How Bacon Analyzed the Power of Habit and Marriage in His Famous Essays

Now let’s appreciate bacon’s essays.Essays this style of ancient, the Roman writer, historian Plutarch to set up a model for future generations.He left behind two masterpieces,”Biography of Greco-Roman Celebrities” and “Moral Essays,” which have many top fans in the modern West.Essays in the revival of modern times, there are two mountains, one is montaigne, another is bacon, both love Plutarch.Bacon’s Essays is the first work of English essay literature, which has influenced generations of English writers.

In bacon’s lifetime,”essays” out of the three edition, the first edition at the age of 36, the last edition of the year before his death, content increased from ten to 58.Nearly 30 years, he always take the manuscript with him, constantly add content and work, is very precious.I think, he is the biggest characteristic of both philosophical wisdom and worldly savvy.He was a philosopher who could look beyond the illusion of the world to see the truth of the world and life.

He is a clever layman, familiar with the way of the world, pay attention to survival strategy.His general tendency is pragmatic, more suitable for the secular interest is on the rise of the taste of the era.I chose a few topics, is I think bacon’s views are characteristic, so it is worth discussing.

Habit is the master of life

Bacon emphasized the power of habit, saying that men think mostly in accordance with their wishes, and speak mostly in accordance with the habits of learning and society, but act in accordance with the habits which they have formed in ordinary times.Machiavelli taught that nature and words are unreliable without the reinforcement of habit.For example, if you want to hire a killer, you can’t trust that kind of nature fierce or words firmly, and to hire people with blood dyed hands.Bacon led the Machiavelli, said he had said although very ugly, but the truth is right.
If the habit of individual has a lot of power, so, many people have the habit of, the joint power is even greater.On this occasion, people will imitate each other, motivation, competition, the power of habit can make people do things completely against nature.Under the domination of religion, for example, people will be from the nue, self-harm and even set himself on fire for pleasure.We may add that it is not uncommon in history for mass forces of habit to take control of entire peoples and to cause mass acts of inhuman brutality.

The so-called habit, is the day after tomorrow through experience to develop habits.As an empiricist, bacon’s general tendency is to think that habit is stronger than nature.Human nature, he admits, is also powerful, and suppressing it will only make it rebound more strongly when the pressure drops.
However, he believes that long-term habits can change nature and become more powerful second nature.However, he warned that a person can’t be too believe overcome nature, because nature will lurk for a long time, once encounter temptation will be raised, so be sure to let yourself away from temptation.He used a story from Aesop’s Fables to illustrate: a cat becomes a lady sitting at the table, a mouse runs past her, she immediately reverts to her original appearance, jumps up to catch the mouse.
Good habits bring good fortune to individuals and nations, and bad habits bring misfortune.Since habit is the master of life, we should strive to cultivate good habits, education is therefore very important.Bacon defines education as a habit that begins at an early age.The younger the child, the greater the plasticity, and the habit of the more strong, so the education of childhood is the most critical.In a country where children form good habits from an early age, the country will certainly be well governed.
What is the relationship between habit and nature?When Bacon talks about the triumph of habit over nature, he is referring to the triumph of good habit over bad nature.Habit and nature are good and bad, the good and bad is clearly divided according to moral value.Human nature already contains the good and bad two kinds of quality bud or tendency, and the cultivation of habits is to overcome the bad tendency, the development of good tendency, make good tendency to become stable quality.
Nature has another meaning, refers to a person’s natural tendency in temperament and endowment.In intellectual education and career choice, whether should pay attention to the nature?Bacon admitted that career and nature is suitable for the man is blessed, otherwise it is unfortunate.however, he argue that unless a child does have some kind of extraordinary talent, it should be encourage as much as possible, but in general, parents should plan and develop their children’s future careers and development as early as possible.There were very few geniuses after all. Most of the children had ordinary aptitude and did not have any advantage in talent. Therefore, it was better to help him determine a path early. After a long period of training and forming a habit, he would be more relaxed and happy in the future.

2 love is a bad thing, marriage is a good thing

For love, bacon didn’t say a good word.”In life,” he said,”love only brings disaster, sometimes like a seductive witch, sometimes like a vengeful goddess.”The disadvantages of love, is to make people lose reason.The heart is the most vulnerable, it is prosperous, the other is poor.It is in these two cases, love is the most easy to step in, the fire of love will burn the most prosperous, love is the son of folly.Love has a disadvantage, is care about.There is no love not in return, not in return, will be buried in the bottom of my heart a kind of contempt, this is an iron law.
When it comes to marriage, Bacon’s words are mostly good.He also talked about the advantages of celibacy, and there were two kinds of people who seemed not to be married: those with great missions, because their wives and children were like collateral you gave to destiny, and would prevent you from achieving great things; and those who loved freedom, and marriage would become an intolerable bondage.In terms of the average person, marriage is very necessary, is the training of the sense of responsibility, single people are easy to squander on money, heart is hard.

How is good luck tempered?

Bacon is not a lofty man, he attaches great importance to the secular.He believes that although a person’s luck is influenced by many accidental factors, it is mainly in his own hands.Your talent, may not bring you good luck, can bring good luck is some hidden and not obvious ability and habits, is a kind of comprehensive quality couldn’t say for sure.Have this kind of quality, nothing in his nature will hinder the rotation of the wheel of fortune, his virtue will which with opportunity.But, since this kind of quality or ability is couldn’t say for sure, bacon as if there would be no too clear.I find some talk about from the essays, is I think can be put under this topic:
First of all, a little silly, but not stay gas, such people are the most likely to be lucky.Silly and not stay, simple and honest but have a spiritual, easy-going but have definite view, this is likable, and didn’t delay anything, so easy to succeed.
Second, the person’s behavior should be like the clothes, can not be too tight or too exquisite, might as well feel some.Behave happy, not with, so comfortable, others are comfortable.
Third, in life, the great virtue of the performance of the opportunity is as little as a holiday, small virtue is always have the opportunity to show, can let a person often have a crush on you, a must have.Courtesy, for example, was, in Queen Isabella’s words, a letter of recommendation that would never expire.
Fourthly, there is a great talent and achievement, to put this talent and achievement due to god or luck, so that we can avoid envy, enjoy them more safely.On the contrary, those who attribute their good luck to their own ability, most unfortunate ending.
The above talk is about people’s way of life, but not to play politics.Bacon is in to the virtuous man advised, they pay attention to the character in people’s hearts of feelings, don’t ignore the details, there is a good popularity, just can have good luck.

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