The Illusion of Individual Strength: Why the Brazilian Men’s Football Team Lost to Mexico

  In life, everyone is their own protagonist. But for a game, especially a team game, if everyone is the protagonist, it will be a disaster.
  London Olympics men’s football final, Brazil versus Mexico. This is the first time that the Mexican team has reached the finals. They were not favored before the game. The Brazilian team, which has superstar players such as Neymar, Marcelo and Pato, has a total player worth of more than 200 million US dollars. Many people believe that as soon as the game starts, there will be a “one-sided” situation, and this football match will become a collective samba for Brazilian star players.
  However, just 29 seconds into the game, Mexico scored a goal.
  Fans soon discovered that this team composed of “stars” was full of loopholes in defense and had no achievements in offense. The “strong alliance” did not have a cumulative effect. On the contrary, the Mexican team, which was not optimistic before the game, was very good both offensively and defensively.
  The most incredible thing is that during the game, two big-name players of the Brazilian team had a dispute on the court, which surprised the fans.
  In the end, the Mexican team defeated the star-dazzling Brazilian team with a score of 2:1.
  Why did the Brazilian team, with such strong individual strength, lose so miserably? A sports commentator hit the nail on the head: Football is not a duel between two individuals, but a collective war. In the Brazilian team, it seems that everyone is the protagonist, everyone wants to be the protagonist, but in the end no one can be the protagonist.
  In a competitive sport involving more than a dozen people, everyone has to be the protagonist, and there will definitely be some kind of crisis that is difficult to detect. The lack of cooperation and compromise between them, and the concept that everyone wants to be a “hero” ruined the combat effectiveness of a team.
  Among competitive sports, I personally prefer the German men’s football team. Among all teams, the German team is the team with the dimmest star. They will not push a player to become a star. Everyone in the team seems to be basically at the same level, and their cooperation on the court is like a machine, turning into an indestructible “chariot.”
  I once dealt with a German technician. A few years ago, he brought back a team of 6 workers from Germany. These six workers are responsible for making a kind of rivets, and each person is only responsible for one process. When one person is sick or unwell, the entire production can only stop. I was very puzzled by this. The German technician said: “Of course one person can complete the entire process, but he cannot be the most professional.”
  So, I understood. The concept of team is everywhere. If a unit or even a country only values ​​individuals and not the team, then no matter how strong the individuals are, they will not be able to form a force and may become a piece of loose sand.

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