A Night of Encounters in the Rain: How a Sudden Storm Brought Strangers Together Seeking Shelter

  Rain is the prefix of night
  No one knows why it rains. For a menacing heavy rain, science can issue a forecast in advance, but it cannot prevent it from coming. As the saying goes: If it rains, your mother will get married. The weather is God’s will. Whether it is cloudy, sunny, rainy or snowy, God’s will cannot be violated.
  In fact, there are signs of heavy rain. In addition to water vapor and clouds, there is also sweltering heat, as hot as a sauna. Looking back, the process was like that of a person with a hot temper. On the surface, he seemed silent, but in fact, there was an undercurrent inside and was about to explode.
  In the countryside, experienced farmers are good at observing celestial phenomena, such as swallows flying low and snakes swimming across the aisles. The water tank wears a skirt and a hat, the ants climb high and the toads scream, and the heavy rain will come soon… Facing the ever-changing nature, from ants and reptiles to birds and animals, they all have more sensitive tentacles than humans. For people who have long been accustomed to enjoying conveniences, many times they completely abandon the simple experience of “bringing an umbrella when the weather is sunny, and having food when you are hungry”, and they “run naked” on the track of life without any scruples.
  It was an ordinary night among all nights. For the brightly lit city, the light as bright as day dissolved the boundaries of night. In the jungle of high-rise buildings, people neither had the opportunity to look up at the sky nor the mountains in the distance, nor did they see the mountains in the distance. Interest in cloud knowledge of weather. In the vast city, it is not only human beings who are hidden in the city, but also natural wind and rain. Whether a rain comes quickly or slowly, few people notice the process of it brewing.
  An unexpected rain poured down like a blanket. The huge raindrops shot fiercely to the ground like dense bullets. Rows of plane trees trembled and swayed, and the sound of broken leaves could be clearly heard in the rain.
  For a group that is unprepared, there is no doubt that it will be panic due to a sudden rain. The man on the bicycle pedaled desperately; the strong young man sprinted forward like a line of fire; the old man was like a retrograde kite, taking strenuous steps, his face full of eagerness and helplessness; the woman holding the child bent down to carry the weight, screaming all the way .
  It is a stunted section of road, like a diseased appendix. If heavy rain and scorching sun were treated as bullets, then this would be the “line of death” within the range. No one wants to encounter a heavy rain on such a stretch of road. Whether they are a lady from heaven or a gentleman on earth, they will be miserable in the rain and their true colors will be revealed.
  The heavy rain that comes hand-to-hand is like a hand-to-hand fight on a narrow road. Faced with reality, there is no way to hide it. Whether they are the disgraced low-class people or the noble people with fragrant makeup, they are all pushed into the same trench by the wind and rain.
  Although the buildings are close at hand, there is no shelter from the rain in the large and small buildings along the way. Each building is a lonely insulator with no function of shelter from the wind and rain. Those rigid cement components are like towering mountain peaks, steep and stiff. The rows of tall buildings leave no room for others. Even the houses facing the street have no balconies or even half-inch eaves protruding from the walls. Tens of thousands of mansions have become like knives. A cliff as sharp as an axe.
  The dense wind and rain were like a big net stretched from the sky, covering all vehicles, pedestrians, and trees. I saw everything struggling in this sky net, and no one could escape by chance and become a fish that slipped through the net. In the face of the storm in the city, running all the way didn’t make much sense. The clothes were already soaked, and everyone was like a drowned rat. The wind mixed with the rain poured into the open mouth. Running aggravated the panic, making people feel short of breath and weak in limbs. I really want to become the fool and idiot in the humorous story, lying on the ground and not moving. Why are you running? Isn’t it raining ahead?
  Mixed in the running team, you can feel the waves of people and the whirlpool of the body at any time. You can’t stay for a while. People can only run along the overwhelming wind and waves, rushing all the way.
  The storm became more and more fierce. I didn’t know how far I sprinted in the wind and rain. Judging from the intensity of my breathing, I ran at least two hundred meters. In this section of the road, runners have only one goal, and that is the bus stop in front of them. Pedestrians who frequent the area know that narrow platform is the only place to go.
  The sudden rain was like lightning that could not cover my ears. It came too fast, and my steps seemed too slow. When I arrived at the platform, there was a large group of people who had already arrived.
  The sky-blue platform roof can only cover a very small area, and the platform is already crowded and blocked. I really couldn’t find a foothold, so I could only imitate the posture of “a big goose watching a flying eagle” and tilt my head inwards, so that I could barely cover half of my body. However, the rain showed no sign of stopping, and instead became even more arrogant. The exaggerated rain sound is not caused by the heavy rain itself, but the amplification effect of the plastic roof. It was as if there were dozens of bands beating at the same time overhead. The fierce raindrops, full of resentment, hit the colored steel tiles crazily, and then splashed down, forming a multi-layered, multi-voice rain chorus.
  Crowded on the three-foot platform, this temporary gathering place is like a refuge during wartime. Facing the watery streets, it is like a rest on the staff, punctuating the lines of the smooth life. Strange faces, different origins, and different destinations. Everyone is a hostage kidnapped by the heavy rain. At this moment, they are looking at where to go home.
  It rains heavily at night, and anxious people face the sky. The rain cannot stay on the body and slides down along the hair, making the well-dressed man feel awkward and the woman wearing makeup covering her face with her jade fingers, looking embarrassed. Countless water droplets gathered from the forehead, cheeks, neck, chest, back, thighs, and calves, entered the uppers of the shoes, passed through the soles of the feet, and finally trickled to the ground.
  The eager people stretched their necks, hoping that the bus would arrive soon. The bus sank and it took a long time to wait. More and more people are taking shelter from the rain, and there is no place to hide on the crowded platform. Those who can cover half of their bodies are considered lucky. I couldn’t help but think of the image in a certain poem, a body split in two, half enjoying the warmth, half suffering…
  The heavy rain in the sky tests the demeanor and temperature of a city. Someone waved on the platform, trying to stop a taxi, but every taxi that whizzed past had an air of air and arrogance. Except for a splash of water, none of them stopped. The vehicle that had been looking for passengers before was full of passengers due to a sudden heavy rain. My brother’s heart was moistened by the rain. But the same rain made the nightwalker who was in a dilemma look sad.
  Rain is the pause button pressed by the city
  . Heavy rain invades the city. The rain in the city cannot water the crops, but it can affect the mood, change the rhythm, slow down the running speed, and wash away the sediment of desire.
  The moist wind blew against my face, and the wind brought a wisp of floral fragrance. The fragrance aroused my curiosity, so I looked sideways and saw an elegant woman holding a bouquet of wet lilies in her hand. She lowered her head and kissed her gently from time to time. The joy in your heart can be seen in your expression. The petals of lilies are like jade that gathers light, reflecting the woman’s beautiful face. From a distance, she looked like a wet sorghum, with her hair pulled up high, revealing her porcelain white neck. Perhaps he had just finished a vigorous run, and a strand of messy hair hung down on his face, with a sketch-like modification. The car lights swept across her eyes one by one with the intention of leaking information, and she could clearly see the bright raindrops rolling and jumping on the tips of her hair.
  The rain was still pouring, and I looked sideways again. Maybe because I was tired, she had changed her standing position and turned her face in another direction, leaving only a silhouette.
  I’m guessing about this woman’s origins. Did she just end a date? Then my boyfriend should be escorting me around. Or did she go out specifically to buy flowers? Then who will she give the flowers to?
  When you are bored, you will always have boring imagination. Flowers and women are like a huge blank canvas. Those places without ink can leave countless possibilities and sprout numerous branches and vines.
  However, my overly focused gaze caught her attention, and I quickly turned my head away, not daring to move my eyes to that face anymore, but in my peripheral vision, I saw her eyes rolling left and right, with a cloud flashing in her pupils. . The white eyes were facing upward. It was as deep as an ancient well and undetectable. The bright cold light danced at the mouth of the well. At that moment, it was like a knife blade and was heading towards me. I couldn’t help but tremble suddenly like a leaf in the rain. That dim light was full of resistance, vigilance, disgust and wariness. I saw her slender fingers tightly grasping the shoulder bag on her chest.
  I have expressed resentment and anger towards this cold light, which is worse than the tip of a knife. For example, on a crowded bus, in a remote alley, or in a dark corridor, such a cold light often flashes. The world is becoming more and more unfamiliar and alienated in this cold light. There are no external labels for good people and bad people, and it is indeed difficult to distinguish them. Faced with overwhelming chaos, people are at a loss as to what to do. Familiar encounters cause a kind of collective trauma. When one person is misunderstood and misjudged by another person, and is wary of suspicion, the hurt is like a blunt knife cutting flesh. The silent sadness soaked my racing heart. At that moment, I really wanted to rush into the rain and take a quick shower, but the rain was so crazy!
  Finally, a dirty bus limped forward. People gathered around it, only glanced at the stops it passed, and then retreated back like a tide. The bus stopped for a long time, but only a few people got on the bus. The driver honked his horn, with a confused look on his face, and his big doubtful eyes were full of question marks. Those water-soaked heads only stared at the misty rain curtain, like interested spectators under the stage, becoming crowds of people with other goals.
  The torrential rain continued to make noise, and the platform finally gave way, and I filled half of my cold body inside. Finally, a taxi was stopped, and a man and a woman got into the car holding hands. The platform loosened up a little more and I had moved to the middle of the platform. Standing in that position, my anxiety was relieved, and I changed from a manic person to a watcher. I didn’t need to be anxious at all, because I was neither waiting for a bus nor someone, but waiting for the rain to stop. I am still far from home, there is no direct bus in front of me, and there is no one at home who is looking forward to returning home, so I might as well wait for the rain to stop before making plans.
  There was a bearded man next to him, who seemed to be holding back his breath. He heard him let out a long sigh of relief, and then took out a cigarette. There was a flash of light and a cloud of smoke dispersed in all directions.
  The long-lasting rain tests your patience. After such a long wait, you really need a cigarette to release your inner anxiety and uneasiness. The smoke flickered on and off on his fingertips, like a lover whispering. The firelight flickered, and he kissed his lover on the lips. The smoke dispersed, and the man reflected the expression of a tree in the fireworks. Under the tree, there was a rock soaked by rain, with green moss growing on the edge.
  The misty smoke took away the confusion in his heart, and the man finally calmed down under the comfort of the smoke, because the warmth of the smoke was between his fingers, and the spark of fireworks allowed him to touch his beating heart. He should have stopped and rested long ago, but the rivers and lakes he couldn’t help but couldn’t stop. It was the rain that made him pause his hard work and slow down his wandering pace.
  A woman next to her quickly covered her nose with her hands and took two steps back because of the swirling smoke. At this time, the woman’s cell phone rang, and the beautiful music was like a dazzling dance, attracting wet eyes. The milky white casing shines with the luster of gems, the platform becomes the stage, and the passers-by who should have passed by become the audience. The woman’s little cherry mouth was pressed against the phone, and she began talking in a cooing voice. Some kind of love words came from the other end of the phone, making her tremble.
  After a while, a dark green car drove straight over at a very slow speed, and the windows were rolled down. Inside, a bald man in red was waving from the driver’s seat. Unfortunately, the car was driving in the opposite direction to ours. There was not only a high isolation strip in the middle of the road, but also flowers and plants. A clump of thorny vines was swaying in the wind and rain, which was an obstacle that prevented the two of them from getting close. The bald man had no choice but to drive to another intersection and then make a U-turn.
  Rain is the developer of the city.
  Continuous heavy rain hits the city, turning the streets into rivers and squares into oceans. The night was dark further ahead, and the vehicles going away seemed to have entered a deep canyon. This platform was at the entrance of the canyon, and the billboards hanging high in the night sky seemed to be floating above the canyon. The swaying cables turned into flowing water plants, and the rising water level in the low-lying areas has overflowed the road.
  Rain becomes a developer in a city hidden in the city. Some hidden things are exposed and some ignored details are noticed. A rain makes an ordinary, mediocre and uneventful life become thrilling and bizarre.
  There was another woman on the phone. She had a sharp voice, spoke very fast, and spoke freely. This unscrupulous tone should be for her man. The tone of the conversation sounded like it had just been over the phone, so the woman spoke straight to the point, without any prelude or foreshadowing. Not only was there no politeness at all, but it was also mixed with endless sullenness and complaints.
  The woman asked the man to drive over to pick her up, but the man was having fun at the card table and had long forgotten about the woman waiting on the street. The woman’s chest rose and fell, and the bad breath that was held in her chest never came away. She dialed the phone again, but the man obviously didn’t want to leave and picked up the phone. I called again, and was repeatedly harassed by phone calls. I lost control of my mood. The man may have said something bad on the phone, and the woman immediately roared like a lioness, her voice suddenly raised an octave, and she gritted her teeth at the phone… At
  this time, I I made another big mistake. I looked at her a few more times but she noticed. At this time, she was blazing with fire. She couldn’t wait to see someone bite someone, so she shouted at me: “What are you looking at?! Haven’t you seen it before?” ?” Seeing that her anger was still lingering, I could only stand farther away, not daring to provoke her.
  Another bus stopped. This one was the long-awaited direct night bus. The bus was very crowded. As soon as the door opened, a long-haired boy shot out like an arrow.
  A series of screams came from the car, accompanied by the sound of the girl sobbing. Men and women stood on the platform, but they were all watching, and no one stood up. Unexpected things often appear at unexpected times. The man standing at the edge of the platform, dressed in dirty clothes, sprinted away at the same speed without any hesitation.
  As the two were crossing the road, they heard the car squealing as it braked suddenly. Due to flooding and slippery roads, the long-haired boy used too much force when jumping over the isolation belt. His feet slipped and he fell heavily to the ground. The man who was chasing after him reached out and pushed him to the ground. A large group of people quickly gathered around, punched and kicked the long-haired boy, and then lifted him up from the ground. Good guy, we took advantage of the chaos and took advantage of the chaos. He had four mobile phones and three wallets stuffed into him…
  When the police car whined and drove up, the rain had stopped. The city that had sunk in the heavy rain came back to life. The broken down cars were removed and stranded. Pedestrians in the deep water area were evacuated by rescuers, and the city that had just experienced labor pains returned to its original state. The air after the rain is very fresh. A rain is like a dream in the noisy city. There is no trace after waking up from the dream.
  There was no one on the platform. The long-haired boy was curled up on the ground, his ashen face expressionless. Although he was no longer struggling, there was still a fearless and arrogant look in his eyes. He was searching everywhere, probably looking for the man who was chasing him, but there was no trace of him.
  At this time, the shocked girl saw the lost mobile phone. The police opened the car door and invited all the parties to the police car. The police lights flashed and they drove onto the street like a winner.
  The lights dimmed in the distance, and the city returned to normal. I walked forward on the water-stained ground. There was my simple nest in the remote courtyard in the distance.
  A rainy night of encounter passed by just like this. Like all the nights I have experienced in my life, it only stayed in my memory for a short time, and then disappeared, never to come again.

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