Chapter 5 Cards | The Mystery of Lumian’s Prophetic Dream and the Legend of the Village Wizard

Light red wine, indeed as expected from the metropolis. Lu Mian’s eyes finally fell on the glass in the lady’s hand.

Light red wine is made of sugar and pickled cherries, both color and taste are very popular with ladies, of course, can also use other suitable fruit instead of cherry, taste will be slightly different, but not too big.

This is cole du village old pub can come up with one of the few classes of grade wine, they are prepared, because Mrs Puali, have been to a provincial capital than gore after fell in love with the wine of this color is reddish.

Lady Pualis was the wife of the local administrator and territorial judge, Beoster. Her ancestors were nobles, and she lost her title of nobility during Emperor Roselle’s era.

She is also a parish priest guillaume.One of Benet’s mistresses, and not many people in the village knew about it, Lumian was one of them.

Lumian looked away and walked to the bar.

Sitting there was a man in his forties who was wearing a linen shirt and trousers of the same color. His brown hair was not lush enough and was rather messy. The corners of his eyes, mouth, forehead, and other places had some wrinkles due to years of work.

This is Raymond’s father, Pierre.Hey, Craig.

Another Pierre.

That was why Lumian joked in front of Leah, Leon, and the others that he would call Pierre in the bar. At least a third of the people would agree.

People in the village when talking about these Pierre, guillaume, will add so-and-so qualifier, or simply can’t distinguish.

In many families, the father and child are still named Pierre or Guillaume, and neighbors can only distinguish them by adding “old,””big” and “small.”

“Dad, why don’t you go to the village square and chat with the others?”Raymond went to his father.

The men of the village liked best to gather under the elm trees in the square or at someone’s house, playing dice, playing cards, playing chess, and discussing rumors that going to the pub cost money.

PierreClegg held a glass of red wine and glanced at his second son.

“Wait a minute, there should be no one in the square now.”

Yeah, where are all the men in the village?Lumian was confused.

Just in the square, he didn’t see a figure.

“Uncle, I want to ask you something.”Lumian said bluntly.

PierreClegg was on guard.

“New prank?”

The story of the wolf is indeed based on reality. Lumian tilted his head and motioned for Raymond to speak.

Raymond organized the language way:

“Dad, how long ago did the wizard legend you told me happen?”I’m going to be the one to do it.”

PierreClegg gulped down a mouthful of wine and said in confusion,”

“What are you doing here?”

“This is what your grandfather told me when I was a child.”

The Reston Province, where Cordu Village was located, and the nearby Ole and Sucht Provinces were all located in the south of the Intis Republic. They were famous grape producing areas. The wines here, especially the inferior ones, were very cheap. In some years, people could even drink the wine as water.

Raymond heard a disappointment, because his grandfather had passed away.

At that moment, Pierre.Clegg added,

” Your grandfather said that he saw it with his own eyes when he was a child. Since then, he has been afraid of owls. He is worried that his soul will be taken away by these evil creatures.”

Lumian and Raymond’s eyes lit up.

Actually have clues!

The legend of the wizard was someone experience?

“Grandpa, did you say where the wizard originally lived and where he was carried to be buried?”Raymond asked.

PierreClegg shook his head.”

“Who cares?”

Lumian saw that Raymond wanted to ask something more, so he patted him and said loudly,”

“It’s time to go.”

Raymond was follow lu mian leave, Pierre.Clegg suddenly remembered something.

“Wait, Raymond, you’re going to be a ‘green man’ in a couple of days. I’ll tell you something you need to pay attention to.”

The “green watchers” were responsible for patrolling the plateau pastures and surrounding fields near the village to prevent people from grazing or letting livestock destroy the young crops during the grazing ban.

Lumian did not listen and went to the bathroom attached to the tavern.

When he came out, he specially passed the drinking light red wine, you couldn’t see the specific age of foreign girl.

Although he won’t do strike up a conversation this kind of thing, but want to observe in advance, to collect good details, such as the time, it might come in handy, just like he used Ryan, li ya and others crashed into the parish priest cheating scene.

After a few discreet glances, Lumian prepared to go around the corner and wait for Raymond outside the tavern.

At this moment, the lazy lady in the orange dress raised her head.

Lumian’s eyes met hers before he could look away.

For a moment, even with the thickness of Lumian’s face, he felt awkward.

Then, many thoughts appeared in his mind.

Should I follow the example of the parish priest and the magistrate and praise her beauty, change from observation to conversation, or should I show my green side and turn away in a hurry

He had just made up his mind, the lady grinning openings:

“Have you been dreaming frequently lately?”

With a whoosh, it was as if Lumian had been struck by lightning. His mind went numb, and all his thoughts froze.

In just a second or two, he forced a smile and said,”

“Isn’t dreaming a very normal thing?”

The lady held her chin in one hand and sized Lumian up. She chuckled and said,”

“It’s in the middle of nowhere.”

How did she know that? Lumian’s pupils instantly dilated, and there was a hint of fear on his face.

Although he had experienced a lot of things, but after all, young, at that time was a little can’t control his expression.

Calm, calm, calm.

“Did you finish listening to the story I told the three strangers last night?”

The woman didn’t answer. She took out a stack of cards from her orange handbag on the chair next to her.

She looked at Lumian again and smiled.”

” Draw a card. Perhaps it can help you unlock the secret of that dream.”

This was both surprised and suspicious.

For a moment he was both excited and on high alert.

He glanced at the deck of CARDS, micro frown way:


It looked like a tarot card invented by Emperor Roselle for divination.

The lady looked down and laughed at herself.”

“I’m sorry, I got it wrong.”

She stuffed the twenty-two tarot cards back into her medium-sized handbag and took out another deck of cards.

“This is also a Tarot, but it belongs to the Little Akana card. You are not qualified to draw the Big Akana card, and I am not qualified to let you draw the Tarot.”

There are fifty-six small Akana cards, consisting of four “suits” of the Holy Grail, Scepter, Sword, and Star Coins.

What was she talking about? Lumian was confused.

This lady looked beautiful and elegant, but her actual performance was not very normal. She seemed to have some mental problems.

“Take a look.”The girl who seemed to come from the big city shook the little Akana card in her hand and said with a smile,” It’s free. You don’t have to spend money to try it. It might solve the problem of your dream.”

Lumian chuckled.”

“My sister said that free is the most expensive.”

“There is a lot of work to be done.”The lady thought for a moment.

She put the little aqua that brand in the glass of light red wine, and then said:

“But as long as you don’t pay, how can I, a foreigner, force you to pay in Cordu Village?”

That’s right, it won’t do anything to you. I finally got a hint about the dream. How can I not try it? But will it involve the curse of the wizard? Ask Orrell for help?Lumian’s mind was full of thoughts, and he couldn’t make up his mind.

The girl didn’t rush him.

After about ten seconds, Lumian slowly bent down and stretched out his right hand. He broke up the pile of Akana cards and pulled out one from the middle.

“I don’t know.”The lazy lady looked at the cards.

On that card, a man in green clothes stood on the top of the mountain with a resolute face. He held a scepter in his hand and resisted the six scepters that the enemy attacked from the bottom of the mountain.

“What does this mean?”Lumian asked.

The lady smiled to smile:

“I’m going to read it myself, crisis, challenge, confrontation, courage, and so on.”

” Of course, none of this is important. What’s important is that this card is now for you. When fate comes, you will find its true meaning.”

“Give it to me?”Lumian was even more confused.

This card can’t really under the curse?

The lady put away the rest of the little aqua that CARDS, raised his glass and drank the little light red wine inside.

Ignoring Lumian’s question, she strolled up the stairs to the side of the old tavern and up to the second floor.

Apparently, she lives there.

Lumian wanted to catch up, but he only took a step and stopped, his thoughts fluctuating.

Was this really an ordinary card?

She gave me this card, the deck is not always lack of a card, can’t use?

O’Laurel should be able to see the problem, right?

At this moment, Raymond looked over.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, that foreigner looks really good.”Lumian said casually.

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to.”Raymond then lowered his voice.”Lumian, what do we do next?”I’ve had a long time.”

In a hurry to go home, Lumian thought for a moment and said,”

“One is to ask an old man who is about the same age as your grandfather and is still alive. The other is to go to the church to look through the register. Uh, we’ll consider this last.”

Thinking that he had just ruined the parish priest’s good deed, Lumian felt that it was not necessary to go to church for the time being.

In the countryside of Cordu Village, where there was only one church, the church assumed a part of the government’s functions due to the small number of people under the administrator, such as recording the funeral and marriage.

Without waiting for Raymond to ask, Lumian added,”

“Let’s split up and see which old people meet the requirements. We’ll ask them tomorrow.”

Very good.”Raymond immediately agreed.


Half into the ground type two layer building.

After listening to Lumian’s story, Aurel looked at the “scepter” card carefully and said,”

” It’s indeed a very ordinary card. I didn’t sense the existence of curses or other special things.”

” Aurel, er, sister, what do you think that foreigner wants to do? How did she know that I was having that dream?”Lumian asked.

Mr Laura shook his head:

“Since she has a bright card, that is relatively good.

“These days, I will have a good ‘observation’ under her.

“Well, you take this card first. Maybe there will be some changes. Don’t worry, I’ll watch.”

Very good.”Lumian tried to relax a little.


At night.

Lumian tucked the “scepter” card into the clothes hanging from the back of the chair, went to bed, and slept with his eyes closed.

After an unknown period of time, he seemed to see the gray fog again.

All of a sudden, he shivered and “woke up” from his dream.

He felt that he had regained his consciousness and regained his rationality.

And the dream that was filled with gray fog still existed.

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