   This revelation also made Grimes, who was also unaware, very angry because she gave birth to her second child with Musk almost at the same time as Ziris gave birth. However, Grimus’ anger only lasted for a short time. Ziris used a sincere explanation to gain her forgiveness, and the two reached an agreement to continue their friendship.
  Raising two children alone, Ziris chose a life path destined to be rough. But this strange woman who came out of the ice hockey world has long been accustomed to the dangers, setbacks, and pains on the field. No matter what the future holds, letting herself shine is still the main theme of her life.

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