The Cycles of Loneliness, Love and Destiny in One Hundred Years of Solitude

In “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, during the rise and fall of the Buendia family for a hundred years, each generation faced its own difficulties and challenges. After the fifth generation, they faced the desires and helplessness, love and taboos, historical legacy and destiny in human nature. bondage.

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[Fifth generation] Aureliano Segundo and Fernanda’s three children: son José Arcadio, eldest daughter Renata Remedios (people always nickname her Meimei), Young daughter Amaranta Úrsula

[The fifth generation José Arcadio] As soon as he was born, he was expected to become the pope and was sent to the Roman seminary.

José Arcadio stayed away for many years and did not return home until four months after his mother’s death.

It turned out that he had given up his theology major as soon as he arrived in Rome, but he had been lying about studying hard to win his mother’s favor.

Now that he is back home, he has no choice but to sell his property and live on. He also invites children from the town to play at home. He maintains a close relationship with four of them.

Later, they discovered a huge amount of gold coins belonging to their great-grandmother Úrsula. The four children drowned him in the bathtub while he was bathing and escaped with the money.

Jose Arcadio was alone under the weight of his mother’s high expectations, and had no choice but to resort to lies and squandering in an attempt to save himself, but died of human greed.

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[Fifth generation Meimei] Meimei inherited her father’s hospitable and party-loving temperament, but was asked by her mother to learn an old and outdated skill – playing the clavichord.

In order to keep her ears clean, she obeyed her mother and learned the clavichord very well.

After graduation, she continued to attend gatherings with friends. By chance, she fell deeply in love with Mauricio Babylon, an apprentice in an auto repair shop. Instigated by her great-grandmother Pilar Ternera, the two had a relationship.

After that, Mauricio Babylon came in from the backyard every night to have a private meeting with her.

When her mother Fernanda found out, she secretly arranged for a night watchman to beat Mauricio Babylon as a chicken thief.

Fernanda sent her pregnant daughter to a convent. Soon, the Memeto people sent their newborn son Aureliano Buendia, and there was no news again.

Meimei is lively and hospitable by nature, but she has to obey her mother and learn the old-fashioned profession. She tries to get salvation from love, but she falls into deeper loneliness.

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[Fifth generation Amaranta Ursula] Meme’s youngest son Aureliano Buendia was hidden by his mother Fernanda in the workshop where the colonel made small goldfish. The young Amaranta Landa Úrsula once caught her mother feeding her young child.

The mother told her that the child had floated from a distant place in a basket.

It has been raining for four consecutive years in Macondo. Two children played in the rain to make their great-great-grandmother Úrsula happy.

After the rain, Amaranta Úrsula was sent to a private school, and then to Brussels for further study. Due to her excellent grades, she received a scholarship to support her through college.

When she took her husband home after getting married, only her childhood friend Aureliano Buendia was left in the house.

She is lively and cheerful and wants to rebuild the family business, and her husband is also preparing to move his business to Macondo.

As time passed, when the tenderness of their couple turned into ordinary life, Aureliano Buendia could not restrain his strong love for Amaranta Úrsula and had a love affair with her. relationship.

Aureliano Buendia and Amaranta Úrsula were even more unscrupulous when their husbands went out for business matters.

When her husband wrote a letter saying that he was coming back, Amaranta Úrsula wrote and revealed everything, and her husband accepted it calmly.

They were the only two people left at home, and they tried their best to figure out the origins of Aureliano Buendia and the relationship between them.

The money left by her husband ran out.

Amaranta Úrsula gave birth to a baby boy in a dangerous room. The baby boy had a pig’s tail, and she died of hemorrhage.

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【Sixth Generation】Aureliano Buendia

When he was sent to the Buendia family, his birth certificate stated that he was an abandoned baby. In order to cover up his ugly appearance, his grandmother Fernanda hid him in a small workshop and refused to allow him to go to school.

His grandmother never left the house during her lifetime. He had been hiding in the hut and studying the parchments left by the Gypsies.

Not knowing his identity, he fell in love with his aunt Amaranta Ursula and gave birth to a child with a pig’s tail.

After Amaranta Úrsula died of a hemorrhage, Aureliano Buendía, who was ignorant of the world, wandered around the town in pain.

When I returned home a few days later, I found that only one piece of skin was left of the child, which was being stripped off by the ants into the nest.

He nailed the doors and windows of his home and sat down to study the parchment again. This time he understood it completely and found his own life experience.

The moment the scrolls were translated, the entire town was wiped from the face of the earth forever by a hurricane.

Aureliano Buendia is full of curiosity and confusion about his own life experience, and seeks identity in loneliness. He desperately longs for love in his heart, but forbidden love pushes him into deeper loneliness and loss.

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[Seventh Generation] Children of the sixth generation Aureliano Buendía and the fifth generation Amaranta Úrsula

Because no one took care of him, he was eaten by ants as soon as he was born.

As the gypsy parchment says: “The first in the family is tied to a tree, and the last is being eaten by ants!”

At this point, the century-old family died in loneliness.

Everyone in the family has experienced their own pain and struggle, and they have found some kind of spiritual comfort in self-salvation, but in the end they cannot escape the plight of loneliness, and the entire family cannot escape the fate of history.

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