Chapter 3: Dream | Unlocking the Secrets of Dreams and Mystical Powers – Lumian’s Journey for Answers and to Protect His Sister

Lumian sat on the roof and did not go down immediately.

The expression on his face early complete convergence, calm and serious appearance and tavern that love smile love mischievous youth as if not the same person.

Ever since he had discovered that Orroll possessed those magical powers, he had always wanted to obtain them. However, Orroll had always told him that this was not something to be envied or pursued. On the contrary, it was very dangerous and full of pain. Therefore, she would not allow her brother to embark on this path. Even if she did have a way to let ordinary people control Extraordinary powers, she would not tell Lumian.

In this regard, Lumian can only constantly find opportunities to persuade, beg for permission, can not force.

Ten seconds later, Lumian stood up, walked nimbly to the edge of the roof, and climbed back up the wooden ladder to the second floor.

He walked to the Laura’s room outside, see the brown wooden door open, then probe to looked inside.

At this moment, Orlore, who was wearing a light blue dress, was sitting behind the desk by the window. She was writing something under the bright lamp.

So late in writing? Witchcraft related? Lumian raised his hand and pressed the door, joking.

“Write a diary?”

“Who writes a diary?” Orlore did not turn her head. She continued to write with the champagne gold delicate pen in her hand.

Lumian refused.

“I don’t know,” he said.

Roselle was the last emperor in the history of the Intis Republic where the siblings were currently living. He ended the rule of the Sauron royal family and was crowned “Caesar” by the consul, calling himself the Great Emperor.

He had many important inventions, including the steam engine. He had found the passage to the Southern Continent and set off a wave of colonization. He was the symbol of the era more than a hundred years ago.

Unfortunately, he was betrayed in his later years and assassinated in Trier’s White Maple Palace.

After the death of the emperor have more diary spread in the world, but are all in others can’t understand seems to be no one in this world written in the language.

“It’s not a bad idea.” O’Lauer, who had his back to Lumian, sneered.

“What are you doing here?” Lumian asked.

This was what he really wanted to know.

Mr Laura don’t care much to answer a way:

“I believe it.”

“For whom?” Lumian could not help frowning.

Orlore stopped the champagne gold pen carved with exquisite patterns and checked the words and sentences in front of it.

“It’s a good idea.”

“Pen pal?” Lumian was puzzled.

What the hell is this?

Laughing, Aurel tucked her golden hair behind her ear and started to educate her younger brother.

“So I said to read more newspapers and read more books, don’t play outside every day, and even drink!

“You see, what’s the difference between you and illiterate now?

“Pen-pals are friends who have never met each other, but only communicate by letter, through newspaper columns, periodicals and magazines.”

“What’s the point of such a friend?” Lumian took this matter seriously.

He couldn’t help but withdraw his hand from the door and touch his chin.

Mr. Laurel had never had a boyfriend before, so she couldn’t be fooled by a guy she had never seen before.

“Meaning?” Orl thought about it seriously.”First of all, it’s emotional value. Well, I know you don’t know what emotional value is. People are social animals and need to communicate. Some things, some emotions, I definitely won’t tell the villagers, and I can’t tell you. I need a more secretive channel to vent. This kind of pen pal that won’t meet each other is just right. Secondly, don’t underestimate my pen pals. Several of them are very powerful and some are especially knowledgeable.” This battery-powered lamp was given to me by a pen pal. Kerosene lamps and candles hurt my eyes too much and are not suitable for writing at night.

Without waiting for Lumian to ask, Orlore raised his left hand and waved back.”

“Go to sleep, my alcoholic brother!

“Good night!”

“Well, good night.” Although Lumian was unwilling, he did not ask.

Mr Laura followed by ordered again:

“Remember to close the door for me. It’s a little cold with the door open and the window open.”

Lumian slowly closed the brown wooden door.

He walked back to his room, took off his shoes, and sat on the bed.

In the dim darkness, Lumian saw the wooden table against the window, the tilted chair, the small bookshelf against the side wall, and the wardrobe on the other side.

He sat quietly, lost in thought.

He had always known that Aurel had her own secrets. There were many things that she had not told him, and he was not surprised at all. He was just worried that these secrets and things might bring danger to Aurel.

And once something really happened, there was a limit to what he could do.

He is just a body strong point mind is flexible.

One thought after another came to his mind, and one after another, he let out a sigh and left the bed to go to the bathroom to wash up.

Then, he took off his jacket brown coat, threw himself into the bed is not hot.

In early April, the weather was still a little cold on the mountain.


In his muddleheaded state, Lumian seemed to see a gray fog.

They filled the surroundings, causing everything in the distance to disappear completely.

Lumian walked in a daze, but no matter which direction he went, or how far he walked in the gray fog, he would eventually return to the same place.

His bedroom.

By covered with white four-piece berth, placed horizontally in the window of the wooden desk and chair, bookshelf, wardrobe, etc of the bedroom.


Phew, Lumian opened his eyes.

The morning sun shone through the thin blue curtains and lit up half of the bedroom.

Lumian sat up and stared blankly at the scene, as if he was still dreaming.

He had that dream again.

Dreamed of that piece of fog will never dissipate.

He raised his hand to pinch his temples and muttered to himself,”

“It’s getting more and more frequent recently, and I do it almost every day.”

If it weren’t for the dream without any bad influence, Lumian would never have been as calm as he was now.

Of course, it didn’t bring any good effect.

“I hope there’s something hidden here,” muttered Lumian, and rolled out of the bed.

Just as he opened the door and walked to the corridor, he heard a voice coming from Orlore’s room.

What a coincidence. A smile appeared on Lumian’s face.

Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat. He took a step back and stood at the edge of the door.

When the door to Orlore’s bedroom opened, Lumian quickly raised his right hand and pinched his temples. A pained expression appeared on his face.

“What’s the matter?” Orlore noticed this scene.

Success! Lumian shouted in his heart, trying to calm himself.

“I’m sorry.” He answered in a low voice.

Orlore’s golden hair hung down casually, and a hint of worry appeared on her face.

“The last time the program didn’t work.”

She thought for a while and said,”

“Maybe I should find you a hypnotist, a real hypnotist, and see what the reason is.”

“The kind with magical abilities?” Lumian asked deliberately.

Orlore nodded lightly in response.

“One of your pen pals?” Lumian could not help but ask.

“What do you mean?” Think about it!” Mr Laurel did not answer.

I’m not thinking? Lumi muttered to himself.

He conveniently said:

” Orlore, if I become a wizard and a person with supernatural powers, I should be able to unlock the secrets of the dream and end it completely.”

“You don’t want to!” Orlore replied without hesitation.

She looked gentle down:

” Lumian, I won’t lie to you. This path is dangerous and painful. If it weren’t for the fact that there are no other choices, if it weren’t for the fact that the world is becoming more and more dangerous, I would rather be an ordinary writer and live happily.”

Lumian immediately said,”

” Then let me bear the danger and pain. I’ll protect you. You just have to live happily and do what you want to do.”

These words, he thought many times in my mind.

Orlore was silent for two seconds, and a smile suddenly blossomed.

“Are you discriminating against women?”

Without giving Lumian a chance to restate, she said seriously,”

“It’s no use, chose this road, there is no chance to regret.

“Okay, okay, I’m going to wash up. You study hard at home today and prepare for the unified entrance examination for colleges and universities in June!”

“You said that the world is becoming more and more dangerous. Why are you still taking the test?” Lumian muttered.

He felt that the most important thing now was to gain strength, not to do the papers.

Mr Laurel smiled to smile:

“Knowledge equals power, my illiterate brother.”

Lumian had nothing to say but to watch Orlore walk into the bathroom.


In the afternoon, in the square of Cordu Village.

Raymond Clegg could see Lumian from afar. Lee crouched under an elm tree, I do not know what is going on.

“Shouldn’t you be studying at home?” Raymond walked over, tone with obvious envy.

He was a friend of Lumian’s. He was 1.7 meters tall, had brown hair and brown eyes, and had an ordinary appearance. His face was a little red.

Lumian raised his head and smiled.”

“Didn’t Orl tell you? Hang also want to let a person to catch my breath! I’ve been studying for so long, I have to have a rest.

He kept thinking about it in the morning, is it possible that you don’t through the Laura is extraordinary power.

He needed to look for clues, and he needed to investigate.

At the end of the thought, he felt that the stories that were circulating in the village and involved magical powers might hide some truth and clues. Therefore, he specially came here to wait for Raymond.

“If I were you, I’d rest for a quarter of an hour at most.” Leaning against the elm tree, Raymond said,”We don’t have a sister who has read a lot to teach us. I’m going to learn to shepherd next year.”

Lumian ignored the remark and said thoughtfully,”

“You’ve got to tell me the truth.”

Raymond didn’t quite understand Lumian’s intentions, so he recalled in confusion,”

“The wizard?

“There was a witch in the village, and he died. Buried on the day of, flew in from outside an owl, parked on the top of the bed, until the body carried away to fly away.

“Then, the coffin became very heavy, and it took nine cows to pull it.”

“How long ago was it?” Lumian demanded.

Raymond was even more confused.

“How do I know? I heard it from my father.”

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