Rediscovering Your Soul: A Journey of Self-Reflection and Slow Living

  There once was a man who was always busy and working hard.
  His soul has been left far behind since a long time ago.
  Without his soul, he still lives well – he sleeps, eats, works, drives, and even plays tennis.
  However, sometimes, he would feel that his surroundings were empty, like walking on a smooth piece of paper in a math notebook, surrounded by criss-crossing and ubiquitous grid lines.
  During a business trip, this person suddenly woke up in the hotel room in the middle of the night, feeling that he could not breathe.
  He looked out the window, but couldn’t quite remember which city he was in. After all, looking out from the hotel window, the city looks no different. He didn’t quite remember how he came here or why he came here.
  What’s even more unfortunate is that he forgot his last name. This feeling was strange because he didn’t know what to call himself and could only remain silent.
  For a moment, he thought his name was Andrzej, but the next second he was convinced that his name was Marianne.
  Finally, in panic, he pulled out his passport from the bottom of the suitcase and saw his name – Yang.
  The next day, he went to see an old and wise female doctor. The doctor said: “If someone could look down on us from a high place, he would see that the world is full of people who are in a hurry, sweaty, and exhausted, as well as the souls of these people who have arrived late and disappeared. They cannot catch up with their masters, and a huge chaos arises – the souls have lost their heads, and people have lost their hearts. The souls know that they have lost their masters, but people often do not realize that they have lost their souls. ”

  Such a diagnosis shocked Yang. He asked: “How is this possible? Did I also lose my soul?”
  The wise doctor replied: “The reason for this is because the movement speed of the soul lags far behind the movement speed of the body. After the Big Bang, In those distant times, the soul was born. When the universe was not so hurried, it could always see itself clearly in the mirror. You must find a place, sit there calmly, and wait for your soul. It You must still be where you were two or three years ago, so this wait may last for a long time, but this is the only way.”
  The man named Yang complied. He found a small house for himself on the edge of the city, where he sat on a chair and waited every day, doing nothing else. This went on for many days, many weeks, and many months. His hair grew longer and his beard even reached his waist. Until one afternoon a long time later, the door was knocked open. His lost soul stood there, tired, dusty, and scarred.
  ”Finally-” it gasped.
  Since then, Yang has truly lived a happy life, consciously slowing down the pace of life in order to allow his soul to keep up with his body.
  He also did something else – he buried his watch and suitcase in the backyard. Beautiful flowers grow out of the watch, like colorful bells. There was a huge pumpkin growing in the suitcase, which was what he relied on to fill his stomach in every quiet winter after that.

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