The Most Important Lesson in Life: Asking Questions to Find Happiness, Love and Meaning

The most important lesson in life is learning to ask questions.

No matter what happens, no matter whether you are happy or frustrated, you should ask yourself more.

Ask clearly, ask clearly, can not panic, do not worry, peace of mind to enjoy the scenery of life.


I asked Time: How can I keep you?
Time said: Every step you have taken, every person you have loved, everything you have done, actually has my mark.

You pay, time will understand, if it can not promise you a “dream come true”, it will make up for you a “unintentional willow tree shade”.

It’s just a matter of early or late, dominant or recessive, material or spiritual, different ways of presentation.

Dream may be an adult, joy and anger are not visible, unfathomable, but time is a child, simple like a mirror, you pay, you will get something.

What detours have been taken.It didn’t matter what kind of hidden losses he had suffered. What was important was the scenery along the way.

The books you read, the roads you walk, the people you meet, the things you do, ultimately make you the best you can be.


I ask money: what is not wasted on you?
Money says: If I can bring you happiness, pleasure, happiness, satisfaction, then I just change a way to belong to you.

Many people think that making money can create value, but in fact they are completely wrong. It is spending money that can create value.

People who spend money and people who don’t spend money live different lives.

The best way to spend money is to spend it on enriching life experiences and feelings.

The more personally experienced something is, the more a sign of one’s quality of life.

Because of these things, life is reduced to life, not simple survival.

Those who can spend ten thousand yuan on a bag are not necessarily rich, but those who are willing to spend three hundred yuan on an apron are people who can spend money.

The happiness of spending money on experiences lasts much longer than the happiness of spending money on material things.


I ask life: how can I control you?
Life says: In fact, life at the helm, has always been your own.

Yesterday’s pay, you have today’s harvest; yesterday’s laziness, you have today’s bitter fruit.

Don’t always envy the light of others, think of the efforts behind them;

Don’t always fear the dark days. If you are introspective and disciplined in the dark, you can also penetrate the darkness and shine brightly.

Don’t blame fate for giving too little, and don’t complain about life’s stinginess. Everyone has struggles and pains, confusion and fate.

There is always someone stronger than you, weaker than you, luckier than you, and less fortunate than you.

If you want to be the ideal you, then be ruthless and don’t let yourself live too “comfortable”.


I ask happiness: how can I have you forever?
Happiness said: hungry when there is food to eat, thirsty when there is water to drink, sleepy when there is a bed to sleep, tired when there is a home.

This is happiness!In fact, I was never far away, but you never noticed.

Happiness does not depend on how much material you actually have, but on your ability to perceive happiness.

The cultivation of happiness is the cultivation of wisdom.

It is not what kind of life you have lived, it must be happy, but whether you know how to leave a little time every day, slow down and touch happiness.

All the happiness supported by matter cannot last long and will leave with the departure of matter.

Only orderly peace of mind, followed by physical and mental pleasure, is the true source of happiness.

Every day that passes now is the youngest day of the rest of my life.Don’t grow old too fast, but realize it too late.


I ask marriage: how can you live forever?
Marriage says: it is said that companionship is the longest confession.In fact, marriage, more important than companionship, is to accompany attentively.

Two people live together for years, what is love, has been unclear.

How to calculate the most love, every household has its own performance form, can not be generalized.

But happiness and happiness can be perceived, is warmth or cold, need to be from every look, every conversation, every little thing to experience carefully.

Liu Zhenyun said: Life is to deal with seven or eight people, settle these seven or eight people, your life will be better.

The relationship between husband and wife is also the same, no need to always put love on the lips, as long as all the details are settled, pots and pans, firewood, rice, oil and salt, mortgage car insurance, bitter, spicy and sour…

No matter big or small things, if husband and wife can be united, there is consultation and quantity, then naturally they will become a loving couple.


I ask you: How can you live a life without a waste?
Life says: people live not a lifetime, but live in every flash of the moment.

There are people you love and people who love you, there are things you like and things you need to do, there are people who care about you and people you care about.

Life is like this, worried, worried, free, bound, but also vivid, beautiful.
Life is short, ask yourself.
Walk a little way, look back; climb a few slopes, sit down and think.
No matter how far the road is, as long as there is happiness in the eyes, pursuit in the heart, friends around, so, it will not waste eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body with me.

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