From Bossing Around to Guiding Teams: Essential Management Skills for the Modern Era

When it comes to the definition of management, everyone has their own understanding.The real definition is simple enough to be booed: getting the job done through someone else.There are two points in this: one is to complete the task, and the other is to pass on others.As long as a person meets these two points, his role is a manager.Even an ordinary shepherd, as long as there is a way to get others to help him with his sheep, he is a manager.
Of these two points, which is more difficult to do?
Through someone else.Many people don’t “through others,” in fact, he is not assured “through others,” and some people too much value “through others.”
Let others to do things for themselves, in many people’s view is a “promotion.”So the bureaucracy possessed, bossing around to employees.This kind of managers.In the new era, employees don’t necessarily earn money by going to work. It’s strange not to leave immediately when they meet such managers who barely go to work.
Times have changed, the managers of modern enterprises, and the traditional concept of bureaucrats and cadres have essential difference.We all work together, in addition to the relationship between superiors and subordinates, but also the relationship between colleagues; in addition to the management function, but also the friendship of mutual help and common progress.
There are some managers who are loved by their employees, but they feel very tired.Why is that?They try to do all the work by themselves, without the help of team members, always busy, employees are very idle.
In real life, we’ve seen a lot of managers who have a good reputation among their employees who are actually like this: starting from scratch, known for their dedication and diligence, the company has been operating for many years and is starting to get on the right track. As the business continues to expand and finds that they can’t be busy, then recruit employees and let them share their work.But the staff line not line?Have to stare at a little, be careful they make mistakes, so the size of the transaction to ask, busy all day long, the staff is more pressure.The boss to do so has certain advantages, such as hiring fewer employees, cost savings, ensure the quality of work, the disadvantages are obvious, did not give enough trust to employees, they will not pass the temper, cannot undertake important tasks independently, have been waiting for the boss’s instructions, and the boss is busy, in the end, both sides can not grow.
Use the team analogy: Like you are a striker, feel that the defence is weak, you always help the defender defend; feel that the midfield organization is very poor, you always help the midfield organization to get the ball.When the team needs to score goals and pass the ball forward, but you can’t find the shadow of the Indian striker, can the team still win the ball?
Managing a team is not an easy task. A question that many managers yearn for day and night is: How can you make your subordinates “obey” you?
One time I went to Haier to give a lecture, and a student asked me,”How can I make my subordinates obey you?”I asked the other participants to answer, and one of them said,”You’re better at everything than your men.”
This answer is probably the voice of most managers.”Do what is better than his men” is a very common management thinking, but think about it, this kind of thinking is only possible when the position is relatively low, such as workshop team leader, factory director, they start from the grassroots, familiar with each type of work, ability is outstanding, so the worker and the excellent is shi.But when you lead a larger team,”doing better than your men” is just an ideal.Think of haier group’s boss, men tens of thousands, there are countless types of work and team, if the boss has such a thinking, that’s not dead tired himself, is haier play dead!Managers are very important to their own position, the understanding of the “through others” is even more important.
Managers and ordinary employees work content is very different, in word and deed requirements are higher than the average employee.Some words can’t say, some words must be said.In a word, the manager’s mission is to develop employees, build a fighting team, rather than the staff’s work on themselves.
Westerners often use a boat as a metaphor for a team.The process of growing a team is like a person from driving a small boat to commanding a large ship.Managers to drive a small boat, what skill will, slowly will be able to control the whole ship, by passion can let the boat go fast and safe.At this point, the market may reward you with a big ship.Not only are there differences in size between large ships and small boats, but large ships often need more manpower, because the captain alone cannot do all the work of the first mate, the second mate, and so on at the same time.Passion is not enough at this time of the light, the ship to fast, smooth, must rely on the division of labor and organization system.
At this point, the captain’s main task is no longer driving, but to grasp the direction of the ship, speed and safety.Small boats are shallow in draft and have no chance of touching underwater reefs, but large ships are deep in draft and may encounter reefs, such as process problems, performance appraisal problems, etc.Instead of going boating, managers should do important things such as making navigation strategies and avoiding reefs.Boating things can be entrusted to the staff has grown up, the captain completely get rid of the state of doing the same work with the staff, to do some layout work related to the development trend of the team, to provide more possibilities for future development.If the captain has been driving the indoor sail, no relevant personnel training, the crew will attend, the whole fleet, such as a mess, this is undoubtedly a big failure in the team management.

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