Finding Peace in the Quiet: Why Introverts and Deep Thinkers Crave Solitude

Compared with the hustle and bustle of the world, I prefer quiet mountains; compared with lively performances, I prefer quiet listening; compared with noisy joy, I prefer empty and deserted places.People come to the world, no matter how busy the surrounding, in fact, self or lonely, silent.The more people without self, the more afraid of loneliness, the more afraid of silence, the more they like excitement, the more they want to drown in the crowd.Thus we see that in quiet remote areas, people like to set off firecrackers, blow and play, and watch the excitement, just because they are afraid of loneliness and want to let the surface excitement dilute their inner fear.A great philosopher like Schopenhauer, however, clashed with his neighbors because of ambient noise, almost to the point of going to court.This is because he is immersed in himself and hates the excitement around him. He can’t stand it.

Why do people have to establish themselves and be aware of themselves?For man has not really existed until he has succeeded in establishing consciousness of himself, and his life, like a small animal, a plant, or simply an inorganic substance, cannot be regarded as real existence.

When people have self-consciousness, they gradually have their own independent spiritual world, with the consciousness of existence.At this point, the ego’s first need is solitude, independence from the world.In the moment of solitude and silence, the self can emerge from the chaos around it and see itself clearly.This is a kind of overlooking, is the soul floating in mid-air overlooking their own physical body, overlooking their own life.Only overlooking, in order to put their lives in the right position, neither exaggerated nor reduced, appropriate.

May I hide in a corner of the world, live alone, realize my perfect self every day, take control of my life, take control of my life, and live a peaceful, happy, independent, self-fulfilling life.

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