3 Signs He Truly Loves You: Sharing, Sacrifice, and Seeing a Future Together

  There is a saying in “Lolita” that makes sense: There are three things that people cannot hide, cough, poverty and love. The more you try to hide it, the more you try to cover it up.
  True love and care are deep in the bone marrow and are revealed to the outside all the time. No matter how inarticulate a man is, his sincerity and love for you will be subconsciously expressed through certain behaviors.
  How a person treats you can be seen from his attitude towards you. If the man around you can do these three things, it means that he truly cares about you and loves you deeply.
Have endless desire to share

  I once came across a question: Does a man not contact you mean he doesn’t love you? One netizen replied: Yes, that’s right. Received tens of thousands of likes.
  She said that she and her boyfriend have been together for three years and their relationship has always been very good. The boy also reported everything to her and never disappeared without reason. But in the third year, the boy often didn’t reply to messages for an hour or two, saying that he was busy with work. Sometimes he would go on a business trip for a week and would not take the initiative to send messages… She wanted to talk to him clearly several times, but he couldn’t do it every time. After two sentences, the boy said impatiently: “We have been together for so long, there is no need to keep chatting, just talk about things when you have something to say.” She couldn’t help but fall into anxiety, and reflected every day on whether she had done something wrong. Later she found out that her boyfriend had changed his mind a long time ago. Every night when he didn’t reply to her messages, he was chatting passionately with the person introduced to him by his family.
  As the saying goes, “Love begins when there is nothing left to say and ends when there is nothing left to say.” A man who really cares about you will take the time to contact you no matter how busy he is, and he can’t help but look for you. Because no matter how taciturn a person is, he will have endless sweet words to say in front of the person he likes, and he will always want to share every little bit of his daily life.
  In 1926, Lu Xun and his wife Xu Guangping lived and worked in two places. Lu Xun, who was considered aloof by outsiders, was eager to share in front of his lover. In the letter, he wanted to list what he ate every day and who he met.
  ”I had dinner worth one and a half yuan, went to bed at eleven o’clock, and slept until twelve o’clock the next day.” “Since yesterday, I stopped eating green peppers and switched to pepper.” “Today my teeth were filled. , it only cost five yuan.”
  There is no word “love” between the lines, but love is hidden everywhere.
  Facing the one he loves, no matter how dull a man is, he can’t help but keep in touch with her all the time, because he can’t control his inner desire for expression.
  Someone said: “Romance doesn’t have to be a bouquet of flowers, it can also be the other person’s willingness to tell you a bunch of nonsense.” Because he understands that the world’s fireworks and love, “I love you” are all hidden in insignificant daily trivial matters.
  After looking at the scenery, the prosperity has disappeared, and the appearance has aged, if there is someone who is still willing to talk nonsense to you at any time, and you are willing to listen to it tirelessly, this is the best form of love.
Willing to sacrifice his scarce resources

  How to tell if someone really loves you?
  The person who truly loves you does not depend on whether he responds to messages immediately, nor on how beautiful his sweet words are, nor on how expensive gifts he gives you. Because these are just low-cost expressions that we usually talk about. Boys can do it with a little effort, but they cannot withstand the test of time and years.
  This is why we often hear girls crying that the other person is obviously so good to her, but suddenly she says she doesn’t love her anymore. Low-cost expressions are like fragile vases, they are beautiful but useless and are not trustworthy in love.
  The key to testing whether a person truly loves you is whether he is willing to devote his scarce resources to you.
  The so-called scarce resources are things that the other party particularly cherishes and does not easily reveal to others.
  If he is a freelancer who has time but no money, then money is a scarce resource for him; if he is a busy rich person, then time is his scarce resource. People who talk about love but are unwilling to take actual actions will leave you sooner or later. Only those who are willing to devote scarce resources to you truly care.
  Just like Tony Leung Ka Fai and his lover Jiang Jianian. At that time, Jiang Jianian came from a well-off family, was young and beautiful, and Liang Jiahui was just a poor boy doing a side job, and no one was optimistic about their love. After getting married, Jiang Jianian returned to the family and became a full-time housewife. In order to give his wife a better life, Tony Leung kept making money by filming, and he was transferred to 3 crews in a row, making 13 movies in a year.
  As he gained both fame and fortune, there were mixed reviews from the outside world, but Tony Leung always treated his wife the same, even though Jiang Jianian was out of shape due to long-term medication; during the busiest time, he took two years off to stay at home with his wife and children, and would go to the hospital every 10 years. His wife proposed once; after so many years in the industry, he deliberately kept a distance from female celebrities to give his wife a sense of security.
  Some people say that marriage is a siege of love. If you find someone who is willing to sacrifice scarce resources for you, life in the siege can be sweet. A man who truly cares about you will never leave you in times of crisis. He will take the initiative to come to you and go hand in hand with you. He may not necessarily be rich, but he is motivated enough; he may not be handsome, but he is very responsible; he may not say “I love you”, but he will definitely put you first and work hard to earn money for you. ticket.
Put you into future plans

  What is the best sense of security in a relationship?
  It’s not that he turned over his salary or checked his cell phone at will, but that after the quarrel, he still held your hand tightly and said to you: “You are included in my future plans.” I
  saw a story on Weibo a few days ago : The girl and her boyfriend met in their junior year of college. They have been together for 7 years and their relationship has always been very good. Even though the two of them lived and worked in different places just after graduation, they still chatted frequently and shared daily little things with each other.
  Later, she gave up her job in Hangzhou and went to her boyfriend’s city, where she lived a sweet life together.
  But as time went on, she felt more and more inexplicably panicked. Because her boyfriend has never offered to take her home to meet her parents, nor has he planned a future with her.
  After thinking about it, the girl decided to make a break, have a good chat with her boyfriend, and ask him when he would marry her. But her boyfriend looked confused, spoke incoherently, and finally said: “I’m not ready yet, please wait…” The
  seven-year relationship was instantly wiped out, and the girl chose to let go and leave. Because whether you love or not, it is really obvious that your boyfriend only sees escape.
  Qian Zhongshu once said to Mr. Yang Jiang: “Before I met you, I never thought about getting married. When I met you, I never thought about getting married with anyone else.” A man who really cares about you will take the initiative to put you into the future In his plan, if he doesn’t even have the courage to give you a title, it means he doesn’t love you that much.
  Someone who truly loves you will talk to you about the future, not just the present. Because he knows that to love someone, you must at least give her a future to look forward to.
  Shakespeare once said: “Women fall in love with their ears, but if a man can fall in love, he falls in love with his eyes.” Once a man meets someone he really likes, his eyes will be all about her, and he will be willing to spend time on her. Give her the utmost tenderness. Even if you close your eyes, you can feel full of love.
  Life is a sea, and we will meet all kinds of people in this life, but it is difficult to meet the person who puts you in his heart. If we meet, we must cherish it.

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