Chapter 8 Owl | Lumian’s Quest for Legendary Treasures Hidden by an Ancient Wizard

Lumian had just had an idea, and he didn’t really want to.

Not to mention that it had been so many years, and the owl’s life was much shorter than humans. The one that flew over when the wizard died should have rotted into mud long ago. Just the number of owls in this mountain made Lumian have no desire to track them down.

It was too much!

The owl and there is no obvious characteristics of Hu Hu no, legend, the owl has no specific image, na roca just didn’t also speak Hu Hu we ask carefully enough ah Hu Hu lu m Ann, for Raymond laughed.

“An owl associated with a wizard may live for 100 years.”

Seeing that Raymond was getting more and more afraid, he comforted,”

“Don’t worry, this is the last choice, I don’t want to face a monster.

“Let’s ask the other elders. Maybe there are some key clues that Na Roca has overlooked.”

Then he said in a tone of bewitch:

” If I were a wizard, I would definitely not bring all my treasures with me or leave them at home. I would definitely hide some of them somewhere to avoid being suddenly attacked by the Tribunal. I would not be able to take anything in time and would have to escape immediately without having any money.”

One of the most important duties of the Inquisition of the Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun was to eliminate all witches and wizards, whose “feats” were widely circulated in the countryside.

“Yes!”Raymond again.

He said with a face of yearning,

“Unfortunately, too many years have passed. The treasures that the Church has searched for must have been spent long ago.”

“Young man, your idea is very dangerous.”Lumian quipped.

Two people continue to visit the Murray’s old Pierre, na phil in her old man.

Although their answer is similar to the roca, but have the experience of lu mian and Raymond or ask out more details.

The owl, for example, was large and medium-sized, and it is similar to the basic same: a pointed mouth, face like a cat, brown feathers, scattered with fine spots, tan white eyes, black eyes, eyes

But it was bigger than similar owls, and its eyes seemed to be able to move, not as stiff as its kind, which made it look dull.

In all the descriptions, these differences make the owl appear more evil.

“It’s not like I’m going to be able to.”On the road to the village square, Lumian told Raymond,”We can only focus on other legends.”

“Well,” he said.Raymond is no longer as frustrated as he was at first.”Which one?”

This guy is so positive and hard work. Lumian secretly praised him and prepared to give Raymond a reward.

He nodded his head a way:

“Go back to think about it, tomorrow to discuss the decision.

“I’ll teach you a lesson.”

“Good!”Raymond was delighted by the unexpected.

Mr Laura but very can play, otherwise how to deal with some brutal rude man in the village?Her brother should also not bad.

Say goodbye to Raymond.Clegg, Lumian turned onto the path leading to his home.

After walking for a while, he saw a few men coming over.

WeiShouZhe during the prime of life, is not tall, less than one meter seven, wearing a white robe, head has a shallow black hair.

He had a dignified temperament, and his facial features could only be described as regular. The tip of his nose was slightly raised, and his blue eyes looked at Lumian with unconcealed disgust and malice.

This is Guillaume, the parish priest of the Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun in the village of Cordu.Bene.

“I’ll be right back.”Guillaume.Benet said in a deep voice,”Did you deliberately bring those foreigners to the church?”

“I thought you were going to die.”Lumian forced an explanation as he took a few steps back.

He recognized, guillaume.Bennet is standing beside his brother ponce.Benet, this guy was in his early thirties. He was muscular and domineering, and he liked to bully the villagers.

Several others are with him and the parish priest thugs.

See lumi Ann back, guillaume.Bennet winked at Ponces.

Pons.Benet grinned and stepped forward.

“Bastard boy, come and know your father ponce!”

Before he could finish his sentence, he quickened his pace and pounced on Lumian, as did the other thugs.

In cole du village this countryside, reason is not town people also change not to apologize, direct and strong processing to let a person fear, this, parish priest guillaume.Benet knew and was used to this, and as soon as he was sure that Lumien had brought the strangers to the church, he decided to arrest the boy and beat him until he couldn’t get out of bed for a month, until someone made it up to him.

Of course, have to avoid the laurel.

As for the law, as long as the magistrate and territory judge bei oster say, the sheriff of the city can not to fight dot bagatelle specially ran to the country to investigate.

And Mr Oster as outsiders, in the absence of great conflict of interest, is not to offend the local born priests.

Jean Guillaume.Benet felt fortunate that the strangers had not yet announced the affair between himself and the magistrate’s wife, Madame Pualis.

They were fast, Lumian was faster, and as soon as Ponces spoke he turned and ran.

He told the parish priest of the gang’s disposition and style but quite understand.

A villager once told the Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun in the city that Guillaume.Not only did Benet have many mistresses, but he also embezzled the devotions of his followers to the Eternal Blazing Sun and bullied others in the village, completely unlike a cleric. Later, one afternoon, the villager fell to his death.

Deng deng deng!

Lumian’s run made a gust of wind.

“Wait for me!”Ponzi shouted as he chased, his speed not slow.

The thugs also followed.

After rushing out of the path, Lumian did not run along the main road. Instead, he went straight into the nearest house.

The family is part-time kitchen to prepare lunch of the sitting room, suddenly saw such a man ran into the room.

With a whoosh, Lumian went around them and flipped out the back kitchen window.

When Ponces and the others chased in, the owner of the house had already recovered. He stood up to intercept and ask,”

“What are you doing?”

“What are you doing?”

“Get out of the way!”Ponces ruthlessly pushed the man away, but also delayed a little time.

By the time they reached the window and flipped out, Lumian was running down another path.

After chasing for a while, they completely lost Lumian.

“Damn it!”Pons to the roadside vomitted mouth green phlegm.


Half into the type of two layers of buildings.

Lumian calmed his breath and opened the door as if nothing had happened.

“One, two, three, four, two, three, four, four

Lumian peered into the open space on the other side of the kitchen and saw O’Laurel, blond hair in a ponytail, wearing a linen shirt and tight white trousers, and dark short boots made of lambskin, bouncing and sweating.

The custom of Cordu Village was that most of the area on the first floor was the kitchen, which was the core of the house. Cooking and eating were here, as well as the gathering of guests.

Working out again? Lumian was familiar with such scenes and was not surprised.

Mr Laura often do strange things, asked also don’t say the reason.

At the very least, exercising was a good thing. Furthermore, the good-looking Humian moved closer and watched quietly.

After a while, Mr. Laurel stopped moving and bent down to shut the battery-powered black tape recorder.

She took the white towel from Lumian and wiped the sweat off her forehead.”

“Do you remember that?”

“I have to study and learn combat. Don’t you have too high of an expectation for me?”Lumian complained.

Orl glanced at him and smiled.”

“You have to remember that our goal is the all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetic appreciation, and ability to work!”

The more she spoke, the happier she became. She seemed to have recalled some good memories or fun things.

I have failed in ethics, Lumian muttered silently.

He turned to ask a way:

“What kind of fighting?”

One of the things he didn’t understand was that the weak-looking Orlore was actually an expert in combat. He had mastered many styles of martial arts, and he couldn’t even return the blows every time.

Orlore thought about it carefully, leaned forward slightly, and looked up at Lumian’s eyes.

Then she hey hey smile, loudly say:


“What?”Lumian was surprised.”Isn’t that what girls learn?”

Mr Laura stand up straight, a face of serious shook his head, to longly say:

“I’m not going to be able to do that.

“Who said that boys wouldn’t encounter perverts?”

Her mouth streamed smile gradually unable to hide.

Not knowing whether her sister was joking, or whether she was really going to do it, Lumian said nothing, took the white towel back, and walked up the stairs.

Suddenly, his feet tightened, as if he had tripped over something, and he fell forward.

In mid-air, Lumian hurriedly tightened his waist and abdomen muscles, stretched out his arms, pressed down on the chair beside him, and then turned over, barely landing steadily.

Mr. Laura back to foot, tut laughed.

“One of the main points of combat is to observe the environment at any time, there can be no negligence.

“Remember, my rookie brother?”

Earlier, her right hand had already grabbed Lumian’s back, but seeing that he had regained control of his body, she retracted it.

“I trust you too much,” muttered Lumian.

He thought about it carefully and felt that this trust was meaningless. He did not know how many similar losses he had suffered in front of Orlour.

Aurel coughed and restrained her expression.

“How are you doing?”

Lumian briefly recounted the conversation and concluded,”

“I’m going to wait for your friends to reply before I think about exploring dreams.”

A wise choice.”Orlore nodded in satisfaction.

Lumian changed the subject.

“What do you want for lunch?”

“There’s still some toast left in the morning. I’ll bake four lamb chops for you.”Mr Laura wanted to think.

“What about you?”Lumian demanded.

Orlour said casually,”

“I just have a truffle shredded bamboo chicken and then add a cheese and onion soup. I tried it last time and found it was quite delicious.”

Before she could finish her sentence, she suddenly froze.

The next second, she raised her hands, trying to cover her ears. The muscles on her face gradually twisted.

This made her beauty a little hideous.

Lumian watched quietly, his eyes full of concern and worry.

After a while, Orlore let out a long sigh and returned to normal.

Her forehead is full of sweat again.

“What’s the matter?”Lumian asked.

Mr Laura smiled to smile:

“The tinnitus is acting up again. You don’t know that I have this old problem.”

Lumian didn’t ask further and said,”

“Well, then I’ll make lunch, you have a good rest.”

Every time this happened, his desire to obtain Extraordinary Power grew more and more urgent and resolute.

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