Facing Aging Calmly: How to Maintain Health and Happiness in Old Age


Whether we like it or not, and no matter how young we are temporarily, we are all aging.We must clearly know that aging is an irreversible natural law, as long as there is life, there will be old.

Since aging is a process that everyone must experience, what we have to do is not to escape, but to face it calmly.According to the concept of “Nei Jing,””Heaven and earth are carried out, everything is complete, not expensive to people, people are born with the qi of heaven and earth, the law of the four seasons is formed…”,”Heaven and earth are combined with qi, and life is called man.”Since heaven and earth have spring birth, summer growth, autumn harvest, winter storage, then life also has the law of growth and aging.

Furthermore, growth and aging are all physiological processes of human beings.Since youth is natural, aging is also natural.Youth is not a disease, and aging is certainly not a disease.To think of aging as a disease is a misconception of aging.

For aging, many people hold a rejection mentality, and even because of aging and trouble, panic.That is not wise.In my opinion, it is necessary to have an acceptance attitude towards aging. Only when you accept it will you not have all kinds of negative emotions, so that your heart can be in a state of peace and tranquility, and your quality of life will not be affected by aging.

What does aging mean?For everyone, aging means that the physiological functions of the internal organs are degraded, and it also means that they are prone to some diseases.Some people think that aging means less income, heavier care burden, and even anxiety and pessimism.

In any case, aging is a natural phenomenon, and there is no need for us to fall into a great pessimism and universal anxiety about old age because of aging.


Each of our lives is basically a “three-stage”: when we are young, we belong to the growth and study period, enter the working period after graduating from college, and work until the age of 60, and enter the retirement period.

After retirement, you have basically entered old age.As for the age of entering old age, the World Health Organization (WHO) and some western developed countries define it as 65 years old.The new China regulation is 60 years old.Article 2 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of the Elderly stipulates that “the elderly referred to in this Law refer to citizens over the age of 60.”

Once you get old, life can change in many ways.On the one hand, all aspects of the body function gradually decline, the spirit is insufficient, it is impossible to do as before; on the other hand, the mentality becomes old, began to fear death, especially after the age of 80, more want to accompany their children.

In fact, old age is a long process.From health, to physiological function increasingly weak, even incapacitated, and finally to death.This process is as short as nearly 20 years, because the average life expectancy in our country is about 80 years old, and it takes more than 40 years if we can live to 100 years old.

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So how do you maximize the quality of life in old age, when loss and decline are rife?

My thinking is to learn Chinese medicine, to learn the wisdom of sages, because Chinese medicine can keep us healthy for a long time, and the wisdom of sages can improve our happiness index, so that our hearts are in a state of peace and happiness.

As far as health is concerned, Nei Jing clearly states: “The law is in yin and yang, harmony is in the number of gods, food and drink are regulated, daily life is regular, and labor is not done.” In this way,”the shape and spirit are all, and the end of the day, the centenary is gone.”In other words, if the elderly can attach importance to the concept of “Nei Jing” to actively maintain health, they can live to the life given by God, that is, days.

As far as happiness is concerned, my thinking is that happiness is a feeling that comes from whether we have wisdom inside.To achieve a higher sense of happiness, it is necessary to update our understanding of life, to have a deeper insight into society and human nature, so that we are not affected by various external circumstances and affect our emotions.


We all have our own precious lives, and each of us often understands aging from our own bodies, because aging is a slow process that can be traced.

From the analysis of traditional Chinese medicine, the so-called aging, in fact, kidney essence gradually empty, vitality gradually weakened.Because the kidney is the innate foundation, kidney essence dominates the life process of the human body.The more kidney essence is abundant, the more vitality life will be, relatively speaking, the longer life will be lived; conversely, the weaker the kidney essence, the weaker the vitality life will be, of course, it will also lead to shorter life span.

From the visible teeth,”teeth for the kidney”, kidney essence more or less determines the state of the teeth.With age, kidney essence becomes weaker and weaker, and the physiological function of kidney master teeth will become worse and worse, manifested as enamel will slowly wear out, gums will be more easily inflamed, even separated from teeth, exposed roots, and finally lead to tooth loosening and falling off.

Another cardiovascular example, aging means that the physiological functions of the internal organs decline, including the physiological functions of the heart governing blood vessels.As we age, blood vessels and heart valves lose their elasticity and become rigid.In order to get the same amount of blood to flow through the narrowed, hardened vessels, the heart has to contract harder, creating more pressure.As a result, nearly half of people will have elevated blood pressure after age 65.

According to the idea of Neijing, our body has actually reached the peak of physiological function at the age of 35 (women) or 40 (men).Because women “five seven yangming pulse decline, face beginning to fall, hair beginning to fall”, while men are “five eight kidney qi decline, hair falling teeth haggard.”

Modern medicine has a similar study: from age 30, the heart’s peak pumping rate drops steadily.Around age 40, muscle mass and strength begin to decline.By age 80, people lose 25 to 50 percent of their muscle mass.From age 50, bones lose bone density at a rate of about 1 percent per year.The elasticity of the eye’s lens decreases, and many people’s presbyopia (presbyopic) begins at age 40.The crystals also gradually turn yellow.Even without cataracts, the retina of a healthy 60-year-old receives one-third as much light as a 20-year-old.

At age 30, the brain is a 1400-gram organ, and by age 70, brain atrophy has vacated almost 2.5 centimeters of skull space.By age 85, more than a third of people will have dementia.

I think it’s probably because of these facts that we have fears and anxieties about aging.For these facts tell us that old age means disease, weakness and loss of life.

But my point is that aging is not scary, what’s scary is that we panic because of aging.


Since aging is an inevitable process of life, why pessimism and panic?But I don’t know, sadness into the lungs, fear into the kidneys.Grief hurts the lungs, fear hurts the kidneys.From this point of view, aging did not cause discomfort, but because of pessimism and panic, it damaged the lungs and kidneys in advance and caused discomfort.

Modern research has also found that many functions of the human body reach their peak in their 20s and begin to decline slowly in middle and old age, but many people can work all the time and even enjoy a high quality of life until they are old.- Why?I think it comes first of all from acceptance of aging, because acceptance, so there is no pessimism and panic, and then peace of mind.

The heart is the master of the five internal organs. If the heart can be peaceful,”the master is peaceful”, the five internal organs are naturally in a balanced state, how can they suffer from diseases?

On the contrary, if the heart produces all kinds of pessimism, panic, worry, pain, it will affect the mind, leading to uneasiness,”the master is unclear, the twelve organs are dangerous”,”the heart is shaking all the organs”, which will eventually affect health.

Some people worry that aging will suffer from a variety of geriatric diseases, what to do?

My thinking is that if we can actively maintain our health, even if we suffer from certain so-called senile diseases, we can control them and stop them from getting worse, or even not feel too much discomfort.Moreover, we have Chinese medicine. When the elderly fall ill, I strongly suggest that Chinese medicine should be the first choice because Chinese medicine is truly “people-oriented” medicine. Chinese medicine not only knows how to “cure the disease before it occurs”, but also is good at treating the disease already. Chinese medicine will not over-treat the disease, nor will it harm the healthy qi due to medical treatment.

Furthermore, people aged 65 and older who suffer from a chronic disease are often incurable.This stems from the old people’s healthy qi is too weak, is overwhelmed by evil, leading to evil nostalgia, and cause the disease lingering.

However, it is not terrible for the elderly to get sick. As long as the condition is stable and does not obviously affect the quality of life, we can survive with illness. This is actually the normal state of most old age.It is important that these chronic diseases remain stable and not deteriorate acutely.

The process of each of our lives is from birth to old age, and it is inevitable to enter old age.There are several stages in old age: health, decline, loss of physiological function, and death.In old age, we can actively maintain health, assist healthy qi through health preservation, regulate the physiological balance of internal organs, and then delay the occurrence of senile diseases as much as possible, prolong the state of health, and shorten the time from loss of physiological functions to death.

We can see in life that some people are paralyzed in bed at the age of 60, while some people can climb the Great Wall and even run marathons in their 80s.

This shows that health is in your own hands.If we want to maintain health and vitality in old age, we must actively keep in good health.It can be said that health preservation is a must for every elderly person to keep healthy.

As one scholar put it,”When we approach the topic of old age, we tend to forget one basic premise: that old age is in fact an increasingly long life process along the time axis, with distinct stages.If we look at each individual, the individual differences can be particularly large.As the World Health Organization points out in its Global Report on Ageing and Health, there is no such thing as a “typical” older person.”

I think about this passage, and my experience is that even if I have entered old age, if I can actively control my life and health, old age may not appear, or even if it does, there will be no obvious discomfort.

So we can face aging calmly.Aging is not terrible, what is terrible is being frightened by aging, or refusing to keep healthy, so that the healthy qi is getting weaker and weaker, and the vitality of life is getting worse and worse.

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