How Travel and New Experiences Can Awaken Love and Prevent Relationships From Becoming Stagnant

All sex, no matter how to stimulate, there will be a dull day, Plato in his philosophy of love has been understand this.It’s only a matter of time before you know all the facets of a person.See through later, we began to want to change pattern, the pursuit of other new things.As Bruno said,”People who live in the boring countryside always like to go to the city to find some joy and recreation, and people who live in the city always like to go to the countryside to find leisure, vacation and peace.”People who sit still at work like to walk, and people who stand or run around at work find sitting down a pleasure.”

Montaigne also said,”The people of Ancona like to make a wish at Saint Jacob, and the people of Galicia like to make a wish at the Mound of Our Lady of Laurette.”The people of Li├Ęge praised the hot springs of Lucca, and the people of Tuscany praised the hot springs of Spa.There were few Romans in Rome’s fencing academies, but they were all French.The great Cato, like us, disdains his wife when she belongs to him, and misses her when she belongs to someone else.”

Travel awakens all the senses, hiking and walking are refreshing, walking in the sea is refreshing, rock climbing is a challenge, and visiting galleries, galleries or other public facilities inspires us to think.This is not to say that we can’t have the same fun as we concentrate on working in a fixed place. It’s just that we need to change and we need a new environment.For the accumulation of experience, general learning and progress, change is absolutely necessary.We can use this pottery to mold personality traits and increase social experience.Travel all over the world, we can enrich the experience,

We must have curiosity, know more people, can have a little feeling and understanding of love.Love only once, is unable to know what love is, also can’t understand love “the rules of the game,” do not know how to grasp the love, love will not touch our hearts year after year.Love comes not sure, we will become poor, missed a rich world of thought, we will miss everything.”The difficulty of a tryst, the risk of surprise, the shame of the next day, the longing, the silence, the bitterness of the heart, all these are the seasonings that add flavor to the soup.”(Montaigne)

Pascal said: “Passion is constant, but human beings need change, the spirit likes change, and those who know how to change also know how to awaken love.”However, don’t we want to settle down?Even the travel-loving wanderer needs a home eventually (or in the long future).Doesn’t he want to go home, a home that always welcomes him with pleasure?If find a home to return to in the emotion, then we should put the desire to travel the shelf, like Goethe ask yourself:

Do you want to drift forever?
Look, good things are not far ahead.
Learn to hold on to your happiness, because it’s right in front of you.

Yes, happiness is just around the corner, we just have to catch it.However, in front of happiness should also know that it can’t let a person forget the outside world, it cannot exist in isolation.The external world with naked stimulus to penetrate into our happiness, or we can’t help but look back because of the fear of losing the external world.Is the present happiness true happiness?Is that enough?Aren’t other forms of happiness more promising?Shouldn’t happiness (and love) be infinite?

Once you have these questions, love nature cannot be stabilized.If we want to prove our immediate happiness or doubt its existence every day, then sooner or later we will lose it.Desperate and endless questioning, in addition to constantly waiting for the arrival of new opportunities, in addition to always ready to cheat, have no choice.Naked instincts come at the right time, for they are at the root of all problems: “The chief difficulty in a relationship is that the instinct for being interested in the ‘opposite sex’ ends up ‘only’ being directed to one object, more or less as it is.”Anders also said: “So we think that complete ‘love’ is a pathological manifestation.”

Once we can’t get it out, the question arises, especially when we hear two hearts beating in our chests: What should I tell my lover?How am I supposed to confess to my husband?”Who is it?”Pope Innocent III was right: “Jealousy alone is stubborn enough.The Bible says,”Two shall be one flesh”(Genesis 2:24).The two of them were in the same boat.No, a woman’s jealousy will protest her husband’s affair.”The two become one”?No, that’s too much. There must be a piece of meat to cut. The question is, which piece?

For this problem, always like to compare people with animals, Schopenhauer had the answer, at least for men’s solution.For men, he thought, cheating for granted, because what he had done is just nature:

First of all, in terms of its nature, men like changeable love, while women tend to be stable.Men from the moment of sexual desire to meet, passion is significantly reduced, almost every woman will be more attractive than he already has a woman, because he is eager to transform taste and pattern.By contrast, a woman’s love is growing from that moment on.This is the purpose of nature, its purpose is to reproduce species as much as possible.That is to say, a man can have more than one hundred children in a year, as long as he has enough women, but no matter how many men with a woman, a year can only have one child (except twins).As a result, men are always looking for more women, and women, on the other hand, she will be tightly attached to his man.That’s because nature drives her to keep the child’s upbringing and protector in the future, is the role of instinct, rather than the result of reflection.It seems that the marriage of faithful for men is artificial, but for women is natural.Therefore, a woman’s infidelity is more difficult to forgive than a man’s behavior, whether it is the result of the objective or subjective violation of nature.

The woman clutched.Schopenhauer argues that it is natural for women to retain the “future offspring” of their caregivers.Does this argument still apply to Western women?Probably very few.Even if it’s just the desire to travel, what’s the problem?The key is how to make an emotion or passion last without cheating.How is it possible?Pascal said,”The secret to keeping passion alive is to keep the mind free of empty moments and to force it to accept the joyful manifestations of passion.”The question is how do we force our hearts?More importantly, how can we resist the temptations that also come from the heart?

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