Chapter 2 “Prank” – A Night of Surprises: Strangers Discover the Village Priest’s Secret in a Small Belgian Town

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would be like this.” Ryan politely bowed to Lumian.

Lumian said with a smile:

“Is this worth another glass of Green Fairy?”

Without waiting for Ryan to answer, he changed the subject:

“Strangers, what are you doing in Kordu? Purchasing wool and leather?”

Many residents of Kordu make a living by herding sheep.

Ryan breathed a sigh of relief silently and seized this opportunity and said:

“We are here to visit the parish priest of the Eternal Sun Church in your village, Guillaume Benet, but he is neither at home nor in the church.” ”

It goes without saying which one it is . Of the churches, there is only one church in Cordu.” Pierre, who drank Ryan’s free absinthe, kindly reminded him.

The other locals around the bar were drinking their own drinks, and no one answered Ryan’s question. It seemed that the name represented some kind of taboo or authority and could not be discussed casually.

Lumian took a sip of wine, thought for a few seconds and said,

“I can probably guess where the priest is. Do you need me to take you there?”

“Then I’ll trouble you.” Liya was not polite.

Ryan nodded and said,

“Wait until you finish drinking this glass.”

“Okay.” Lumian picked up the wine glass and drank the light green liquid.

He put the cup down and stood up:

“Let’s go.”

“Thank you so much.” Ryan greeted Valentine and Liya to get up and greeted Lumian.

A smile appeared on Lumian’s face:

“It doesn’t matter. After you listened to my story and I drank your wine, we are all friends, right?”

“Yes.” Ryan nodded lightly.

The smile on Lumian’s face became brighter and he stretched out his arms as if to give the other person a hug.

At the same time, he said enthusiastically:

“Nice to meet you, my cabbages.”

Ryan, who was about to receive a hug, froze:


His expression was confused and embarrassed.

The same goes for Valentine and Liya.

“This is our nickname for our friends. Everyone in the Liège area knows it. It has been like this for hundreds of years.” Lumian explained innocently, “Believe me, my cabbages.”

Liya endured I couldn’t help but look around, hearing the tinkling sound.

Pierre and others nodded one after another, indicating that Lumian did not lie this time, but the smiles on their faces seemed to say that they were happy to see that outsiders could not bear such affectionate addresses.

Lumian touched his chin:

“Don’t you like it?

” Then I’ll change it to something else, which is also used to call friends.

“My rabbits, my chickens, my ducks, my little lambs, which one do you like?”

Ryan’s expression became stiffer, and Valentine frowned.

Liya replied angrily and funny:

“It’s still cabbage, at least it sounds more normal.”

Phew, Ryan quietly exhaled, pressed Valentine’s elbow, nodded slightly and said:

“It sounds like home. Precious thing.”

Without waiting for Lumian’s response, he turned sideways and said to the bartender:

“Pay the bill.”

“2 Firkin.” The bartender glanced at the cups on the bar.

When Ryan paid the bill, Liya changed the subject:

“The name Lumian is rare.”

“At least it’s better than Pierre or Guillaume.” Lumian smiled, “If you shout here Pierre, at least one-third of the people will respond to you. Call Guillaume again, and another third of the people will respond to you, and this…”

He pointed at the thin man who was drinking free wine. Middle-aged man:

“His full name is Pierre Guillaume.”

Liya smiled in response, which was enough to get rid of the topic of cabbage.

Before leaving the tavern, Lumian looked back and glanced around.

“What’s wrong?” Liya asked curiously.

Lumian replied thoughtfully:

“Not only you three strangers came to the tavern today, but one also came before, but I don’t know when he left.”

“What does it look like?” Ryan looked serious.

Lumian thought about it for a moment:

“A lady, very elegant, she looks like she comes from a big city. I can’t tell you what she looks like. How about I draw it for you?”

“Can you draw?” Liya asked. Lumian already understood his nature and asked cautiously.

Lumian laughed and said,


“Then let’s go find the priest first.” Ryan stopped the topic.

There were no street lights at night in Kordu Village, but it was not completely dark. The twinkling stars in the sky brought a quiet glow, and the yellowish light from some windows on both sides of the road made the group of four people walk smoothly.

Not long after, they arrived at the “Eternal Sun” church located next to the village square.

On a dark night, the most magnificent building in the village seemed to blend into the night, slightly hazy.

“We’ve been here before, and there was no one.” Valentine, who had always been indifferent, said with a frown.

Lumian smiled and said,

“Just because there’s no one at the main entrance doesn’t mean there’s no one elsewhere.”

As he spoke, he led the three of them around the front of the church to a place near the cemetery.

There is a dark brown wooden door here.

Before Ryan could knock on the door, Lumian reached over and fiddled with the keyhole a few times.

With a creak, he opened the side door.

“Isn’t this very polite?” Ryan frowned.

Liya nodded:

“We are here to visit the priest, not to deal with him.”

“Okay.” Lumian is very accepting of other people’s correct opinions.

He closed the wooden door and knocked lightly.

“Hey, is anyone there? If you don’t answer, I’ll come in.” His voice was very low, as if he was talking to himself at night.

There was silence in the church.

The next second, Lumian opened the door again and pointed inside:

“Go in.”

Ryan originally wanted to refuse, but he looked at the deep darkness behind the door, pondered for a few seconds, and looked at each other with his companion.

“Okay.” He took a step forward, slowly but firmly.

Lea and Valentine followed.

At this time, Liya’s two boots and the four small silver bells tied to both sides of the veil made no sound.

In the dim and gloomy environment, the four people moved forward.

Suddenly, Ryan stopped and said in a lowered voice,

“There seems to be some noise?”

“Yes.” Lumian agreed deeply.

As soon as he finished speaking, he pushed aside suddenly, and another door opened with a bang.

It seemed to be the confessional of the church. The dim starlight flowed in, illuminating a simple low bed and a naked middle-aged man.

The strong man was pressing on a white female body.

For a moment, everyone was stunned, including the strong man and the lady beneath him.

A few seconds later, the strong man turned his head and roared at Ryan and others:

“You sons of bitches, you are destroying the actions of the Holy Church!”

In the echoing roar, Lumian, who had already moved behind Ryan and others, He waved his hand and said with a smile very fast:

“It seems that we have found the priest, my cabbages, see you tomorrow!”

Halfway through the words, he turned around and ran towards the side door, and the words behind him were fluttering in the wind, becoming more and more popular. The lower.

At this moment, Liya, Ryan and Valentine thought of a sentence at the same time.

What the middle-aged man named Pierre Guillaume said:

“This kid is the most prankster in the village. You must stay away from him…”

Under the starlight falling high in the sky, Lumian A whistle was blown.

He put his hands in his pockets and walked leisurely on the country road.

“As expected, the parish priest is having an affair with Mrs. Pualis.

“These strangers have some identities at first glance. The parish priest will definitely not dare to do anything to them. He must pay a high price to stop the reputation of having an affair in the church. Spread it out?

“Hmph, he always wants to take advantage of Aurore. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time…”

Rumbling in his heart, Lumian returned to his home on the edge of the village.

This is a two-story semi-ground house. The first floor is a living room and a kitchen, with an oven and a large stove.

“Aurore! Aurore!” Lumian shouted as he walked up the stairs.

No one responded to him.

There are three rooms and a bathroom on the second floor, all of which have their doors open at this time.

Lumian glanced one after another and did not see his sister.

He thought for a moment, then came to the end of the corridor and climbed up to the roof from the ladder set up there.

The orange-red roof was wrapped in the diffuse night, and a figure sat in the center, hugging his knees and looking at the stars quietly.

This is an exceptionally beautiful woman with long, thick blond hair, light blue eyes, and bright facial features.

At this time, she was looking at the sky intently, looking at the flickering bits of brilliance, her expression as quiet as a statue.

Lumian said nothing, moved to the woman’s side, and sat down as well.

He raised his head slightly, looked at the distant mountains and forests, and heard the sound of a gust of wind blowing through the trees.

After an unknown amount of time passed, the woman raised her arms and stretched in an imageless manner.

“Aurore, I don’t understand what’s so good about such a view that it deserves you to come to the rooftop often.” Lumian made a voice.

“Call sister!” Aurore raised her finger and tapped Lumian on the head.

Then, she sighed, her expression turned dark and said:

“A philosopher once said that there are only two things worthy of awe in this world, one is the morality in the heart, and the other is the starry sky above.”

Lumian looked at his sister briefly . With a melancholy look on his face, he smiled deliberately and said,

“I can answer this question. Emperor Russell said so!”

“Pfft…” Aurore laughed.

She immediately sniffed and raised her beautiful golden eyebrows:

“Drinking again!”

“This is called socializing.” Lumian said what happened just now, “I met three foreigners…”

Aurore She couldn’t help laughing:

“I’m really afraid that the priest will get sick from being frightened.”

The next second, her face turned serious:

“Lumian, don’t provoke the priest again, he won’t do anything to me. Yes, it would be troublesome to get a new one.”

“But I hate it when I see him…” Before Lumian could finish his words, Aurore had already stood up.

She looked down at her brother, smiled and said,

“Okay, it’s time to go to bed, my drunkard brother.”

As she spoke, Aurore tossed it casually, spilling some silver dust.

Then her whole body floated up, like a bird, slowly flying down from the roof and turning into the window on the second floor.

Lumi read it quietly and shouted anxiously:

“Where’s me?”

“Climb down by yourself!” Aurore in the house responded mercilessly.

Lumian curled his lips, and the smile on his face disappeared little by little.

He looked at the silver dots of light that were quickly extinguished in the night, sighed softly, and said to himself:

“I don’t know when I will have such extraordinary power…”

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