Embrace the Ordinary: Finding Wonder in Everyday Life (Inspired by Emerson)

Emerson’s claim to embrace the ordinary is not to be associated with contentment.A man may want nothing, but he must not be careless.”True wisdom,” he said,”allows one to find wonder in ordinary things.”Embracing ordinary things requires wisdom.According to my understanding, this wisdom has two components: one is the ordinary heart, which is kind to ordinary things, and ambitious people will certainly despise and miss ordinary things; the other is the intelligent heart, which is broad and rich in mind, so that it can accept and not stay in ordinary things, and all materials can cause wonderful thinking and understanding.Common sense is as rare as genius. It is the foundation of genius.Genius based on common sense is true wisdom.

The key is the quality of the soul.For people with different spiritual qualities, ordinary life presents different faces.A poor and narrow-minded person, he can not find anything good in ordinary life, ordinary is just mediocre.This is an iron law.

General can only exist in the individual, to abandon the individual is to abandon the general.Eternity can only exist in the present. To belittle the present is to belittle eternity.However, you must have the whole in mind to be able to see the general in the individual and eternity in the present.So everyone is an ordinary person, and everyone should be a philosopher to some extent.

In the serious experience of ordinary years

People tell stories of their own experiences by focusing on poetic events, such as trips to Rome, admiring magnificent scenery, meeting famous people and stars, and trying to add a romantic touch to their lives.But the honest soul is simple, without the slightest rose, without distinguished friends, without adventures, without need of praise, only “to be in the serious experiences of ordinary years,” and thus able to absorb divine light from any ordinary experience.

One admirer of Emerson, seeing his penchant for writing, assumed that his experience must be extraordinary.Emerson said he saw that this man’s experience was equal to his own, and that he could write equally well if given the pen.So what matters is not whether the experience is strange or ordinary, but whether it is serious.How ordinary the years are, every day must be seriously lived.How many serious experiences you have in ordinary years, how many extraordinary meanings your life has.

Every day of your life is God.

Emerson tells us that “today” is like a king in disguise, passing through everyone’s years.He is seen as a man who is humble and unattractive.But all good, great, happy events consist of this bland “today.”Let us take off the mask of this passing king and recognize and seize the divine opportunity it brings you.
Consider every day of your life as a god, and each god will bring you gifts according to your ability to receive them.

Yes, to “today” to have a respectful heart, you neglect it, it will be ruthless to you, wasted one “today” as a result of wasted life.Don’t let it happen that your pantheon is in depression, and the gods lament the countless days you wasted.

Emerson also said that people who live in fantasy, like drunks, cannot accomplish anything.The only way to calm this storm of fantasy is to focus on the present moment.
Do not be infatuated with fantasy, busy with your own things, fill the time, do not leave a gap for regret or approval, this is happiness.On the journey of life, every step is taken seriously, and the purpose of travel can be discovered. This is to enjoy the good time to the maximum extent.

Yes, people always think that life is somewhere else and in the future, and life here and now seems not to be life.You live here today as if you had to, in order to fly away one day, into an ideal environment, and live a real life.Imagination is a good thing that opens up different possibilities in life.But imagination must also be limited, and different possibilities should encourage reality, not devalue it.

“A day is dedicated to the memory of a man who works quietly with great purpose.”Well said.

A day of intense and effective work is over, the body is a little tired, the heart is extremely full, then a voice rings in my ear: this day is set up to commemorate you.I believe this voice comes from God.God created the day and created you.This day, your work reflects God’s intention to create you, and also reflects God’s intention to create days, and God rewards you with days.I said to myself: I can’t stop the years from passing, but I must have many days in my life dedicated to me.

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