Chapter 11 Mrs. Poialis | Lumian Seeks Answers to His Strange Dreams from a Mysterious Woman

The blue sky is dotted with white clouds, and the spring breeze touches human cheeks with the smell of trees. Beside the briskly flowing clear river, white geese eat green grass with their heads lowered, and one person wears a gray sarong. The young girl holds a long stick and pays close attention to them.

The girl’s face is bathed in the golden sunlight, revealing a touch of down, and the top of her long, smooth brown hair is wrapped in a white cloth. Her delicate facial features reveal an unconcealable youthful vitality.

She looked at Lumian who was sitting on the ground under a tree by the river, frowned slightly and said,

“Aren’t we here to discuss which legend is easier to investigate?

” “Why did it become the stone statue carved on the church?” ”

This girl is Ava Lizier, the daughter of shoemaker Guillaume. She is one of the younger generations in the village who has a good relationship with Lumian and Raymond.

“I am thinking about a question. Lumian didn’t even raise his head, still staring at the white geese and water waves.

“What’s the problem?” ” Raymond Clegg, who was helping Ava take care of the geese, spoke curiously.

Lumian seemed to be thinking and said:

“If you encounter a thick-skinned beast and your weapon cannot hurt it, what will you do? How to deal with it? ”

Of course I want to find a way to escape. There are so many wild beasts in the mountains, so we don’t necessarily have to hunt them. ” “Awa didn’t think there was anything to be embarrassed about.

Lumian said “hmm” and said,

“What if that beast is particularly rare and the gentlemen in the city like it and are willing to pay a hundred gold louis for its body? ”

One hundred gold louis, two thousand ferkin…” Raymond’s breathing became heavy.

He had never seen gold louis, nor had he used it. His instinct was to change it to ferkin first.

Is that so? With a small sum of money, he could go to Liège to start a small business, so why should he learn to herd sheep?

He thought quickly:

“Looking for someone to borrow a shotgun?

“Can’t penetrate the hide of that beast. ” ” Lumian directly denied it.

Although she knew that the prey was imaginary and could not be exchanged for so much money, Ava couldn’t help but join the discussion:

“Is it powerful? Is it ferocious?

Lumian thought for a moment and said,

“Absolutely the same as me. ” ”

This is one of the reasons why he didn’t give up.

“That’s okay. Raymond was inexplicably relieved, “Go back to the village and gather a group of people to surround it, consume its energy, and finally knock it down and tie it up.” ”

He knew Lumian could fight, but he knew that was all.

“In this case, you can only get ten gold louis, or even less. ” Lumian reminded.

“I’ve seen them hunting. Maybe we can dig a trap so that the beast can’t get up…” Awahu’s aqua blue eyes turned slightly and said while recalling.

“This is a way. Lumian nodded in agreement.

Knowing that Ava and Raymond had limited knowledge and could not make more suggestions, he brought the topic back on track:

“Which legend do you think is suitable for the next target?” ”

“Not suitable. Ava shook her head, “Those things either happened hundreds of years ago, or only one person saw them, and that person was long dead.” ”

Raymond echoed Ava:


“How do you know there are no clues if you don’t ask the relevant people? ” Lumian clicked his tongue and said, “You guys, if you don’t have perseverance in doing things and want to give up when you encounter difficulties, you can only be a goose girl and a shepherd all your life.” ”

These words made both Ava and Raymond feel a surge of anger in their hearts.

In terms of making people angry, Lumian is definitely at the top of the list of people in Kordu Village.

Ava blurted out:

“I don’t think so. Suitable because there is a more suitable one. ”

What is it?” ” Lumian’s eyes lit up.

Ava regretted it as soon as she finished speaking, but she also planned to tell the corresponding thing, but she didn’t want to tell Lumian and Raymond so easily.

After a few seconds of silence, she stared He glanced at Lumian and said,

“There is a real witch in the village. ”

“who? ” Lumian felt nervous.

It’s not Aurore he’s talking about, right?

If even Ava knows that Aurore is a wizard, then he and Aurore will have to escape from Kordu Village and live somewhere else. , to avoid being “visited” by the Inquisition.

Ava looked around subconsciously, lowered her voice and said:

“Mrs. Pualis. ”

The administrator’s wife, the parish priest’s mistress, Mrs. Poialis? Lumian didn’t believe it:

“Real or false? ”

If Pualis is really a witch, then when he found out that this lady was having an affair with the parish priest, how could the other party not notice it?

“No way? “Raymond was extremely surprised.

Ava stood on tiptoes and looked in the direction of the village entrance:

“I’m not sure. Charlie, the administrator’s valet, let me know once.

“He said that Mrs. Pualis is a soul messenger who can talk to the souls of the dead and can help them return home. He also said that Mrs. Pualis can make secret medicines and spells.”

Lumian listened carefully and was still unsure. Is this true or false?

When magazines such as “Psychic”, “Lotus”, and “Veil of Secrets” can be published regularly, it is not too strange that the administrator’s wife knows some terms and how to behave, and can fool the servants and villagers.

“Shall we go to the church to tell the truth? This can get a lot of rewards, right?” Raymond was frightened and looking forward to it.

Lumian considered for a few seconds and said,

“The administrator’s male servants know that Mrs. Pualis is a witch, so the administrator himself should also know, right?”

“Yes.” Ava gave an affirmative answer.

Lumian continued:

“Mrs. Poialis is also the parish priest’s mistress. If we go to the church to inform, we may be sent directly to the administrator’s home.”


“Mrs. Poialis is the parish priest’s mistress?”

Ava and Raymond were shocked.

“I saw it with my own eyes.” Lumian chuckled, “You pretend you don’t know about this and don’t tell anyone, otherwise I’m afraid you will disappear one day.”

Ava and Raymond agreed at the same time He stood down with an extremely solemn expression.

They were all very afraid of the priest, and this matter also involved a witch.

“If it is really confirmed that Mrs. Pualis is a witch, we will find an opportunity to go to Liège and tell the bishop during high mass.” Lumian comforted the two of them.

“Yeah.” Raymond nodded vigorously.

This must be confirmed before reporting, otherwise the final investigation will reveal that there is nothing wrong with Mrs. Pualis and they will be doomed.

After communicating these things, Lumian, who was unwilling to waste time, stood up and said to Ava and Raymond:

“I’m going back to study, otherwise Aurore will chase me with a wooden stick.

“You two Herd the geese well. ”

“good. “Thinking that in the next period of time, he and Ava would be the only ones left here, Raymond felt excited.

Ava was a little unhappy.

After approaching Kordu Village, Lumian began to hide his whereabouts. Pay attention to whether there is anyone nearby.

He is worried that the curate and those people are still unwilling to let him go and are still waiting for an opportunity.

According to his observation, the curate Guillaume Bennet is a very perseverant person and has eaten Defeat will inevitably lead to revenge.

Hiding, Lumian was heading towards the old tavern.

Suddenly, he heard a clanking sound.

Lumian turned his head and saw Ryan, Liya, and Val in the fork on the left. The three strangers from Luntai were walking towards Naroka and others who were catching lice from each other.

The clear and melodious tinkling sound came from the four small silver bells on Liya’s veil and boots.

They had been in the village these two days. Wandering around, chatting with people, asking questions, not knowing what to do… Lumian was a little confused and a little wary.

He thought of the deserted village square one day before, and thought of the sheep shepherding people who came back from afar to participate in Lent. Pierre Berry, he had some bad premonitions and felt strange.

What will happen in the village? Lumian decided to tell Aurore these situations later, so that this well-informed He asked his knowledgeable and wise sister to make his judgment.

Soon, he successfully entered the old tavern and saw the woman who gave him the tarot cards sitting in the corner, eating.

Lumian came closer and He glanced at it and said:

“Fat fried eggs?

“Is it too greasy?”

In the Liège area, this dish is the first choice for ordinary people to entertain distinguished guests, but Lumian feels that for women from big cities, it may be greasy and greasy.

The lady took a bite of the golden egg in a slow motion, closed her eyes and felt it for a while:

“It’s very good, with local characteristics and very fragrant.”

“Have lunch so early?” Lumian sat opposite.

The lady’s light blue eyes showed a little tiredness, and she said with a smile:

“This is breakfast.”

What time was it… Lumian did not dare to say these words.

He looked around the old tavern, which had few customers, and lowered his voice:

“I saw a ruins in my dream and met a monster.”

“Oh.” The lady was not surprised at all, and there was even a hint of sadness in her expression. Lumian’s incomprehensible amusement.

Lumian calmed down and told his story in detail, and finally said:

“How to deal with this kind of monster?”

The lady smiled and asked:

“Is it dead or alive?”

“Absolutely. It’s alive, I can’t kill it…” Lumian stopped replying subconsciously.

He thought seriously for a while, then slowed down and said:

“I can feel its breathing, it should still be alive.” ”

Since it is alive, then you should try more. This time, chop off its head, and next time Pour oil on it and burn it directly. If you bury it alive next time, maybe it will die?” The lady casually suggested while enjoying her breakfast, “Come back to me after you try so many methods and it still doesn’t work. I’m not you. The nanny will help with every little thing. You have to learn to think of a solution first.”

She is quite friendly… Lumian is not lost or depressed at all, because the other person seems to mean that he will come back if he encounters a particularly big danger. She, she will provide some help, and this kind of monster is really not worth mentioning now.

But her insignificance is a real trouble for me… Lumian then had a headache again.

He decided to do what the lady said and try beheading, burning, and burying him alive first to see if they would work.

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