Flexible Thinking: Find New Solutions to Problems by Untying Your Mind

A lot of people can think such a truth:

The best way to solve the problem is to spend money, do great things.

There was a Jew who wanted to rent a bank safe and save his $500,000 worth of stock.

But most bank safes are ridiculously expensive to rent.

One day he went to a bank, ask yourself if you can borrow a sum of money.

Bank reply he can, as long as there is enough guarantee, how much can consider to borrow.In the end, the Jew chose to borrow $1 and then use his own $500,000 stock as collateral.

A year later, just take out the interest of 6%, or 6 cents, you can get all the money back.In this way, the jews spent only a small sum of money, just solved his big trouble.The genius of the jews is that the replacement of their own thinking.This is also the story of the “puzzling lender” that many people admire.If you have trouble in your life, believe me, it’s your way of thinking.Flexible thinking, is your life useful wealth, it will help you in trouble, regain clarity.

The process of solving problems must be accompanied by the untying of thinking.Cinema in the 1960 s, business is not good.Most of the profits come not from selling movie tickets, but from selling popcorn and drinks.So at that time, if the profit goods sold well, the entire theater could make money.

David Wallerst, a young executive at an old theater chain, was worried about the fringe industry.

Try to increase the sales of profitable goods, also tried some marketing strategies, such as: buy one get one free, matinee special price, etc., but with little effect.

Later he dispirited and discouraged, because really can’t think of a way, let the customer to buy more.
One day he had a flash of inspiration:

Is there a possibility that customers want to eat more popcorn, but don’t want to be seen to be too greedy?So David Wallace changed his mind from the question of “increasing popcorn sales” to “how to make customers feel comfortable eating more popcorn.”When he put the mind after the release, the problem has a solution.David Wallace introduced a brand new popcorn package in theaters-extra large-and dimmed the lights in the theater shopping area.

With this improvement, profit commodities have seen explosive growth.

Although at the beginning, because the idea is more than most people’s cognition, progress is slow, but ultimately promoted the development of the film industry at the time.

Many problems arise because thinking is tied.If the human mind, stuck in one place, stubbornly believes that there is only one solution to the problem, then the status quo will never change. The painter rockwell said a word of his experience:”Insight, first of all, comes from thinking and being suspicious.”

Can solve the problem of the new thinking, also must not old thinking collision, the new thinking.
New thinking is a new way out.

There is an intriguing story, read sobering. There was once a marketing manager in order to test their employees ‘thinking flexibility, gave them a difficult problem: how to sell combs to monks? The first employee to see the topic, out of the door is to scold:”What kind of bullshit problem is this? Monks don’t even have hair. How can they buy a comb?”

So drink up MenJiu, lie down to sleep when I get home.The second employee, who was tested, did not go home directly. He chose to try his luck at the temple and told a monk that he had been tested by the manager.

He begged the monk to have mercy and help him, and the monk bought one.

The third employee also communicated to the monk first, and then changed his train of thought and said,”

“Do you need sincerity to worship Buddha?”

“Yes,” said the monk.
“Does Xincheng need respect?”
The monk said,”Yes.”
“Then you see, so many travel-worn people come to worship Buddha, if unkempt, how to maintain respect for Buddha?

If the temple buys some combs to comb the hair of the pilgrims neatly and wash their faces, is this a form of respect for the Buddha?”
The monk felt that what he said made sense, so he bought ten.The fourth employee sold the combs to Monk, who also refused at first.
But the employees, change brains, said to the monk,

“The temple prepares some combs as gifts for worshipers who have worked hard to worship Buddha. They are both practical and meaningful. The incense in the temple will become more and more prosperous.”The monk wanted to think, think this idea is very good, just bought 100 happily.After reading this story, in the heart have a very strong feeling:

In front of people with open mind, all problems, will automatically “disappear.”Also is to sell a comb to no hair monk, for some people, it is outrageous, and very difficult.But for people who can open their minds, it is easy and very easy.It can be seen that having flexible thinking on a person’s life, with four or two dial one thousand catties effect.Everyone’s life, such as a choppy river, will inevitably meet the past hurdle.If you have an open mind, I believe that your life will be on a roll, the road ahead a magnanimous.

1. Multi-angle association for problems The process of association is the process of thinking to spread around.
There is a story of “black and white pebbles.”A businessman failed in his business and owed a lot of money to his creditors.And creditors is a bad temper and ugly bad old man, it happened that he also attracts businessmen beautiful young daughter.So the creditor told businessmen:”I have a way to save you from jail and to write off all the money you owe me.”Way is to let the merchant daughter touch the stones in his pocket, if touch is white, that she doesn’t have to marry creditors;If it was black, the merchant’s daughter would have to marry the creditor, and the debt would be written off.

If you don’t play this game, the businessman, sent to day that merchant’s daughter saw the creditor cheat and put two black stone in her pocket.The girl had been thinking hard to save herself and her father.Finally, the girl accidentally “dropped” the stone she had taken out onto the cobblestone floor, and told the creditor that she had not seen what she had taken out.

But as long as you look at what color is left in the bag, you know what color is this one.Because take out the white stones, and the bag is black stones, two kinds of results can prove to be his win.In this way, the girl saved herself and her father by her own wit.Lenovo where is the key to the problem, found the loophole, can breakdown.

2. Behind most problems are human problems. Most of the time, can’t deal with the problem, because did not deal with the relationship between the people behind.Read a career planner online, write down the real case.The planner has a trainee who is faced with a dilemma at work.The student himself liked his job very much, but on the other hand, he hated his boss so much that he wanted to quit after years of patience.

But can’t give up the results of the present, then seek solutions to planners.The planner analysis, lead to the root cause of the students distress, is he has a nasty boss.So the planner gave him a suggestion, can contact the headhunting company, let the headhunting company poached boss, the problem is solved.
The next day, they contact a headhunter and ask for help finding a new job for their boss.Before long, the boss was successfully poached by a new company, and his troubles were naturally solved.Let the students did not think of at the same time, because the former leadership position vacancy, coupled with his good work performance, unexpectedly got a promotion.
Most of the time, the crux of the problem has not been found, resulting in a delay in solving the problem.Dig into the problem of the person behind the dilemma, and suddenly you will be enlightened.

3. Consciously reserve new knowledge In his book “Life will always have a way,” there is such a sentence:

“Whatever problem we’re trying to solve, our approach to it is limited by what we know, and it’s always easy for it to come to our minds.”
Want to be in every new problem comes, are appropriate to solve, the usual accumulation of deliberately is very important.
A person who pays attention to accumulation, and a person who is never willing to invest in himself, in the face of problems to come up with solutions, is a world of difference.

When the famous host Bai Yansong first entered the industry, he would always find it hard to interview big shots and worry about making mistakes.
In order to relieve their pressure as soon as possible, face the problem, save for a rainy day.
He first adjusted his anxious state of mind. No one is perfect.
Later, after completing the task at work, they will actively learn, consult with a better teacher, or use their spare time to consolidate their professional skills.
It is precisely because of the usual deliberate accumulation, in the next encounter with a difficult problem, fully mobilize ideas, think of a solution, successfully solve the problem.
Quantitative change causes qualitative change, and so does thinking.
Breakthroughs at all critical moments required a day and a night of pondering and pondering.
All the thinking precipitation, will also become the treasure in the process of our life forward.

The difference of thinking, lead to huge difference between people.
The ancient Greek philosopher Plato would have warned us a truth:

“Thinking is the soul’s self-talk.”

A person who can exert his thinking power, has endless creativity.
Such people live like an army, the road ahead, invincible.

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