Matthew Perry’s Journey: Behind the Laughter of Chandler Bing

  ”Friends” has been so popular that many people believe that there is always a parallel time and space where youth remains forever. It wasn’t until the news of Matthew Perry’s sudden death came from across the ocean that people discovered that there are no fairy tales in the real world. Time passes through everyone’s body and soul equally, growing up, aging, and finally accepting impermanence.
  Many media have sorted out Matthew Perry’s life: his parents divorced when he was less than a year old, and he lived with his mother in Canada; he once wanted to be a professional tennis player, and acting was just the next best option; but he was lucky , when he was 25 years old, he encountered the hit drama “Friends” which is rare in the world. He played Chandler Bing for 10 years, a sensitive, gentle and dry humor master who can always rely on cold jokes to relieve embarrassment. – They are so compatible that they are indistinguishable from the other. If it weren’t for the loose and tight clothes, the audience wouldn’t even realize that they are two people – Chandler lives in Matthew’s out-of-control body, Matthew hid his pain in Chandler’s face.
  Alcoholism and drug dependence caused Chandler to wax and wane over the course of the series, and Matthew went back and forth between nursing homes and rehabilitation. “I can stay awake for a while, but not completely.” In 2000, Matthew, who was in his thirties, underwent pancreatic surgery. His pancreas became inflamed and swollen due to alcoholism. However, the body’s alarm failed to stop Matthew from seeking peace in alcohol and drugs. He made up his mind to say goodbye to the chaotic life again and again, and searched for inner order in the chaos again and again.
  In 2019, Matthew’s colon exploded inside his body. After seven hours of surgery and two full weeks of coma, he woke up from a 2% hope of survival. After that, he lived with a colostomy bag for 9 months, and it was not until 2020 that the situation improved. In April 2021, Matthew and the other five leading actors of “Friends” recorded a reunion show. Everyone recalled the scene of filming 20 years ago. Matthew used a black suit and black tie to hide his departure from Chandler. The storm that followed. He and they all said to let the story stop there and not to make another comeback series just to imagine “what are they doing now”.
  In the last episode of the tenth season of “Friends”, the six people were about to start a new life. Chandler held the adopted child and said: “Little guys, look around, this is your first home, a happy home.” A happy place, full of love and laughter.” Everyone left their keys, and Phoebe said, “I think this is the end.” Joey nodded, and Monica began to cry: “It’s better than I imagined. It’s even harder.”
  On October 28, 2023, Matthew Perry passed away at his home in Los Angeles. According to local police reports, the cause of death was drowning caused by cardiac arrest. There were no drugs and no signs of homicide. Of course, there was no goodbye.
  In the play, the crying Monica fell into Chandler’s arms, and he said: “It’s okay, it will be fine.” Rachel suggested going to drink coffee again, and Chandler once again used a cold joke to relieve his sadness: “Where to go?” They pushed the stroller out. In the barrage, a viewer said that every time this happens, he would immediately go back and watch the first episode. The audience naturally did not explain the reason. Perhaps a long time ago, he understood what another Chandler, the famous American writer Raymond Chandler, said in the novel: “To say goodbye is to die a little.”

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