From Lost to Found: A Bee’s Journey of Resilience and Discovery

  A bee flew into the balcony and wandered in the small space, which seemed very novel and comfortable. At this time, the morning breeze slipped in through the cracks in the opened glass, pulling in the soft morning light. They naughtily combed and played among the flowers and leaves of the green plants, causing the green plants to shake their heads and tails and make poses.
  I stretched my waist in the breeze, and my eyes were unconsciously drawn by the bees. Its petite body, yellow and black literary talent, and transparent and powerful wings all attracted me strongly. It should be a “child bee” that has just learned to fly. Otherwise, why is it so playful? It can be seen that this little guy is very satisfied with the environment in front of him. Sometimes he is flying among the green plants, sometimes staying on the flowers, sometimes exploring his wife’s floral clothes, and sometimes taking a leisurely walk on the glass.
  You feel so at ease. I can’t help but be envious.
  After a long time, the little guy seemed to be tired of playing. Maybe he was homesick and wanted to go out. But the fully enclosed balcony is not something that it can escape if it wants to. It cannot find the exit. After hitting nails on the glass several times, I could clearly feel its tension and uneasiness. It flew up and hit the glass again and again, as if it sensed danger. As the number of failures increases, its anxiety seems to increase with time.
  It was tired from flying and hurt from the collision, so it lay down on the glass to rest for a while. I think it is thinking, or crying, or desperate.
  It seems that I need to help it.
  Before I could take action, it took off again. This time, it didn’t hit the glass tenaciously, but made a large detour in the space, flying up and down, and moving left and right.
  What is it doing?
  Suddenly, it stopped at the air outlet, its small wings swinging more frequently like clockwork. Then, he ran towards the gap in the glass. This time, it didn’t hit the glass, but flew out through the gap.
  It worked.
  I was puzzled for a long time before I realized that it was flying up and down and making huge roundabouts because it was feeling the wind. Where there is wind, there must be a way out.
  Perhaps, this is the first time it has encountered such a situation in its growth. It is normal to be confused, nervous, and anxious for a while. What’s valuable is that it didn’t get discouraged or despair, but actively thought of ways to find a way out. It knew that there must be a way out wherever the wind blows, and finally successfully rescued itself.
  In an instant, it grew up.
  The weak are afraid of setbacks, but the strong are not afraid of challenges. For the strong, ups and downs are definitely not disasters, but opportunities, opportunities for growth; they are ladders, ladders of progress. Perhaps, the life we ​​perceive in a moment and the experience we accumulate are enough to become a valuable asset that cannot be used in the rest of our lives.

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