Chapter 14 Different Monsters | The Haunting Ruins: Facing Monstrous Reality in a Surreal Dream

After some searching, Lumian found a lot of gold, silver and copper coins, totaling 197 Firkin and 25 Cope.

There are five gold Louis pieces in this.

As for the paper banknotes, he only found some suspected remains.

In addition to money, Lumian also dug out a little blue book.

This book has a gray-blue cover, is 16 karat in size, and is widely found in Intis villages and towns.

It is based on the calendar and integrates the almanac and the religious teachings of the two major churches. It plays a very positive role in guiding farmers and herdsmen in farming, production and grazing, and enriching their spiritual lives.

Of course, even though it has been nearly two hundred years since Emperor Russell the Great advocated compulsory education, there are still a large number of farmers, herdsmen, and workers who do not know a few words and are illiterate. They can only rely on Only through the explanations of some people around you can you get the tips you want from the Little Blue Book.

Lumian flipped through a few pages at random and found that this little blue book was no different from the one at home, except that it looked a little older overall.

“With the Little Blue Book and so many Fergins, this family is definitely a well-off family in the countryside. There are no more than five similar families in Kordu Village…” Lumian threw away the little blue book and put the gold, silver and copper coins into different pockets – some were hidden deep in the pockets of the cotton coat inside, some were placed in his trouser pockets, and some were stuffed randomly. In the pocket of the leather jacket.

Although Lumian knew that the money could not bring reality, he could not help but collect and save it.

These little gold, silver or copper-colored things always make him unable to take his eyes away.

In his wandering life in the past, he cherished even the copper coins of one kopeck or one lick very much. He often fought with others and took risks to do certain things.

After looking around, Lumian picked up his ax and dived towards the collapsed building closer to the reddish-brown mountain.

He went deeper and deeper, every time he passed the empty space in the middle of the ring, he was terrified, fearing that dozens of monsters would suddenly surge out and surround him in an unobstructed place.

In the light gray mist, Lumian hunched his back and came to a half-collapsed stone wall, squatting there to hide his figure.

He carefully stuck his head out and looked forward.

It is a narrow strip of land between two rows of destroyed buildings. There are no trees or weeds, only gravel, cracks and soil.

Suddenly, a figure jumped into Lumian’s eyes.

“He” stood in the building opposite, staring at something unknown.

This figure was wearing a hooded black robe. There was nothing weird about his back, just like an ordinary human being.

Lumian felt nervous and became more vigilant.

In such a dream ruin, the appearance of normal people is much scarier than the appearance of monsters!

It seemed that someone was watching him, and the figure slowly turned around.

Lumian took a quick glance, quickly retracted his head, leaned his back against the wall, and did not dare to move.

With just one glance, he had the illusion that he was in hell or the abyss.

That figure is indeed a person, but “he” has three faces and six eyes!

The face on the front has cloudy eyes, sparse eyebrows, and many wrinkles, making him look like an old man;

The left side has sharp edges, clear blue eyes, and a thick and deep beard. Black, like a strong man;

The skin on the right side is smooth and delicate, like a shelled egg. There is obvious innocence and ignorance in a pair of blue eyes. At first glance, he cannot be more than five years old.

“What kind of monster is this?” Lumian tried hard to control his breathing to prevent his heart from beating wildly.

Even in Aurore’s horror stories, such monsters have never appeared. They can only be encountered in the deepest, deepest and most absurd nightmares.

Although it is not good to recognize “people” by their appearance, Lumian intuitively believed that the three-faced monster was many times more powerful than the previous skinless monster just based on his appearance!

Moreover, it has a high probability of possessing extraordinary power.

“The Eternal Fierce Sun, great Father, please protect me from being discovered by it…” When this happened, the pan-believer Lumian couldn’t help but start from the “Eternal Fierce Sun” pray.

If he hadn’t been holding an ax in one hand, and if the environment hadn’t been dangerous, he would have opened his arms and made a gesture of “praising the sun”.

At this moment, time seemed to have frozen, and Lumian thought he might be hallucinating:

There seemed to be a line of sight penetrating the wall and falling on his back.

His back instantly stiffened, feeling vaguely hot.

In just a second or two, this illusion disappeared, and the heavy footsteps moved into the distance.

Lumian waited for a while, until the footsteps completely disappeared, then he slowly straightened his knees, turned around, stuck out his head, and looked forward.

The monster went further, reaching behind the building with intact sides and a collapsed middle, revealing half of its body in the light gray mist.

“He” still had his back to Lumian, as if he had turned into a statue.

Lumian breathed a sigh of relief quietly.

Faced with this kind of monster, he has no confidence at all.

“It’s definitely not possible to go deep into the ruins directly from here… go around?

“Are there no similar monsters in other places?

“The closer you get to that mountain peak, the more powerful the monsters that appear?”

Lumian retracted his body, thought for a while, and decided to end the night. .

He planned to ask the woman who gave him the tarot cards after dawn to see if there was any way to deal with the three-faced monster. If it was not possible, he would not consider taking a detour.

He hunched his back, got away from the wall, and headed towards where he came from.

At this time, he had an idea:

“If I fall asleep in these ruins, will I be able to escape from the dream?”< a i=52> Considering the numerous monsters around him, he temporarily suppressed the urge to try. On the way back, he quickly searched every destroyed building he passed, but found no useful written information, and even only a few coins. After retreating for a while, Lumian thought for a while and decided to take a slight detour and approach the burned house that he first arrived from the side, where he buried the skinless monster. He wanted to observe whether the death of the monster would be noticed by its kind and whether it would induce some changes. After finding a position and hiding his body, Lumian stuck his head out from the side and looked at the target area. The next second, he saw another “figure”. The figure looked half human and half beast, with its legs folded forward and squatting there, inspecting the body of the skinless monster. It has broken open the stone bricks and wooden blocks piled up by Lumian.

It was wearing a dark jacket and tight muddy trousers, with messy and greasy black hair hanging down to its neck, and a shotgun slung behind its back.


Lumian quickly looked away and retracted his head.

“These monsters are really outrageous!

“They even use shotguns…”

At this moment, Lumian had I am a hunter. I went up the mountain with weapons and friends to hunt, only to find that the rabbit on the opposite side was holding a water-cooled machine gun, aiming at myself and others. The sense of absurdity, disillusionment and loss.

One minute of time A second passed, and he waited patiently for the monster carrying a shotgun to leave.

Finally, he heard a slight sound of movement, gradually moving away.

Lumi An cautiously stuck out his head again and looked at the half-human, half-beast monster.

“It” walked in the posture of a cat and headed towards the back of the building.

Lumian’s heart dropped at first, and then his eyes widened.

He found that the place where the monster walked completely coincided with the route he took when he went deep into the ruins!

“It’s following me!

“It has a very strong tracking ability that is beyond normal!”

Lumian subconsciously made a judgment.

He was extremely lucky that when he came back, he had a sudden idea and took a detour, otherwise he would have definitely encountered an unexpected encounter or even been ambushed!

As soon as the monster figure disappeared, Lumian quickly got up and ran towards his home.

The red fire reflected in the glass windows on the ground floor of the house is like sunlight that can dispel the darkness.

Lumian ran all the way outside his two-story building, opened the ajar door, and rushed in.

After locking the door, he looked through the window at the ruins.

In the distance of the gray fog, on the edge of the ruins, there was a vague figure standing, but it did not come closer.

Phew, Lumian exhaled, ready to put out the fire, go upstairs to sleep, and leave the dreamland.

He glanced at the still burning fire and muttered in his heart:

“It can still burn for a while…

“You can test it to see if it continues to burn until it goes out after I leave the dream, or whether it freezes at the moment I left…”

Lumian has experienced the rain before. This incident confirms that the wilderness where the ruins are located is in a state of natural development. It has nothing to do with whether you dream or not. However, whether the same situation is the same in your own house, in the so-called safe zone, remains to be verified.

He did what he thought of, added a few more coals to the fire, fiddled with them, and then carried the ax and steel fork up to the second floor and entered the bedroom.

……… It seemed to be looking at Lumian. This is an owl. The bird had a pointed beak and a face like a cat. , brown feathers dotted with fine spots, brown eye whites with black eyes, looking very energetic. He saw a larger bird sitting on an elm tree not far away. Suddenly, Lumian’s vision froze. . His eyes moved around, sometimes looking at the mountains and forests in the distance, sometimes looking at the orange-red clouds on the horizon, and sometimes observing the weeds outside the house. Of course, this is also thanks to the “Patriotic Hygiene Movement” vigorously promoted by Emperor Russell, even if the impact on the countryside is not It was too big, but it eventually brought some improvement. At least the feces became a treasure and would not be everywhere. I am also grateful to the later rulers for retaining it and just changing the name. And as the window opened, the fresh and natural air penetrated into Lumian’s nose, making him unable to help himself. I stretched myself and felt that sometimes it is quite nice to get up early. Thorn In the sound of la, soft and clear light flowed in. After getting up and moving his body, Lumian walked to the desk and stretched out his hand to open the curtain. He checked his shirt-like pajamas, and not surprisingly found those gold and silver coins , the copper coins did not follow him to reality.

When Lumian woke up, it was just dawn.

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