6 Advanced Thinking Strategies to Transform Your Life: Applying Einstein and Godfather Wisdom

The difference between people was the difference in their thinking. Those who could see the essence of things at a glance were destined to have a different fate.The Godfather famously said,”Those who see the essence in a second are destined to have a different fate from those who can’t see the essence of a thing for half their lives.”Start cultivating advanced thinking and transforming your life today!

“Einstein warned us that we can’t expect to solve problems in the same way of thinking.To really solve a problem, we have to upgrade our thinking, from a rudimentary way of thinking to a more advanced way of thinking.

It’s like climbing stairs, only on a higher level, we can see a broader vision, to find a new path to solve the problem.Remember, only by changing the way we think can we change the state of our lives and improve ourselves.That’s what Einstein’s famous quote was all about: You can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking that created it.

1, gray thinking

In this world of complexity, many things are not simply “black and white,” but have various gray areas.If we judge right and wrong simply by “right and wrong,” it would be biased.

Imagine a painting that is made up of countless combinations of colors. There is neither pure black nor pure white.Similarly, life is made up of a variety of different experiences and choices, there is no absolute right and wrong.

When we encounter difficult or complex situations, we should not simply judge by “right or wrong,” but should think and analyze the problem from multiple angles.Only in this way can we make more intelligent and correct decisions.

Remember, there is no absolute right or wrong in this world, only different views and opinions.We should keep an open mind and accept different voices and ideas in order to better understand the world and live in it better.

2, win-win thinking

In the arena of life, we should embrace win-win thinking, build on mutual respect, and strive to find mutually beneficial ways to ensure that the interests of all parties are balanced and find common interests.From competition to co-operation, we should pursue a win-win situation and make cooperation a powerful engine for our success.

“Cooperation is a bridge to success.”Only by working together can we achieve our goals and bring more value to others.Win-win thinking is not only a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of attitude, it allows us to learn to find common interests in the complex interpersonal relationships, to achieve win-win cooperation.

In this competitive society, we must learn to appreciate others, recognize the advantages and contributions of others, in order to better establish cooperative relations.At the same time, we should also learn to listen to others ‘opinions and suggestions, find common interests and achieve win-win results.

3. Hurdle Law

Like hurdles, the bigger the obstacle, the greater the achievement.If the difficulty doesn’t beat you, it will make you stronger.

Only when you make up your mind to overcome it, to meet the challenge, you can truly tap their potential, on the new height of life.

“Without challenges, there is no achievement.”This is a wise saying.Behind every great achievement, there is a fierce confrontation with difficulties.Only when you dare to face up to difficulties and use them as a millstone to sharpen yourself, can you exercise yourself and improve yourself in this confrontation.

So, when you meet with difficulties, don’t be afraid, don’t flinch.Think of it as an opportunity, a challenge, to prove yourself and surpass yourself.Let difficulties be stepping stones to your success, not stumbling blocks.”There is no mountain that can’t be crossed, only the road that you step on.”Let’s go forward together, overcome every spring bed in life!

4, Occam brake knife principle

Occam’s razor principle, is to let us simplify, the pursuit of the ultimate simplicity.”If not necessary, do not add entities.”Only by grasping the essence of the problem and finding out the root of the problem can we solve the problem effectively.

Life is the same, we are often troubled by trivial things, do not know how to start.However, if we can use Occam’s razor principle to simplify the complex problem, we will find that the problem is not so complicated.

So, let’s learn to use Occam’s razor principle to simplify complex problems, simplify tedious things, pursue ultimate simplicity, and make life better.

5, luvis theorem

The Luvis theorem tells us that modesty is not about feeling useless, but about consciously changing your perspective and seeing yourself as a spectator, so that you are not swayed by the interference of your own instincts.

“Modesty makes one progress, but pride makes one lag behind.”Only by keeping a modest attitude can we learn, grow and progress.

6. Re-offer thinking

Replay thinking is to let us replay the event in our mind, restore it completely to the most primitive state, and then analyze and interpret every link related to it one by one.We need to review, summarize and reflect on the whole process.

“I’m sorry.”Only by constantly reflecting on ourselves can we better understand ourselves, grow and progress better.

Therefore, let’s learn to use re-thinking, learn lessons from every event we experience, accumulate experience, and continue to grow and progress.

To narrow the thinking gap, we need to learn new knowledge, improve their cognitive ability, expand their horizons and ways of thinking.At the same time, we should also learn to respect the views and opinions of others, accept different ideas and cultures, and improve our own inclusiveness and openness.Only by constantly expanding one’s thinking space can we better cope with the complex and changeable world.

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